Domestic Terrorism – Mortgage Fraud And Abuse

Where were you on September 11, 2001, when the trade towers were attacked? Do you remember how it seemed a pause button was pushed as the planes crashed into the towers? Time paused. Life stopped. Then over and over the media played the replay button. Over and over Americans everywhere relived one of the most cataclysmic and traumatic events in American history. Each replay brought more anger, more indignation, more questions, more sorrow, more fear. Our lives as Americans changed. Our freedoms and liberties changed. Our peace changed. What had been was no longer, and we were powerless to do anything but wait. Wait to see what would happen next. Wait to hear the final details of what had happened. Wait to hear those in charge say what was to happen. Americans had just learned the meaning of a new word, domestic terrorism. Read more...

Mama, can today be Valentine’s Day?

What would happen to me if my home went into foreclosure? With statistics like 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure in Boise, Idaho and 1 in 9 homes in foreclosure in Las Vegas, Nevada, every homeowner should ask themselves that question. It happened to them. It happened to us. It could happen to you.

We are not homeless like many, but we have been drug down the foreclosure road behind the bankster’s armored trucks for years being beat up, cut up, bruised and abused. We know what the perilous road to foreclosure feels like and what happens to your reality when your home is in foreclosure. Life changes. People change. Family changes. Friends change. Your career changes. Your outlook on life changes. Your worldview changes. Your clothes change. Your food changes. You change. The changes come not because you caused them, not because you wanted them, but because they are forced upon you. This acronym on Valentine’s Day touches on the heart of a homeowner in foreclosure:

Will You Make A Difference?

A man and his wife were walking along a beach one morning. Countless starfish had been washed ashore during the night in a vicious thunderstorm. Every where you looked starfish were frantically fighting and struggling to survive. Down the beach, the man noticed a young boy frantically picking up starfish and tossing them back into the water. The man marvelled at the compassion and the fervency with which the young boy worked. As he approached the young boy, he told him how touched he was that the boy wanted to help. Then he pointed at all the starfish lining the sandy shores and explained how futile his attempts were. He told him that as hard as he was working, he was not making any difference. There were just too many.. The young boy picked up another starfish. He examined it for a minute, then he gently placed it into the water. “Sir, it made a difference for that one.”

I Have A Dream

The Pilgrims had a dream when they travelled to the New World amidst grave danger and uncertainty.

The Founding Fathers had a dream when they secretly penned documents that would govern and protect the rights of the American people for as long as freedom would ring.

Will You Help Fight Injustice?

We grew up with Superman, Batman, and Robin Hood. A lot of us fought bad guys with Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, Jim West, Matt Dillon, John Wayne, Luke Skywalker and even four green turtles and a rat. We learned to love, give, get along and help others with the Ingalls family, the Waltons, and the Brady Bunch. We learned to fight with Rambo, Rocky Balboa, the Karate Kid, John McClane, and Chuck Norris. We dreamed big on yellow brick roads, in fields of dreams and on the Ponderosa. Most of us at some point in our childhood put on the capes, dreamed of fighting bad guys, and devised plans to fix the wrongs of the world.

Are YOU A Mortgage Robber?

Have you looked the other way when loan documents, communication records, recorded conversations, or other account activity was altered, deleted or intentionally misplaced?

Mortgage Robbers Strike Again

We bought a property to have a place to share with pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders. Our family worked hard, developed the property, increased our equity, and built a ranch we could be proud of. Our note was on time and in good standing until Chase and PHH took over the note. What followed is a horror story of epic proportions. It is a story of a normal American family who was just living the dream when we were attacked, abused and robbed in a state called Idaho. Overnight our perfect credit, financial security and inalienable rights were stolen. Overnight our life became a nightmare that no one should have to live through. Beware! It happened to us. It could happen to you.

It Happened To Us

What Will You Do When It Happens To You?