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Because it happened to us

Moving trucks in the Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid

It is time for an old-fashioned barn raising.

The November 12, 2019, armed invasion of our Idaho Ranch has left us with an urgent need for immediate storage to protect our personal belongings from the winter elements when they are rightfully and lawfully returned to us. Friends and family have suggested scheduling an old-fashioned barn raising to provide a safe, secure, and accessible solution to the urgent housing dilemma created by the recent raid and seizure. We are praying, researching, and working toward this as a possible option. A structural foundation is in place so drying in a barn quickly, before the winter weather gets any worse, is our priority for this building project. Climatizing and finishing the building can be completed post the raising. Please pray for us to be able to quickly retrieve the materials and manpower needed to make this happen, for the weather to cooperate with the timeline being imposed on us, and for Idaho and the banks to immediately return our personal belongings before any further damages and injuries are suffered.

A chronicle of our barn raising will be uploaded to this page as it happens.