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Because it happened to us

File complaints and help us fight back and save the Idaho Ranch.
Those who have the ability to do something bear the responsibility to do something.


District Court Judges are barred from acting as triers of fact without permission from both parties. They do not have the authority or jurisdiction to deny Constitutional Rights to due process, trial by jury and opportunity to defend against false accusations. Federal, state, and common laws, statutes, and regulations have been ignored in this ejectment action against our property, as well as in the underlying foreclosure. No jury trial, or any trial, has ever occurred though it has been properly demanded and the courts have been properly moved to hold them. All judgements in this matter have been by summary judgement. We have properly moved the Court for relief, but all requests have been ignored, not considered, or just obdurately denied. PHH is acting as the accuser in this matter and bears all responsibility of proving their accusations are true. They bear the judicial burden of proving they are the owners of our property, that we owe them a debt, and that we defaulted on that debt. PHH has never been required to submit admissible evidence to support any of their claims. All evidence presented by PHH has been disputed; demonstrates fraud; and has been proven to be inaccurate, untrue, malicious, and fraudulent. Any reasonable person of competent mind would be required to determine we are the true and rightful owners of our property and that we committed no act or inaction that warrants or justifies our being dispossessed of our property. Nonetheless, we have suffered a sanctioned armed robbery of our property, both real and personal, and are being prevented from returning to and retrieving our property by armed guards under the watch of Sheriff Chris Goetz, Clearwater County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler, District Court Judge Gregory FitzMaurice, and other Clearwater County officials Idaho is aware of our plight. They are doing nothing to reverse their unlawful actions. Our belongings have been held hostage with agreements of returning them to us and how that can be accomplished changing multiple times. The Clearwater County Commissioners, Idaho State Senators, Idaho State Representatives, Governor's office, and other officials and agencies contacted, have failed to act or stop the enormity of injury and damages being suffered.

Judge Gregory FitzMaurice is the Clearwater County District Court Judge presiding over our case. He was appointed by Governor Butch Otter. He is not elected by the people. He granted summary judgement in the independent ejectment action being enforced against us and issued a writ for us to be dispossessed without 1) requiring PHH to establish they were the owners of our property; 2) by ignoring all evidence of fraud surrounding the foreclosure action and subsequent Sheriff's Sale before, during, and after the alleged sale; and 3) without acknowledging that no lawful sale of our property has ever occurred. Judge Gregory FitzMaurice overreached his authority and became a tyrant when he acted as a trier of fact on disputed matters and denied us our right to the jury trial that he personally scheduled for the first week of December 2019. Ignoring our Motion to Compel discovery, and abruptly granting summary judgment when fraud was present, and when evidence no due process had occurred in the underlying foreclosure action and subsequent sale, constitutes an abuse of discretion. We moved the Court to compel PHH to answer discovery requests for information required to be answered by federal and state laws and regulations, information they have failed to answer in the ejectment action and the underlying foreclosure action. We moved the Court to grant additional time to prepare for a summary judgment hearing. Instead of allowing due process to occur and the factual record to be expanded, Judge Gregory FitzMaurice granted summary judgment and ordered us to be dispossessed.

Former Judge Michael Griffin of Grangeville, Idaho, granted summary judgments to JPMorgan Chase and PHH in the underlying foreclosure action without our knowledge, involvement, or presence. Our attorney admitted to us and the court he had lied to us, withheld knowledge of the summary judgment proceedings from us, and negligently failed to present evidence that would most certainly have helped us to prevail, Judge Michael Griffin's personal prejudice toward us would not allow him to act impartially and justly in letting a true contest of the genuine issues of material fact to occur and our rights of due process to be protected.

Is this okay with you? How would you feel if it happened to you? If PHH or JPMorgan Chase have ANY true or legitimate claims against us, presenting those before a jury of our peers and allowing us to defend against their accusations was the Constitutional, moral, and ethical way of disposing of this civil dispute. Instead, our voices, rights and evidence have been quashed in litigation that has lasted around a decade without any true due process occurring. Now it has escalated with a unauthorized raid on our property that was accomplished without authority and by the vile deception of the local Sheriff, his deputies, and with the assistance of the Idaho State Police. An appeal had been filed and we were actively pursuing judicial relief from a fraudulent and wrongful foreclosure when we were forcibly dispossessed and our property and personal belongings held hostage.

If the handling of this is not okay with you, please complete the complaint form below and return it as soon as possible. Whether or not you know enough about our case to understand all the fraud and crimes committed, what happened to us on November 12 should anger and terrify you. Precedents are being set in this case that strip Idaho, the 9th District, and all of America of long standing property rights. Whether or not you have firsthand knowledge of our story and the litigation involved or understand the differing claims being tried in the media, protecting and preserving rights of religious freedom, property rights, and due process is a duty of all Americans. Express your concern that the police forces of the State of Idaho were used to remove a family from their property. This is glaringly alarming when it was done prior to a final conclusion of litigation, not to mention two weeks before Thanksgiving in the cold rain. Filing complaints can force the actions of these judges to be investigated and appropriately addressed.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: Many of you have told us of unjust and similar situations with Judge Gregory FitzMaurice and Judge Michael Griffin, both of Grangeville, Idaho. Please forward your story of injustice in written or video form. We also encourage you to fill out a complaint form regarding your situation. An investigation is under way and we would like to share other's stories as well so any wicked acts or agendas by these two men can be exposed and prosecuted. We know beyond a shadow of doubt that Judge Gregory FitzMaurice and Judge Michael Griffin have made unjust rulings in our case. If this is in fact a pattern, they should and must be held accountable for their actions and an investigation must be conducted to find out what drove them to defy their oaths of office and the Idaho Code of Judicial Conduct. Money, threats, greed, I'm-a-god complexes, religious prejudices, selective discriminations, and other such agendas must be removed from benches of justice if we are to remain free.

Please fill out a Judicial Complaint form to let the State of Idaho know you are not okay with what happened at the Nickerson Ranch.

Review the Idaho Code of Judicial Conduct and determine for yourself whether these judges have honored their oaths:

They will have to live with what they have done and how they have used and abused the power and authority vested in them.

Remember Nuremberg? The officers involved in those trials held in Germany long ago just followed orders as they attacked and stole the lives of innocent men, women, and children. Sheriff Chris Goetz, an armed Clearwater County Idaho Deputy force, and Idaho State Police called in to assist, assaulted, pillaged, broke, violated, injured, trespassed, stole, and raided our property with the stated intent to seize and sell all our personal property so the bank could sell it. This raid and its aftermath have not yet ended. For us, because of the violations suffered, it never will. No eviction order was in place on the morning of November 12, 2019, per Sheriff Chris Goetz's personal and professional assurances. No efforts of resistance were in place because we were told by Sheriff Chris Goetz we, nor our property, were in any jeopardy and that we would be informed of any status changes prior to any police action. Acting like cowards or bullies, and without cause, right, or authority, armored officers with assault rifles drawn attacked our private property with the displayed intent to intimidate us, maliciously defeat our stand against tyranny, and put on a "bad boy" show of force at a time they knew no viable threat existed and that no probable harm could or would come to them. In all discussions of potential "stand offs" with the Sheriff, which he continued to assure us was not going to happen, it was made clear to Sheriff Chris Goetz that he and his men could be our dinner and music guests each night without harassment, threat, or danger to their persons as long as they came into our property unarmed. We even discussed doing a law enforcement appreciation day at the property as soon as it was saved. Any other reports are lies. We never threatened any violence, aggressiveness, or conflict initiation, only stand our ground self-defense intentions should our family be threatened or attacked. Though others have tried to make our stand for justice one of violence, anti-government, or anti-American, we have been gracious and repeatedly communicated we were extending the long arm of friendship as far as we could stretch it. Our only request of Sheriff Goetz was to make his intentions and instructions or orders known by clearly communicating with us and respecting our agreed upon and established property boundaries. For a $40 check, Sheriff Chris Goetz broke his promises and eternally soiled his word when he ordered the hostile takeover of our property. American law enforcement with assault rifles drawn raided our property by driving under a log entry bearing JESUS IS LORD metal artwork; with an American flag waving that had just been raised that morning, as is our daily custom; with river rock artwork consisting of over 40 foot tall letters "U S A" proudly displayed in our front yard; overlooking In God We Trust artwork cut out of our hay field whose size could fit a Prevost bus in the letter "I" alone; listening to a Bible on DVD playing in our house; and a family wearing patriotic t-shirts ("No more excuses...Do the right thing. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. James 4:17), having been lured from their own private property as they were sitting down to eat their breakfast together as a family. Why? Because they trusted the Sheriff of Clearwater County and wanted to honor his request for a meeting before he gave the County Commissioners his regular update on the area happenings. Because they believed they were freemen waiting for their day in court to stand against mortgage terrorists who have been raping and pillaging their lives for years.

Is this okay with you? If so, America has already been lost in you. If you are able to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the millions of innocent homeowners like us who have been victimized by these banksters, please remember you were warned. If you, like us, are not okay with this, fill out a complaint form and let others know you are against law enforcement treachery, elected officer double crossing, police brutality, and gestapo style tactics being used against Americans on their own private property. This is not a foreclosure. We are being punished for standing up against corruption, tyranny, and the hostile takeover of America. We are being persecuted for our Christian faith and as the remaining vestiges of Obama's Operation Chokeout operations. No truth or justification exists in the case and character assassinations recently publicized. We have told the truth. We have done what is right. Over and over we have asked for our Constitutionally guaranteed rights to a jury trial so we could have opportunity for our truth and actions to be challenged and/or supported by a jury of our peers. We did nothing wrong, and we will not bend or bow to the tyrannical overtaking of our homeland.

We pray for America every day and ask you to join us in praying. 202 is the area code of Washington D.C. America needs prayer!! Please set your clocks for 2:02 and pray for America every day in whatever time zone you are. One can make a difference. We the people can make America great again. Out of many, we can become one again if we stand for truths that are self-evident, recognize justice is for all, and believe that united we stand, and know that divided we fall. Help us help you by standing with us and preserving our Republic.

The men and women who raided our property under the now defiled banners of law enforcement did not display the moral resolve to do what is right and stand against wrong when given an order. If these badged men and women are unwilling to stand against what they believe is unjust because of money, threats, fear of losing their retirements, public exposure of misdeeds or crimes, peer pressure, or other such deterrents to acting honorably, they have been compromised. Allowing them to carry positions of authority is dangerous, a threat to our freedoms, and a breach of common sense. What will these officers do when they are provided orders supporting an unlawful agenda in the future? Well, we kind of already know the answer to that after the horrific events of November 12th. History tells us what happened in Nuremberg when men and women were willing to ignore their conscience, and November 12 could be a precursor of what the future may hold. Diligently and fervently pray for the men and women who entered our property. We believe many of them knew and know what they did is and was wrong. We believe many acted against their consciences. Conscience is something each man or woman must be loyal to, especially if we are to submit to them as American citizens. Pray for these officers to come forward and show themselves to be true American patriots first and foremost. They are husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, sons, daughters, friends. They need to know and understand what they did to us, they did to others, even to those they love. Precedents of what is legal in Clearwater County was set by County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler, Judge Gregory FitzMaurice, and yes, sadly, Sheriff Chris Goetz. We pled with the officers on scene to help us, gave them cards of our story, begged them not to attack our family ranch. None of them came to help and stand with us. None called for help from outside the combat zone, nothing. We know many of these officers and believed them to be more than corporate security pawns willing to sacrifice their fellow Americans and violate the Constitution they are bound to support. It appears we were wrong. No one demanded a jury trial. No one refused to act until a final determination in the matter was made. Our hope is they have come to realize they made a mistake of judgment. Our prayer is they will step forward and take responsibility for what they have done.

No jury trial had or has ever occurred in this ejectment action or the underlying foreclosure judgements. The underlying foreclosure judgments, all taken by summary judgment, were secretly and deceptively rendered against us without our knowledge or participation and then concealed from us. All contradictory reports are untrue and cannot be substantiated. We have preserved our rights to a jury trial and have repeatedly moved the court to grant an opportunity for the truth to be heard. All we have ever heard is the truth does not matter and it cannot set you free because the banks are too big. On November 12, 2019, we had no knowledge we were supposed to vacate our property, nor that we or our property were in jeopardy of an invasion. One appointed, not elected man, decided what he wanted to do and used his office to punish and persecute an innocent family. One Sheriff who purported to care, claimed he saw the fraud, and who had acted like he was our friend, used his authority to change our lives forever.

Will you file a complaint? Will you make it known that you are not okay with how this matter was handled? Whether or not you believe us and our story of the wrongful and fraudulent foreclosure we are fighting, what has happened to us has no place in a free country. Our case and the recent attack on our property defies all resemblance of justice or liberty. We have told the truth about what has happened to us. It could happen to you next. Stand for justice or bow to injustice. The choice is yours.

Public Corruption Complaints against the Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Commissioners, Clerk, Auditor, Recorder, and Commissioners or other elected county officials are filed with the offices of Idaho Attorney General Lawrence G. Wasden. The criminal act being complained about must have been committed while on duty in order for an investigation to be initiated. If you are an American, you can file a complaint.

You can complete an online complaint at

Attorney General Wasden can be contacted at the contact information below:

Attorney General Lawrence G. Wasden
700 West Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0010
Phone 208-334-2400
Fax 208-854-8071

An explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the Idaho Attorney General can be found at

The Idaho Code regarding County Officers can be found at

Complaints against the Idaho State Police are filed with the Idaho State Police Commander in charge of your district. The Lewiston District Commander was responsible for sending the State Police that participated in the Idaho Ranch Raid. Captain Ed Westbrook is the Patrol/Investigations Captain. He can be reached by phone at 208-750-9310 or email at

You can also print a form downloaded from This form can be mailed or faxed to the following:

ISP Office of Professional Standards
700 Stratford Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83642
Fax 208-884-7290

Captain Vern Hancock is the Headquarters Captain for the ISP Office of Professional Standards. He can be reached by phone at 208-884-7022 or by email at

We The People

What happened to us can happen to you. To choose to do nothing is a choice to do something.

Filing a complaint may not end all corruption and tyranny in America, but it at least exposes and provides a paper trail to document the criminal activity and the overreach of authority that allowed this tragedy to occur. The men and women who planned, organized, and participated in the armed invasion of our property violated our God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Something is very wrong here. This is not a foreclosure, ejectment, or eviction. This was a search and seizure without cause, warrant or justification. It occurred outside any granted authority. Renters, criminals, even terrorists are treated better than we were. For years, the banks have tried to exploit, manipulate, and maliciously steal all we own because "we were Christians and they hated us and people like us." They told us they wanted to throw us and our kids out on the streets. On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, our fellow Americans helped them do it.

All who aligned and participated in the invasion of our property aligned themselves with the targeted, malicious, unlawful, unConstitutional, and unAmerican agenda these mortgage terrorists have been pushing across America. The failure of these men and women to follow their conscience and do the right thing, to take a stand against judicial tyranny, to stop the unwarranted assault, caused them to commit crimes against our family and American freedom.. Whether or not they are ever charged, we pray their burden for the crimes they have committed against humanity will be great. What made them turn on us, the Constitution, their American homeland? We cannot say for sure. We can surmise money, greed, power, fear, or a lack of common sense thinking are involved. What we do know is these public servants were bought and paid for by a corporation on November 12. Their employer was not the citizens of America. They were employed and did the bidding of banksters who have forged documents, fabricated account records, and stolen tens of millions of innocent American's homes and lives. Is this okay with you?

If not, do something. To do nothing is to do something. File complaints to help us fight back and to protect others from being attacked and having to suffer as we are...