It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us - The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family
It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us
Theft, Vandalism, Acts of Mortgage Terrorism

The law calls the following acts theft, vandalism, and terrorism, especially when no notice or warrant is served and it occurs outside lawful court authority.

Rules and Laws

Even sheriff's have rules and laws they have to follow. Below are rules regarding writs of execution we found in the Idaho Sheriffs Civil Process Manual. If Chris Goetz had followed these rules, our family belongings would not have been ruined and our family would not have been attacked and forced to spend the holidays on the hillside above our ranch.

Idaho Sheriffs Civil Process Manual
Process. In Idaho law, process is the pieces of paper wherein the court exercises its authority. Process includes writs, warrants, summons, and orders of courts. Idaho Code § 31-2201.

A sheriff may peaceably enter private buildings and dwellings to effect execution of process, but may not break and enter against the owner's wishes, except where specifically authorized by the court to do so.


Process. Where the writ of execution requires the sheriff to deliver real or personal property, the writ must be issued to the sheriff of the county where the property or some part thereof is situated. Writs of execution may be issued at the same time to different county's sheriffs. Generally, the writ of execution shall require the levying officer to whom it is directed, to enforce the judgment and it shall include the following: Idaho Code § 11-102
a. The writ of execution must be issued in the name of the people (State of Idaho).
b. It must be sealed with the seal of the court. Idaho Code § 73-111.
c. It must be subscribed (signed) by the clerk.
d. It must be directed to the sheriff.
e. It must intelligently refer to the judgment, stating the court and the county where the judgment roll is filed.
f. It must identify the court where the judgment was issued.
g. It must identify the County where the judgment was filed.

a. A copy of the writ.
Practice Tip: At times plaintiffs will have executions issued for more than the legal sixty (60) day limit. Under no circumstances should a sheriff levy upon property after sixty (60) days from receipt of the writ.

Did the sheriff break the law?
The Sheriff referenced a document entitled the Second Writ of Ejectment as giving him authority to act. Below is an excerpt from that writ.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Theft, Vandalism and Mortgage Terrorism

As you can see, this writ failed to comply with rules and regulations governing the execution of writs. Further, the front page was clearly stamped Serve and Leave in red ink. We were never served this writ and were not noticed any eviction or ejectment actions had been initiated. We, the defendants in the matter, were never caused or given opportunity to remove our personal belongings, which is a condition precedent to the sheriff acting to remove them. To make matters worse, the vast majority of our personal belongings were returned and brought to the property during the last few weeks and months due to Sheriff Goetz's assurances we would have at least three or four weeks to respond to any potential eviction or ejectment attempts. Throughout this entire attack, we have protected, preserved and exerted extreme efforts to watch over our personal belongings and have consistently and faithfully exhibited due diligence in abiding by all laws, guidelines, and regulations surrounding foreclosure, ejectment, and eviction actions. If the sheriff had also followed the law, a lot of damage and injury could have been prevented.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Theft, Vandalism, Acts of Mortgage Terrorism
It is imperative to remember as you review the following documentation that we were rightfully and lawfully on our Idaho Ranch on the morning of the raid. Our family had not been served or noticed we needed to remove our persons or our belongings from the ranch, all previous actions had been retracted, and the Sheriff had personally told us we were absolutely within our rights to be there. We have been embattled in a wrongful foreclosure action for years, but the bank has been unable to dispossess us because they do not have a case. PHH does not have any beneficial interest in our property and all claims we defaulted (failed to make our payments) are false, fraudulent, and slanderous. As a matter of fact and record, Clearwater County is who physically, not legally, dispossessed us on November 12th, not the banksters. So what did Clearwater County do? They raided our private property to seize our personal belongings and turned them over to JPMorgan Chase. Why? How could they do such a thing when no judgment against our personal belongings existed? They could not. Why did they turn the keys over to Chase instead of PHH when PHH is allegedly the new owner? give us a Christmas present of more proof of fraud to add to all the irrefutable other evidence we have previously presented?

Without cause, right, lawful authority, or any moral or ethical justification, Clearwater County turned our personal belongings over to agents who then spent days violating our safety, security, and privacy as they pillaged, damaged, and vandalized what is rightfully ours. Incidentally, this included legal notes, strategies, corruption notebooks, fraud evidence, and research on extensive criminal activity. Have you considered why after a decade of litigation it could be so critical for the banks to get possession of our private property and personal belongings right at Thanksgiving and just weeks before Christmas? Do you think our disclosing new evidence that proves fraud on the Court and the fact we are getting closer and closer to exposing Chase, PHH, and their accomplices of civil racketeering, collusion, and acts of domestic terrorism could have played into the sudden need to get us off the ranch and get their hands on our personal belongings, research and documentation? We think so.

What actually happened? Five moving trucks of our personal belongings were stolen by the police forces of the State of Idaho and moved to City Moving in Moscow, Idaho. This location was originally concealed from us. There everything was inventoried for a second time without explanation or any findings being provided to us, then placed into non-climatized storage. From there, it was transported again out of state to two separate storage units hours from our ranch. On the afternoon before Thanksgiving, Investigator Mitch Jared brought a key to our hillside campsite with a letter from Chris Goetz telling us we had until Friday the 13th to remove our belongings from the Washington storage facility or they would be considered abandoned.

We travelled in inclement winter weather a few hours away to Washington to find musical instruments, temperature sensitive electronics and other personal belongings requiring climate controlled conditions had been crammed into cold storage. The units had no electricity. As you can imagine, a lot of the two weeks was spent waiting and praying for breaks in the winter weather so we could properly retrieve our belongings without causing any further damage. We battled snow, freezing rain, temperatures in the teens, icy roads, slick walkways, and exhausted drivers navigating dangerous driving conditions to complete the daunting task of undoing the mess you are about to see. A complete inventory of the damage will be available soon. This was not a foreclosure or an eviction. This was negligent, reckless, malicious destruction of property. If one of us had entered a Clearwater County public officials home and treated one piece of their furniture or personal belongings the way around 7000 square feet of our personal belongings were treated, what would have happened to us? One of the saddest and most angering elements of the seizure is neighbors offered to let Clearwater County move our belongings to safe storage on their property the night of the raid. Those acting on behalf of Clearwater County and Idaho refused. Clearwater County intentionally tried to create hardship and hazard for us by inconceivably refusing. Maybe they did not want the neighbors to see what they had done and were planning to do.

We arrived in Washington State, around 80 miles away from our Idaho Ranch, the evening before Thanksgiving to a mess far worse than we could have imagined. No moving blankets were used on furniture. Pallet wrap was not used to secure and protect packed items. Items were not packed back into their product boxes as they have always been when transported from ranch to ranch. Heavy boxes, metal desks, weight benches, and other weighty items were sitting on top of pianos, keyboards, guitars, commercial dehydrators, commercial laserjet printers, and binding equipment. Tools, kitchen appliances, furniture, and toys were all crammed together and precariously stacked. Boxes filled with items from kitchens, bedrooms, workshops, and barns were mixed, crushed, ripped, bent, and gashed. Unwrapped and unprotected contents were just thrown in the units and into boxes in a hodge podge random chaotic frenzy. No rhyme, reason, mitigation efforts, common sense, or minimally functioning IQ could justify or explain what we witnessed. Around 7000 square feet of quality and treasured personal belongings were crammed into two separate storage units in what could appropriately be described a man-made disaster trash heap. There was nothing natural, reasonable, or humane about the disaster Chris Goetz ordered, facilitated, and allowed. Chris Goetz not only betrayed us, but he abused our belongings by acting like a privacy and personal property terrorist ring leader.