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It Happened To Us
Recorded Conversations That Help Tell Our Story

It Happened To Us Recorded Conversation
Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz Gives His Word

Listen to audio of Clearwater County Idaho Sheriff Chris Goetz assure us on September 3, 2019, that the bank had cancelled all eviction/ejection actions. He gave his word to communicate with us if anything changed, and promised we would have 3-4 weeks notice if the bank decided to take further action. We moved personal belongings back into the ranch only because we trusted his promises and assurances that he planned to communicate and work with us. These items were not on the property on the day of the sale and were only returned to help allay some of the damages and injuries being suffered. On the morning of November 12, we were in rightful possession of our property. We had filed an appeal before the Idaho Supreme Court to save our ranch and we had the assurances of Sheriff Chris Goetz that no ejectment or eviction actions were in effect. Sheriff Chris Goetz gave his word as an officer and an alleged friend that he would communicate with us if any changes occurred. We truly had no knowledge we were or could be in jeopardy of a raid or attack. We woke up in America believing we were safe and secure. Within hours, our property was being held hostage by fully armored American law enforcement with their assault rifles drawn against us, our family, and even our neighbors. When it was time to go to bed that night, we had no bed to return to, pajamas to wear, or toothbrushes to brush our teeth with. Even our Bibles were stolen. Read more...

Disclaimer: Mount N Ministries and The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family are not affiliated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. We are prayer warriors and servant leaders who provided local support for the Montana Will Graham Celebration event.

It Happened To Us Recorded Conversation
Kathy Hedberg Incites Violence
Lewiston Tribune Reporter

For around a decade we asked the Lewiston Tribune to help us, to tell our story, to use their local news platform to stop the abuse we were suffering. Kathy Hedberg of the Lewiston Tribune asked us for an interview in August 2019. We arrived at our local park on August 27, 2019, in good faith to share our story with a very liberal, biased newspaper reporter. She arrived with an agenda that was far more reaching than any of us realized at the time. She displayed no real interest in hearing what has happened to us or why we have been willing to devote years of our lives to fighting these battles. No article came out of the interview posted above...until after the raid. Suddenly, Kathy Hedberg, the "Please say you will be violent so I can make your sweet, Christian family look bad" herself, appeared on the scene exposing her true colors as the onsite fake news and media representative. It felt to those of us witnessing and living the atrocities and crimes against humanity being committed that her pre-disposed role was to downplay, conceal, rationalize and justify the premeditated, unwarranted show of force and use her local platform to publicly laud the well-executed destruction of our, and all Americans, rights to property ownership, religious freedom, and due process. Those who were at the raid have been appalled by Hedberg's blatant failure to present a fair and truthful presentation of the facts surrounding this unlawful act. Her almost robotic regurgitation failed to tell the true story and capture key elements; alert Americans of the Constitutional violations and extreme police force displayed against a family and a private property; and fatally failed to expose any of the corruption, fraud, and persecution that plagues our case. How did she miss the fact armed police officers invaded a private property with an American flag waving, one that had just been raised that morning? What about the special interest story of a breakfast waiting in the oven for its family to return? How about the human interest story that a family's Thanksgiving meal ingredients, decorations, and personal belongings were loaded being whisked away in moving vans just weeks before Thanksgiving? How did an alleged investigative reporter not take notice no writ had been served on the family cause them to remove our personal belongings? Shemissed the real story - fraud, civil racketeering, civil conspiracy, collusion, mortgage terrorism. We have told the truth and the truth will eventually set us free, but we suspect Kathy Hedberg and the Lewiston Tribune will probably be too busy dealing with slander and liable suits to cover the story. Reach back here at IHTU for true eyewitness news of what is happening to us and what has happened to others. Our prayer is time and the honest reporting of our case by true American patriots will allow us to compose a list of trustworthy reporters and news bloggers you can reach to as your go-to news sources across America. What happened in Orofino Idaho is not something that can be ignored. We did nothing wrong. We committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify our property being taken from us. No final determination in the case has occurred and our judicial avenues of relief and justice were not exhausted. An appeal is in place. There were no warrants, no eviction or ejection orders had been served, no final determination in the ejectment suit that required PHH to firmly prove ownership. We have followed all the laws, obeyed the rules set before us, abided by the Constitution, walked in peace with the long arm of friendship extended as far as we could stretch it in fighting this battle, and this is what has happened to us. It happened to us and it can happen to you. Wake up, America, or as the great freedom fighters of the past once warned, you and your children may wake up homeless some day on the land our forefathers conquered. Read more about judicial tyranny and the latest attack on American citizens in Idaho...

Note: All eviction and ejectment actions were stopped by the bank on September 3, 2019. We were in rightful possession and had no knowledge we, or our property, were at risk or in jeopardy on the morning of November 12, 2019.

It Happened To Us Recorded Conversation
Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz Follow Up With The Nickersons

We reached out to Sheriff Chris Goetz on August 28, 2019, after the interview with Kathy Hedberg to make sure all was well with him, that her representation of him providing her with a different story was inaccurate, and to keep the lines of communication fully open. We trusted Chris Goetz because he told us we could. On November 12, he changed and he changed us...forever. He bit the apple, bought the lie, sold his integrity, betrayed an innocent family who blindly believed he would protect them in accordance with his oath. Chris Goetz actually stated at the crime scene, After what you have been through today, I would not trust anything I said. How would you feel if a Sheriff told you he could not be trusted? Clearwater County, yours just did. It happened to us. It is happening to you.