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Find articles, legal cases, and laws
Help us tell the world what happened and how and why it was illegal.

We are looking for articles across the United States that expose the fraud, corruption and collusion of the banking industry and judicial system. Thomas Jefferson warned us long ago to beware of banking institutions: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company stated, It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

Liberty and justice for all is being attacked by the banking institutions and their accomplices. These mortgage robbers are systematically, categorically, and procedurally stealing America one home at a time under all our watch. Help us fight and expose the criminals! Help us gather and collect articles, press releases, blogs, and other posts we can review and share with authorities to compel them to act.

Legal Cases
Do you know of any mortgage abuse cases by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., HSBC Bank (Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation), JP Morgan Chase, PHH Mortgage Services, Coldwell Banker Mortgage, or other banksters or mortgage robbers? Do you have truth, facts, and evidence we might be able to use to expose their crimes? Can you provide us with legal cases that might help us or others in similar situations? Our properties are in the 9th District, but we can learn from and will reference cases from anywhere in the United States.

Join The Fight
Are you an attorney, legal superhero, liberty lover, freedom fighter, or anti-corruption activist who can give us advice or counsel on how to fight for our homes? Will you review our information and provide legal opinions, interpretations, amicus briefs, or suggest cases, statutes, and legal strategies to add authority and corroboration to our case? Can you point us to federal regulations to review, contact information for legitimate support and enforcement organizations, case histories across America to cite, litigation strategies to fight and win, any information that can help? Will you write a letter, blog, or article we can post on our site about your experiences fighting foreclosure fraud? Can you provide authority, authenticity and corroboration of the illegality of what has happened to us and other innocent homeowners? 

Researchers Needed
Are you a researcher or can you be? We are looking for articles and cases from around the world. This is not an America only or even a continent exclusive issue. The fraud and corruption is going on around the world. Many of the stories and legal cases about the attacks on American families are buried in local actions without anyone ever knowing what is happening. Papers are threatened not to touch the stories, and they are too scared to exercise their freedom of speech or the press. It happened to us. The big banks forge assignments and foreclose under other bank names to stay under the radar. It happened to us…twice. Will you research foreclosure cases in your county, at your law library, on the web, and send them to us? We do not have access to District Court cases unless we travel to the individual counties. Though we are travelling from county to county, and plan to continue, it would help immensely if we had additional researchers. Did you know there are 3,141 counties in the United States? This gives the banks a tremendous needle in the haystack advantage, especially since they do a lot of foreclosures with AKA and straw bank names.

Call For Help
If you are interested in helping us find articles, legal cases and laws, there is always a specific research needed list on our white board. We need facts, laws, and relevant legal citations to authorities and statutes to show how the banks have broken the law and why what they have done to us is wrong and must be punished. Let us know if you can help and we will give you the current research needs.

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