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It Happened To Us
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

Is your property in jeopardy?
Letter to the Editor
August, 2018

Dear Editor:

Did you know that here in our county there have been some families that have been threatened with losing their homes and property through no fault of their own? Oddly enough, the banks that we trust every day with our money and financial transactions have pulled the rug out from under these people.

In one case, the family went to pay their mortgage payment, and the bank claimed to be having computer troubles, and "couldn't access their account." After several attempts at trying to pay their mortgage payments, they were told that they would be foreclosed on, for not paying their bills.


How can this be happening?

Can banks just steal people's property?

That is exactly what is happening.

Well, you would think that the court system could help, or maybe the county sheriff...but no, they haven't. Not here in Clearwater County. This family has gotten the runaround with multiple fraudulent documents produced to try to cover the tracks of these banks and mortgage companies.

Is everyone's property in jeopardy?

If you want more information on this story - look at the following website.

Let's write some letters asking our representatives to look into this problem. And take steps to fix it.

To our congressmen, our senator, to the country sheriff. It is an election year. Maybe they will listen to us.

Lorene Wright
Orofino, Idaho

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