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It Happened To Us
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family
The Real Why
Letter to the Editor
Published August, 2019

Dear Editor:

If you would be so kind, I would like it to become far more widely known that there has been building here within the inland northwest another situation that could yet prove as volatile and dangerous as were those of Bunkerville, Nevada and Burns, Oregon a few short years ago. At issue here and now, is the rightful, lawful ownership of the Nick and Donna Nickerson Christian Retreat Ranch acreage, located in the vicinity of Orofino, Idaho. Owing to a long progression of capricious, "legal" actions on the part of banks and mortgage services (as sanctioned by a Clearwater County Court judge and its prosecuting attorney), this property and the lives of this family have continued under siege.

What needs to be seriously weighed and understood by all, is the REAL WHY of the matter, seeing as neither any sort of tax protest nor mortgage default has ever been involved.

Spanning already a decade of time, it's indeed a long and arduous story, the details of which anyone can learn by visiting

Suffice it to say here that in August of 2017, this ranch was sold at public auction, and for just over a third of its assessed value. In my opinion, here is what should most gravely concern every freedom-loving American:

Constitutionally-mandated due process was never followed in this case, most notably in that, thanks to complicity of action between the banking establishment and local court authority, the Nickersons' 7th Amendment-guaranteed right of Trial by Jury has been resolutely denied them. The Sheriff involved, "accidentally forgetting" (we might say) his unique, supreme power and duty as chief protector and law enforcer over all official matters within his county, mistakenly believed that he had to follow the judge's order, and thus conduct the sale. Clearly, he did not, however, and so every action that has gone down, subsequent to the denial of constitutional due process, must now be declared null and void, and reversed. We the People must see to it, lest anyone of us be next!

As merely one concerned citizen, I am appealing to all like-minded friends and neighbors to come stand together both for the personal protection of this besieged family, as well as to support and encourage the duly-elected Sheriff, that he might be courageous enough to correct the errors made in this case, and properly move it forward by means of his lawful directives. Lastly, I appeal very specially to the three elected Clearwater County Commissioners, asking that they personally stand forth and take their places as leading exemplars in this critical matter and time. Thank you, and blessings to all!

Carol J. Asher
Kamiah, Idaho

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