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Pray for the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family - Idaho Ranch Update December 1, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

Do you believe God is sovereign? We do.
Do you believe He always does the most loving thing for His children? We do.
Do you believe all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose? We do.
Do you believe He will never leave us or forsake us? We do.

The events of the last twenty days have only sealed what we do believe. We have seen and been victimized by evil, corruption, broken promises, and draconian injustices; witnessed firsthand how greed, power, racketeering, collusion, and exploitation destroys all it touches; felt the pain of betrayal, treachery, and cowardice from those we loved, respected and trusted; grieved the loss of heirlooms and special belongings that can never be replaced; suffered unwarranted and unjustified travesty, crisis of faith in our system, security in our homeland, and belief in the goodness, honor, and conscience of our fellow man; watched in disbelief as storm troopers raided and pillaged our property and forever changed our Republic without a warrant and outside the authority of a writ. We have listened to those who know better assassinate our character, misrepresent what has happened to us, and prejudice our ability to defend against false accusations. Money, fear, fame, backroom deals, unjust gain, prejudice has silenced the truth, convoluted the facts, and caused fellow Americans to proclaim we somehow committed some act that could warrant or justify ignoring our right to a trial by jury, refusing to consider the extreme miscarriages of justice suffered, and be okay with the personal and physical attacks on our family. This demands any reasonable and competent person to question, Is America, this Republic for which we stand, still alive? Does the flag still wave for freedom? Is it now illegal to be Christians, futile to claim property rights, absurd to expect due process, unlawful to refute false accusations? Time will answer these questions for all Americans. For now, we are focused on continuing to walk the higher road and doing what we know to be the right thing. In the midst of it all, we are doing well, our faith is strong, and we are walking in love, grace and that peace that passes all understanding. No matter what has happened to us, or what we are going through, we know and believe God is still on His Throne, and we can rest and trust in Him.

How are we handling all that has happened? Step by step and day by day. There is a lot to share about what is going on. The most important thing to report is our faith and resolve are not wavering, but growing day by day. We are updating the website with what happened and is happening as quickly as we can. Pictures, court documents, as well as audio, video, and written documentaries and recordings of what has happened, have been and are being added to our website to support our claims and document all that happened on, and has happened since, November 12, 2019. Click on IHTU videos at the top of our It Happened To Us website. Civil and criminal complaints, demands, torts, reports, and other legal remedies are being prepared and will be filed in due time. Though we do not know where this journey to find freedom and justice will ultimately lead us, we are resolutely determined to save our ranches, clear our name, and ask humanity to hold those who have done this to us fully and comprehensively accountable. We ask for your continued prayers and pray you will not let our sacrifices and suffering be in vain.

What do you do after a November 12th kind of experience? You remember to be grateful for the little things for when gratitude dies in the heart of a man, he is well-nigh hopeless. What are we doing? Praying; singing; reading; spending time together and with precious old friends; making memories with special new friends; enjoying an extended family campout; writing some new songs; working on various projects; fighting back with prayer, resolve, justice, and publicity; and expending our energies toward surviving and thriving in this war for our homeland. We celebrated a special Thanksgiving as lights on a hillside overlooking our ranch. We thanked God for His many blessings, friends, family, a warm campfire, comfortable vehicles, the clothes on our back, and an incredible view. Precious friends and patriots brought mashed potatoes, dressing, peas, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls, yams, dehydrated fruit, pumpkin pie, apple pie, ice cream, firewood…what a feast and what a good day. We followed our traditions as much as we could on the side of the road. One tradition is everyone writes a poem or prayer, even our guests, as their ticket to our Thanksgiving table. We always have a fun time reading the poems and marveling at how God speaks and works in our hearts individually. This year was no exception. We are making a Thanksgiving page on our website. Watch the front page of It Happened To Us if you would like to read and see pictures of our most Pilgrim-like Thanksgiving ever.

Why are we fighting this battle when we could just walk away? We are natural born Americans and standing for justice, liberty, religious freedom, property rights, and due process is the right thing to do. These cornerstone freedoms define America, and they must be preserved and protected if freedom is to ring from every mountain side. Our fight to preserve the rights defined by our forefathers, and secured by those who came after them, is a good fight, an honorable fight, and a right fight. Truths long self-evident cannot be quashed by judicial tyranny and the twisting and turning of sovereign and sacred laws, facts, and truths if America is to carry on. Our United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and we believe it is wrong to silently allow the freedoms, rights, and liberties it grants to be revoked in courtrooms, corporate board meetings, and Congressional committees. What are we the people going to do when precedents like what happened in Orofino, Idaho, on November 12, 2019, render our Constitution null and void altogether? What then? Do you know the power and freedom our Constitution grants to you? Our family has studied it, abided by it, honored it, and supported it all the days of our lives, believing it would be there for us in such a time as this. Whether we stand alone, or stand in great numbers, the battle for our freedoms continues. This is our ranch. We want to keep it. We have and have always had the wherewithal to keep it. We have and will continue to fight to keep it. So help us God. Why? The first and foremost reason is because it is the right thing to do. Secondly, because we are Christians, and we cannot ignore the countless people who have reached out to us to share their stories of persecution, injustice, and oppression. Many we have never met, or been able to speak to personally, but we have and are reading their stories, carrying their pain in our hearts, and are unwilling to walk away and allow them to lie homeless and injured in the streets without trying to help. We may not be able to do much, but we can pray and fight back to expose the corruption and fraud that has held them as slaves and captives to mortgage terrorism and judicial tyranny.

What are our plans moving forward? Mostly, we are waiting on God to make our paths straight and trusting Him to render to each man according to his deeds. In the big scheme of things, we are continuing to be faithful, do the right thing, and above all, to stand. There is much to be shared. Many are asking for updates. Time; the lack of power, cellular coverage, and internet access; and the changing weather are creating extreme, technology and communication hardships for us. Everything is changing almost minute by minute, and we have legal deadlines that need to be met. Details will be forthcoming of all that has happened.

What do we need? Our personal belongings and ranch needs to be returned to us immediately. We are suffering irreparable losses and accruing damages as the days pass. Pruning and planting windows are being lost. The high teen temperatures are destroying our rose hip harvest. Weather exposure on incomplete ranch projects and lack of secure storage for our personal belongings demands immediate access back on the ranch to prevent further damage and injuries from accruing. The appeal timeline is ticking, but our legal paperwork was stolen, presumably to sabotage our ability to defend our claims and expose their criminal acts. As we have shared with many of you, all actions regarding the unlawful seizure of our ranch and property on November 12, 2019, are illegal, and in violation of common, state, federal, and international laws. We committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify our ranch being taken from us in this wrongful foreclosure, especially when no final determination had or has been made. Neither our property, or our persons, were served notice that we were not rightfully in possession and lawfully able to be on our property on November 12, 2019. Sheriff Goetz had previously provided assurances and promises that all eviction and ejectments actions had stopped, and no further action could occur without proper notice by him and the Court. No warrant, order, or writ provided authority for the Sheriff to remove us on November 12 without posting our property or serving us notice. The only postings on our property were No Trespassing signs hung by our family. The Sheriff and his armed assault team ignored those signs and trespassed without any authority of or by the law. Our personal belongings seized in the raid that were transported by moving vans (City North American and Uhaul) to City North American Moving and Storage facility in Moscow, Idaho, have been moved again to two separate units at a storage facility in Washington State. Yes, that means the Sheriff transported our belongings across state lines. The facility is several hours from our Idaho Ranch in our current weather conditions. Normally, it would take around two hours from our Idaho Ranch to reach the units. They are approximately 80 - 90 miles apart on icy, hilly, and river roads. The facilities are much further away from Montana and our Montana home. Clearwater County Deputy Mitch Jared served us a letter from Sheriff Goetz and provided us a key to the units on Wednesday afternoon. We travelled to the storage units with friends that evening to find our treasured belongings piled in heaps like they were preparing for a bonfire. The unit is not a climate-controlled unit. Sheriff Goetz has confirmed none of our personal belongings including musical instruments, electronic equipment, binding and printing machines, and other such climate sensitive belongings have been in climate-controlled storage since the raid. To make matters worse, no moving blankets, pallet wrap, efforts of any sort were expended in protecting or preserving our personal belongings from what we have seen so far. It looks like they stood in the back of their truck and threw everything toward the storage unit, then crammed as much stuff on top as they could, to save the expense of having to get an additional unit. Pictures will be posted soon. Needless to stay, the damages and injuries to us are severe, significant, substantial, and accruing. The units were so full and precariously stacked that there was nothing we could do to safely retrieve items or prevent any further damage. We are returning with a plan on how to inventory the mess they have created and try to salvage what we can. We still have very special personal belongings and family heirlooms at the ranch as well. The items seized and left behind to be held hostage by armed guards were items that were not at the property on the day of the alleged sale, were only returned recently to the property, and have nothing whatsoever to do with any judgments. All accomplices to the armed invasion of our property have refused to discuss, address, or return the items negligently left at the ranch in violation of any alleged instructions or lawful authority.

We are praying and asking you to stand in prayer with us. A lot has happened. We will continue to share details in hopes justice and liberty for all includes our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. How can you help? Spread the truth of what has happened to us and help us stop these bankers and terrorists from continuing their assault on us and our homeland. It happened to us. It has happened to others. It can happen to you. Read more on how you can get involved at

May God bless you and may God bless America through you.

Fighting in faith and prayer,
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

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