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Pray For The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family – Idaho Ranch Prayer Update August 7, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

Lieutenant Roger Haworth and Detective Mandy Barlow were just up at the Idaho Ranch to serve us with a Writ of Ejectment. We spoke with the Lieutenant. He was very respectful and professional. The Detective remained in the vehicle. The Writ was digitally signed by Judge Gregory FitzMaurice last Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at 10:14 a.m. Apparently Judge FitzMaurice signed this with the other documents he filed that morning. It feels like a bit of a punishment for us going to Grangeville to share our story with Governor Brad Little the day before.

The Writ commands Sheriff Chris Goetz to remove us and our belongings from the ranch. We have not spoken with Sheriff Goetz yet to find out what his intentions or plans are going forward. The Lieutenant did not have any details, but agreed to request the Sheriff reach out to us to discuss this further. There is not an ejectment action codified in Idaho so we are trying to find out what statute or rule he plans to follow so we can prepare accordingly. One interesting note for all the Idahoans reading this update is the writ commands the dispossession of our property in the name of the State of Idaho. Please call, fax, or email Governor Brad Little and Sheriff Chris Goetz and let them know this is not okay with you.

As far as the Court, we have not received a response regarding our request for reconsideration of last Wednesday’s orders. We are still hoping and praying for Judge FitzMaurice to recognize his error in not waiting for our memorandum and affidavit before vacating the hearing and denying our request. His summary judgment decision is stripping our right to a jury trial and due process, and placing our property and our very lives at risk of great peril.

We are all doing well. Very sad and disheartened, but know we are doing the right thing. We are trusting God is still in on His Throne and praying for America to stand and speak up for freedom and justice before it is too late for all of us. Thank you for praying, sharing our story, and reaching out to anyone you think can help. We need media coverage to help expose what is happening to us. We will do our best to let you know what happens next. For those of you who want and are able to come, the call may now only be hours away. Please make sure our family has your best contact information.

In God have (we) put (our) trust: (We) will not be afraid what man can do unto (us). Psalms 56:11

Love and hugs to you all. Know we are all very grateful you are standing with us and that our paths have crossed.

Fighting in faith and prayer,
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

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