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It Happened To Us Updates
Pray For The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family – Idaho Ranch Morning Update September 3, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but which abideth for ever. Psalms 125:1

Our update for you today is God is good, we are still in possession, and we are all doing well. Though our enemies are threatening to slay us, we are safe and resting in the One, and only one, who can and will ultimately prevail and render the final verdict in this matter. Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and efforts. Your prayers are being answered and your calls, letters, and emails are making an amazing difference. We believe prayer and public officials knowing you are standing with us is what is holding back further injustice and tragedy from occurring. Please continue to pray, share our story, and let elected officials know you are watching.

Consolidating everything that has happened and accurately conveying the urgency of our current situation is quite an undertaking. Details and documentary videos on what is happening is being explained on A memorandum entitled Illegalities Regarding The Actions of PHH Mortgage Services has been added to the front page under Read Document and Recent Court Filings. This 95-page thesis to the Court by the Nickerson Family is a little lengthy, but even a quick scan can answer a lot of questions and explain why we are and should be taking this stand. Additional explanations and clarifications are coming soon. To borrow the words of Martin Luther, Here we stand. We can do more.

We are still in possession and are calling on Clearwater County, Idaho, and freedom loving patriots across America to stand with us. If our property can be taken from us, there is no property that is safe or secure. The legal update is Judge FitzMaurice has denied our motion for reconsideration and objection to his denial. Even though it is irrefutable PHH Mortgage Services does not own our property, we do not owe them a debt, PHH Mortgage Services has admitted they refused our payments when they began servicing our loan and has no knowledge of payments made or not made prior to taking over the servicing of our loan, we were on time and current when they began servicing the loan, and the records produced by PHH Mortgage Services shows we did not default, our property has been ordered to be unlawfully seized. The timeline to pursue further judicial options – appeal, move the case to federal court and expand the complaint to redress all parties and crimes committed, reach for the United States Supreme Court for redress on all Constitutional violations – has begun. We are praying, researching, and seeking counsel on what we want and feel we should do next. In the meantime, our elected officials and watchdog agencies have a window of time to intervene and stop this injustice from going any further. Pray!

The current status is the Court and a $40 check from the bank have ordered Sheriff Chris Goetz to remove us and our belongings from the property. Please pray Sheriff Goetz will support the Constitution and refuse to follow these unlawful orders or allow them to be enforced. For the past seventeen years, we have known and publicly observed the Sheriff  to be a good, moral man who generally tries to do the right thing. During this escalation, he and his staff have been professional and very supportive in all communications. Our understanding is his current position is he is reviewing everything, recognizes grave miscarriages of justice have occurred, realizes laws have been broken and ignored, clearly understands our position and our stand, and is working with Idaho Governor Brad Little and other public officials to find a moral and legal resolution. We believe Sheriff Chris Goetz, Governor Brad Little, and public officials who are watching our story and trying to find a way to help, is a direct answer to prayer. Please encourage them to make right choices by letting them know you, and all freedom loving patriots, are standing with us and will stand with them for liberty and justice if they do the right thing. Contact information of those with the authority to help or hold those accountable who have the authority to help is on the Get Involved page of our website.

Thank you for standing with us. May God bless you and God bless America through you.

In God we trust,
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

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