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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 37

They Cannot And They Knew And Know It

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Today is Day 37. 7 more days until Christmas. Today was a pre-trial conference to address trespass charges Clearwater County is pressing against one of our family members for being on our private property on November 12, 2019. A question for the common sense thinkers out there? Can someone be trespassing when they are on their own property? Our common sense answer is no. Despite any false narratives gossiping around out there, according to all truth, facts, and law, we are the only right and true owners of our property and no due process has occurred that can allow us to be lawfully dispossessed. Why? Because we committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify our ranch being taken from us and it is irrefutable that PHH has no lawful beneficial interest in our ranch or a loan against our ranch. So, how can Clearwater County illegally seize our property, steal and destroy our personal belongings, detain our family, and arrest a family member? They cannot...and they knew and know it. Chris Goetz, the local Sheriff who led the raid and invasion against our Idaho Ranch, unlawfully executed a writ that was void on its face. First, the alleged writ was over 60 days old, was not sealed with the seal of the Court, subscribed by the Clerk, or lawfully issued in the Name of the People. All of these represent violations of the law and render any alleged writ nothing more than inked paper. Also, no trial or due process had occurred, and an appeal that proves PHH committed fraud to secure the underlying judgment is, and was on November 12th, in place. Secondly, the alleged writ, if it were lawful or binding, clearly ordered the Sheriff to cause us, the Defendants, to remove our personal belongings, not remove them himself without giving us opportunity to do so first. So if his writ were not expired, he would have had no reason to be on our property other than to serve and leave a writ on November 12, 2019. Third, if we had failed to remove our personal belongings, which we did not, the alleged writ ordered him to remove them to safe storage. The Naughty List we are preparing is not yet finished, but it clearly demonstrates a move from our ranch to safe storage is not what happened. The list of illegalities goes on and on. America, this was not a foreclosure and is not an eviction. This is judicial tyranny, persecution of Christians, and oppression of American citizens. We did not default and no evidence in the record demonstrates that we did. We are fighting back trying to make a difference because it is the right thing to do. What will you do when it happens to you?

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