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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 42

A Christmas Foreclosure

Monday, December 23, 2019

Today is Day 42. Two more days until Christmas. Those of you who know us, know how much we love and enjoy the holidays. Banksters, mortgage robbers, and Idaho public officials, aka Grinchmen, are trying to foreclose our Christmas this year. Do you know our family or what is really happening to us? You might want to take a few minutes and hear what we have to say. Whether you like it or not, or want to believe it or not, what is happening to us, could happen to you and your family.

A little about our family...Our family has devoted our lives to loving, giving, and treating others with respect and in the ways we wanted to be treated. We have made personal and family choices to maintain high moral and ethical standards. We have learned and cherished the old paths as we call them (aka, We like the old-fashioned ways of doing things that are time tested, proven, and that work. We are not real impressed with how new and improved has worked out for Americans as a whole.) We have esteemed family and Christian values above worldly or secular choices and ways of living. We look, dress, enjoy different things, and act different than some, but life has taught us something about different. Different is not necessarily wrong; sometimes it is just different. Thus, we exert extreme effort in not judging or misjudging others based on superficial interactions or what others tell us about them. Sadly, there are those, who unlike us, are quick to judge and assign negative qualities to anyone or anything that is different. This has happened to us in Orofino, Idaho. Others have thought we were weird because we chose not to make fun of an intoxicated tractor driver. A neighbor has vocally hated us for years. He shook his fist at God and told others it was because we are Christians. Banksters just foreclosed on our ranch and attacked our entire financial portfolio because we are Christians. Idaho just seized our personal belongings at gunpoint, then proceeded to maliciously and intentionally destroy much of our treasures because convicted mortgage robbers who hated us for being Christians told and paid them to. When did displaying good manners, trying to encourage morality, inspiring others to become common sense thinkers, and doing the right thing become illegal in America?

Our American homeland is being wrongfully foreclosed. We did not default. We made every payment we were allowed to make. The bank denied all offers to pay off the loan, allow the property to be sold, or facilitate any resolution other than foreclosure. Ask Sheriff Chris Goetz what the bank told him when he asked what it would take to save our ranch. This is not a foreclosure, eviction, or ejection. Our property was not raided and our belongings were not destroyed to save us. All recent actions were intended to intimidate, hurt, injure, damage, punish, and persecute us. Wake up, America. We are conservative Christians who had perfect credit before this attack. We have worked hard and made good, sound financial decisions for all our lives. Anyone with personal knowledge of our character knows we would not, and could not, walk away and not do what is right by our Idaho Ranch. Actually, anyone with business acumen would think we were crazy if we did because of the substantial equity we had built up in it. We paid our bills; improved our property value; protected and defended our boundaries; granted extreme patience and grace to deficient servicing, reckless recordkeeping, and incompetent lending practices; and heroically performed all obligations regarding our Idaho Ranch. No more could be expected of any private property owner. No factual evidence, in or out of the record, can dispute or refute we committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify the dispossession of our property. Keep in mind, even if we had, which we did not, what has happened to us, our private property, and personal belongings is illegal, immoral, unConstitutional, and without excuse. Regardless, all we did wrong was celebrate the Christ child more than just one day a year. We loved Him because He first loved us. Does that warrant us being persecuted?

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