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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 52

Let The Winds Blow

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Today is Day 52. Members of our family are at the campsite in high winds. We are praising the Lord for nice, comfy, warm, wind free vehicles to retreat to for relief and protection. Not all victims of persecution, wrongful foreclosure, fraud, civil racketeering, domestic terrorism, and other such civil and human right violations have been or are so fortunate. Our hearts and prayers go out to them today as we continue to pray and take this stand for liberty and justice for all.

Stealing a man’s birthright and attacking their homeland are not new or undocumented crimes. Greedy, evil usurers were stealing properties in Idaho and Montana territories when the West was first being settled. Many campfire stories, maybe even on our hillside, have been told of how the Wells Fargo wagon drove away with an innocent American’s life savings, and county records across our homeland are filled with how JPMorgan chased the American dream away from great patriots. Stories of clean money being laundered with dirty hands by HSBC and homes being stolen by PHH have been written with billions of dollars of the hard-earned, honest wages of innocent homeowners. None of this is right and all of it could be stopped. All laws, codes and regulations are in place to protect our family from losing our home and ranches. All rules prevent what has happened to others from happening to your family or ours. The problem is these protections have no merit when they are not upheld and enforced. When courts become bank courts, regulators become bank agents, and law enforcement becomes bank guards, who preserves what is right and incarcerates that which is wrong? Where are all the good guys on this second day of the new year? Has America been bought in a cohesive quasi-blackmail scheme and are we all just waiting for a fraudulent Sheriff’s Deed to be issued so we can be evicted? When truth and reality merge to proclaim injustice, responsibility and obligation must step forth to preserve justice. Crimes have been and are being committed. Constitutional rights have been and are being revoked. Freedoms have been and are being denied. Public officials, governing agencies, and law enforcers have been and are silently acting as if they are on the bank payrolls or just too afraid to get involved and help stop this hostile takeover of our homeland. November 12th escalated this attack on our family to a hostage situation. Our ranch, personal belongings, life savings, American citizenship, and good name are being held hostage. We have sent America an SOS. We have reported the crimes to the appropriate authorities. We have appealed to Heaven. We are continuing to fight in faith that America is still a free land and by believing that our appeals to Heaven will be heard. Our hope and prayer today is the high winds blowing around us will blow the covers of deception off those who are robbing, stealing, and killing our American dream. We ask you to pray with us that the high winds blowing on this hillside will uncover the corruption and unlawful agendas of those driving Wells Fargo wrongful foreclosure wagons around this country and expose who the JPMorgan dream chasers are to the world. Pray with us for good Wells Fargo wagon drivers to stand up, tell the truth, and do the right thing and for good Chasers to blow the whistle on the illegalities they have witnessed. Truth and reality can merge to expose the injustice if American patriots will accept and acknowledge that the responsibility and obligation to preserve justice belongs to them. The high winds blowing on this hillside can run the bad guys out of Idaho, Montana, and America, if one for all and all for one is still the battle cry of this great land that was settled to become a more perfect union. To stand requires each of us to act. To act is the only path to preserving true freedom.

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