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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 60

Happy Birthday, Amanda

Friday, January 10, 2020

Today is Day 60.
The report from the campsite is life is good. Praise the Lord even the cold, snowy, wet weather is not dampening the spirits of our campsite watchman and prayer warriors. Today was a day filled with thank you moments. A dear friend brought a combo pizza, salad complete with a yummy salad dressing, and juice for lunch. Our adopted neighbor family brought chili, triscuits, and oatmeal carob chip cookies for dinner. Sweet new friends offered to do our shopping and picked up yogurt, cereal and bread for us while they were in town. Another friend called to ask if there was anything at all he could do for us. Phone calls. Cards. Waves. Honks. All day long the Lord reminded us that we are not alone in this battle and that others care and are standing with us. Is this not what community is all about? Loving, sharing, giving, and helping one another. Thank you to those who loved us today. It means more to our family than words can express.

As some of you know, part of our family travelled to Montana for a birthday celebration for a very special young lady. Dad’s birthday gift was to make it possible for the birthday girl to spend the day at home. Though it meant we were apart and our celebration was different than normal, we had a special day and thank God for yet another year to enjoy and love His precious gift of life to us.

Hannah wrote a birthday poem for her sister from the campsite. Thought we would share it with you so you can celebrate a little with us and maybe say a special prayer for her birthday.

Amanda, where do I start?
I love each and every part.
So let’s have some fun strolling
Down memories lane the years rolling.
We loved to get up early to get Chip for a horseback ride.
Occasionally you couldn’t catch him, no matter how you tried.
In our overalls and Laura Ingall’s braids,
We would go camping and play laser tag raids.
When we would all go frogging,
It was more the memories we were logging.
Though story problems to you were never fun,
Most of school you did at the pace of a run.
Always partners in Canasta games,
When we lost, you were gracious though I was to blame.
On your birthday to sled was your wish.
Praise God we did not end up in the pond and come out dripping like fish.
While sledding to dodge the rose hips was the goal,
Sometimes steering was out of control.
Sleeping at night in our matching log day beds -
When made in the morning there would never be wrinkles in your spread.
When you were reading Henty and Elsie Dinsmore,
Getting your attention could be a chore.
Helping us all fix our hair and our clothes,
You also helped us find the picture perfect pose.
It has always amazed me the ease
With which you sit on your knees.
Like Mom you are an excellent cook
Though you both rarely use a book.
With the spirit of perfection
You help make fudge and holiday confections.
You are faithful in the little things.
Your steadfast character rings.
You are so brilliant, resourceful and smart.
Your personality is sweet and not tart.
Your long flowing strawberry blonde hair
Changes with the seasons in a beauty that is rare.
Your smile, oh so sweet,
Overflows from your genuine heart that beats.
Your angelic voice sings
To the glory of our great God and king.
Just one look into your sparkling blue eyes
And you can see they are filled with all things wise.
If I could be anyone else, and in the choosing had a voice,
There is no doubt next to Mom, you would be my choice.
So I am going to borrow your phrase
Because I have loved everything about you for all of our days.
My sister and my friend,
We will journey together until life’s end.
My prayer for your 2020 is this,
No opportunity for good memories will be missed.

Happy birthday to our sweet Amanda. God bless, protect and keep you.

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