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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 62

Survival Of The Fittest

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Today is Day 62. One of our favorite carpenters stopped to check on us today. What kind, gentle and faithful patriots he and his wife are. They truly care for others and it shows. We are thankful God has blessed us with the opportunity to know them and have the honor of calling them our friends. 62 days is a long time to be away from our home and the injustices being suffered continue to mount as time passes on. Refusing to return our personal belongings and forcing us to fight a legal battle from a hillside, in and of itself, demonstrates and corroborates this entire attack is rooted in tyranny, oppression, and persecution.

The status is Clearwater County is continuing to ignore their responsibilities, obligations, and liabilities in this matter. The irrefutable fact is they broke laws and made mistakes in raiding our property and dispossessing us of our personal belongings. The State of Idaho is also ignoring any responsibility for allowing a corporation to hire police powers of the State in violation of the Constitution. Grave miscarriages of justice are continuing to happen. No public officials have been willing to intervene. Numerous public officials have made false, defamatory and slanderous accusations regarding our family to influence public opinion and attempt to discredit us and alienate us from help and relief. Sheriff Chris Goetz has still not 1) retracted his public propaganda statements that he removed all our personal belongings on November 12th when it is irrefutable he did not; 2) assumed any responsibility for mitigating damages for the county by rectifying his failure to competently do so; 3) admitted all public and private statements and claims our property was raided with armed police powers with lawful authority are false, untrue, and misrepresentative of the facts; and 4) publicly apologized for misrepresenting the spirit and context of statements made by the Nickerson family in an attempt to discredit their extreme efforts to find a peaceful and judicially Constitutional resolution to a fraudulent attack on their religious freedoms, property rights, and rights of due process. Time and the truth will prove the Nickerson Family are the only ones who have told the truth and followed the laws of this land in this entire attack.

As such, please pray for justice to be served and for all involved to be held fully and comprehensively accountable and liable for their actions. Several, including Sheriff Chris Goetz and County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler, are running for office in 2020. Please remember what they have personally done to us, and allowed to be done to us, when it is time for you to choose who you want to be in charge of protecting and preserving your freedoms. Share our story with your friends. What they did and how they reacted when it happened to us is indicative of how you can expect them to act when it happens to you. Slandering and defaming our character and making false claims about the facts surrounding this case do not change the truths of the matter or minimize the seriousness of all the laws, regulations, and rules they have broken and allowed to be broken. Criminal, immoral, unconstitutional, and unAmerican actions have occurred. Time and the truth will clear our good name and hold them accountable. Time and the truth. We are waiting.

On a more positive note, we are so thankful for a surprise visit from another freedom loving hill. A dear patriot brought critical survival resources to boost our health and moral. Campsite reviews are that Hershey’s dark chocolate nuggets and white chocolate Lindor truffles have never tasted so good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This was the best medicine a camp doctor could have prescribed.

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