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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 66

National Religious Freedom Day and National Do Nothing Day

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Today is Day 66. Today is National Religious Freedom Day. According to Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition, freedom is defined the state of being free; liberty; self-determination; absence of restraint; the opposite of slavery. To take it further, Constitutional liberty or freedom is described, Such freedom as is enjoyed by the citizens of a country or state under the protection of its constitution; the aggregate of those personal, civil, and political rights of the individual which are guaranteed by the constitution and secured against invasion by the government or any of its agencies. People v. Hurlbut, 24 Mich. 106, 9 Am. Rep. 103. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines freedom as the power or right to act, think, or speak as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Apparently, freedom has been redefined in Idaho. From our little hillside perch, it appears freedom means you get what you pay for if you pay the right people the right amount of money or you get to be in charge if you act like a bully and make everyone around you scared to stand up to you and your threats. Dismal outlook? You are not yet a victim of wrongful foreclosure and persecution because of your faith.

Our family has witnessed and been victimized by horrific miscarriages of justice for around a decade. We have devotedly and patriotically exerted our efforts, resources, and passions to stop the abuse and allow our suffering to be used to prevent others from falling prey to similar victimization. Yes, we have been angry at our plight, but we believe we have exhibited amazing self-restraint in our dealings with our abusers and those helping and allowing their abuse to continue. We made our payments despite the impossibilities put in motion to prevent us from doing so until the banks colluded not to accept any more. Then we solicited the help of every Idaho official, entity, or happenstance bystander we did not consider a certifiable potato head on the bank’s payroll. With all snide intent, our efforts revealed more than one non-agricultural reason Idaho is known for potatoes. The banks admitted in the court record we made our January 2010 payment to JPMorgan Chase, and that they, PHH, refused all further payment attempts when they took over servicing in February. Using eschewed bank court logic, the judge, acting on behalf of the bank, determined the banks refusal to accept our payments and fabricate any existing default somehow translated to we missed payments and foreclosing our ranch was warranted. Whew! Amazing!!

Frankly, we are appalled at how Idaho courts used contract breaches by the bank and their prevention of performance admissions to award the bank our ranch and equity. They did it to us and they have done it to others. Are we the only ones in America that see a problem with this bank court line of thinking? There is a reason sages pontificate and age old common law dictates, Money refused excuses the debtor. We did not default and we did not fail to make our payments or miss our payments. We fulfilled all obligations regarding any alleged loan on our property. Nonetheless, today, on National Religious Freedom Day, a hired gunman, and presumably his girlfriend, are on our ranch down below us burning our firewood in our Jack stove and enjoying a campfire next to our workshop with wood we purchased and we gathered and trimmed from trees. Two people, who we did not grant consent to enter our ranch, are immorally robbing our peace, safety, and security, while law enforcement officers choose to do nothing. Robbers are doing who knows what in our warm, cozy log home. Law enforcement officials are presumably sipping coffee and eating doughnuts in a warm, secure courthouse we have made faithful involuntary annual contributions to for years. Meanwhile, our family is sitting around a campfire on the side of the road in the cold elements having been forcefully removed and physically dispossessed of that which we paid for and own. Yes, that sums it up pretty accurately.

To be clear, we are the only rightful owners of our Idaho Ranch. We made our payments. We committed no act or inaction to allow, warrant, or justify our property being taken from us. The only acts the robbers or local law enforcement, and their comrades, have committed toward our property is to violate our Constitutional rights, cross no trespassing signs, axe down secure doors, break windows, leave on lights to intentionally waste electricity, muddy white carpet, spill canned goods on flooring without cleaning it up, ruin special memories and heritage markers for our family and almost eighteen years of respite guests, leave innocent rescue kittens to fend for themselves because they are just cats and they can adapt, allow livestock and pet feed to waste in lieu of letting us have it for the animals it was purchased for, and other such crimes against humanity and animals. It is irrefutable we have heroically fulfilled all obligations toward this ranch over the years. It is also well established our family has spent years thanking these officers, and other officers we came in contact with across the country, for their service. Yet, today, the keys to our ranch are being held hostage and all public officials are running from their moral and professional obligations to help. What a sad state of affairs to report. Fighting this battle has helped us understand how National Religious Freedom Day could coexist with National Do Nothing Day. Evil agendas are pyramiding and prospering in this country because good men and women are celebrating Do Nothing Day every day. As a friend listened to our story the other day, he shared what is happening makes it sound like the sky is falling. Well, you know what, the sky is falling on freedom all around us. It breaks our hearts for our family, and for yours. We are doing everything we know to stop it, but we need champions to stand with us and help fight this battle. Will you stand with us to celebrate freedom or sit back as others are and do nothing?

EDITOR NOTE: Thank you for permitting a little tactical humor to replace some Day 65 frustration and battle fatigue. One of our Citizen friends calls this style of “snide writing” biting the dog. The concept is dog bites occur all the time so they are not necessarily newsworthy. Adding some extraordinary element to the event like the human bites the dog, or maybe, the Nickerson’s dog bites off the social media troll’s nose because he stuck it where it did not belong, helps garner attention and make stories newsworthy. The banks have successfully made foreclosures and evictions seem commonplace. After all, around 40 million homes lost out of 130 million households is a pretty saturated foreclosure market. How do you make it newsworthy? Well, one way is to tell the world today is Day 66 in our stand against the big banks and their theft of our Idaho Ranch. Help us spread the word so the Twitter King can take a look at our site and hold his naughty subjects publicly accountable.

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