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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 70

Clearwater County, Idaho - Civil Rights Grotesquely Violated On Martin Luther King Day 2020

Monday, January 20, 2020

Today is Day 70. As you know, acting Sheriff Chris Goetz led an armed assault and raid against our Idaho Ranch on November 12, 2019. Post this raid, he seized and hired North American Van Lines to transport five moving trucks of our personal belongings, as well as items we believe were transported in separate vehicles, across state lines into Washington State.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid

Personal belongings, heirlooms, treasured items, agricultural investments, live animals, ranching equipment, costly supplies, and personal property belonging to Clearwater County residents were left on the ranch even though the acting sheriff released false and untrue public statements that all our personal belongings had been removed. Our family has non-violently waited for 70 days on a hillside above our ranch to have personal belongings, the bank has admitted verbally and in writing belong to us, returned to our rightful possession. Sheriff Goetz and those acting on behalf of Clearwater County have refused to intervene. All official and personal responsibility to aid in the retrieval of our personal belongings has been shirked in extreme displays of dereliction of duty and racketeered collusion. Negligently or maliciously leaving behind personal belongings in an unlawful raid, especially when it occurred outside court authority and in violation of any alleged writ, and then refusing to rectify errors made, demonstrates extreme professional incompetence, prejudice, malice, and intentional ill will toward our family. Today, a truck from Simmons Sanitation picked up a full refuse container of our personal belongings, then transported it to their yard across county lines in Kamiah, Idaho. Calls by our family to stop the theft and destruction of our property were unsuccessful in preventing our belongings from being removed from the property and thrown away. Intentionally throwing away and destroying personal belongings rather than returning them to a rightful owner is indicative of the ongoing hatred and maliciousness we are suffering. This is glaringly true when these items were not abandoned, but stolen in an armed robbery on behalf of a corporation with the aid of the police powers of the State of Idaho. Friends were able to locate the trash container at the yard, and we have made arrangements for Nick and a few friends to be present when the container is emptied tomorrow. Pray!

So, while the rest of the country is joining hands and making commitments to protect and preserve civil and political rights in America, Clearwater County, the State of Idaho, and national banks, by and through agents empowered by them, are seizing an innocent family’s treasures and assets, dumping them into trash bins, and transporting them across county lines. Again, these actions demonstrate and corroborate this is not a foreclosure, eviction, money issue, or any other lawful action. These are the acts of tyranny, oppression, and persecution. We read recently that Idaho was the fastest growing state in 2019. We highly recommend, based on our personal experiences, you rethink your plans if you are considering a move to Idaho or establishing any sort of presence in Idaho, especially Clearwater County, Idaho. Idaho touts they are one of the most free states, but these are not the acts of a free or a human rights friendly state. These are also not the first times Idaho has committed these types of acts. Beware!!

Note To Virginia Patriots: We prayed for you today, Virginia, and were thankful to have friends who could attend your rally on our behalf. Thank you to the patriot leaders who took the time to speak with us on the phone today and to our friends at the event. We appreciate the stand you are taking, and we appreciate the spirit many of you are taking it with. Free and brave must stand together. We ask for your prayers and support as we take the stand we are. May God bless you and save freedom through you.

Special Note To Friends and family: Thank you for keeping up with these updates on this site. Please feel free to forward them to your email chains and post them to your social media networks. Thank you for your sweet calls, emails, and words of encouragement. We are sorry for our belated responses. Know we are okay, there is just a lot going on. Many of you are writing and calling to ask how you can help specifically. We need prayers and public awareness. Share our story and help do some damage control. Our Get Involved page has other ideas as well. Help however you can and know we appreciate whatever help you offer. We only have 7 days to stop the sale of our Montana home so please keep that foremost in your prayers. We are thankful for you.

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