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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 78

Are we free?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Today is Day 78. What makes your American citizenship have merit, value, worth to you personally? Have you ever thought about it? What has happened to us has forced us to really ponder and consider this question for years. Our family has concluded religious freedoms, due process, and property ownership are foundational freedoms that define and validate the purpose and value of our citizenship to us. Tomorrow, our Montana home is scheduled to be sold at public auction. We have been falsely accused of default. The bank foreclosing, HSBC Bank, has no ownership of our loan and we owe them no debt. Wells Fargo has colluded with HSBC Bank to escape reform promises made to Montana and steal our home. No trial by jury or legitimate due process has occurred. We made our payments. We did not default. We exhibited heroic efforts to fight Wells Fargo’s malicious prevention of performance and made every payment we were allowed to make. This is not an ordinary foreclosure. This is theft, racketeering, mortgage terrorism, and a targeted attack on an innocent family for their faith and worldviews. Nonetheless, in one illegal act and one unconstitutional proclamation, our American family, that has always been proud to be made in America, could have the value, personal worth, and significance of our citizenships stripped, annulled, and revoked. How? By selling what is ours without granting us opportunity to stand against our abusers in a trial by jury. By failing to require our accusers to provide ANY evidence from the bank to support their false claims of default. By refusing to make our accusers admit their discriminatory attack on us is driven by political, prejudicial, and persecutorial agendas, and not a result of us failing to make payments. If this sale is consummated, are we free? Do we have property rights or rights of property ownership? Are we guaranteed religious freedoms or due process? Are we innocent until proven guilty? This wrongful foreclosure sale in Montana, our possessions being unlawfully seized and held hostage for the last 78 days in Idaho, and the false arrest of our family member during an illegal raid compel us to believe the answer is No, we are not. We will know tomorrow. Pray and help us spread awareness of what is happening to us.

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