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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 80

Will This Be The Day?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Today is Day 80. Will this be the day that we win and this attack is stopped? This is the question we wake up with every morning. This is what we fight for every day and have invested time, money, and resources in for years. Can you imagine fighting a battle against grave miscarriages of injustice for almost a decade? Some of you have. Like you, our journey through the injustice system has been long, hard, and enraging. All the laws and regulations are in place to have stopped this abuse years ago, but those with the power to do so have refused to enforce and uphold them. Our family is tired, battle worn, and weary, but we are more resolved than ever to see this battle through to its natural conclusion. Our hope and prayer is we will be able to expose all the corruption that has allowed it to continue and that all involved will be held fully and comprehensively liable and accountable. No matter what happens, we know we are and have done the right thing. Fighting for our faith, to preserve our rights to own and secure what belongs to us, and to be able to defend ourselves against false accusations is a fight worth fighting, a fight all who desire to be and remain free must fight. Too many freedom loving Americans have sacrificed and given their lives to secure these freedoms for any of us to look the other way and let these freedoms be wrongfully taken from us. Thus, we are vested in this battle, and we are not alone. Others have been targeted, attacked, abused, and even wrongly incarcerated for standing up for freedom, liberty, and justice. We have been horrified at the stories of political prisoners we have heard while fighting this battle. Hateful, cruel, crimes and acts have been committed by those seeking to force their way into power and make America follow their agendas. Innocent families and individuals have been imprisoned by wrongful foreclosures, tortured by false accusations, and persecuted by prejudice, greed, and hate. All of those fighting the battle for justice need your prayers and help for strength, courage, and hope that these battles for freedom in our homeland will eventually be won. Many are too afraid to stand with victims and do the right thing out of fear of reprisal. We have been told by attorneys that those who have stepped up to fight against the big banks have been threatened with losing their bar licenses. Our local Idaho sheriff was threatened with losing his job and being held personally liable if he disobeyed a court order when he saw evidence of fraud and did not want to act on an order he believed was not lawful. A former Clearwater County Commissioner informed us judges signing a court order makes it a lawful order whether or not it is secured legally or outside lawful authority. What happened to, a right cannot arise from an illegal act? Or restated, no right to action can arise from an illegal act. What happened to, fraud vitiates everything it touches? How about, he who offends the law vainly seeks the help of the law?  Lawlessness, judicial tyranny, and “biggest litigant rules” is not what our Constitution promises and does not reflect the rules of civil procedure our country was founded on. The right to fair and just representation in the courts and self-representation is firmly established. We united to make freedom more accessible and attainable for all. We amended our original laws because we believed all men are created equal and we wanted to ensure all men are treated equal. Freedom, liberty and justice are for all, not most. When we win, and this attack is stopped, our family will know for sure all includes us, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. Right now, we and others, are fighting for our freedoms in faith and prayer in hopes it does. It happened to us. It could happen to you. Will you be free to win and stop your abusers when it does?

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