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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 81

A Chance To Be Free

Friday, January 31, 2020

Today is Day 81. This was another letter writing day for the Nickerson Family. Most of the day was spent writing letters to those that should be helping stop this abuse. We may share a few of our letter resolution attempts on this site to help you understand a little more of what is happening.

Will you write some letters on our behalf? Many do not know our story. Mainstream media has ignored our plight or been told to stand down and not cover it. What has happened to us has been a classic human-interest story. The abuse is so blatant and the maliciousness so visible that every newsworthy organization should have widely distributed and circulated our story to help stop this tragedy from continuing. Instead, many have told us they have been instructed not to touch this story. Why? Because Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have too much exposure and have no way to escape serious fallout from our story being told. In a lot of cases, the banks are able to slither their way out of trouble by claiming procedural malfunction. In some cases, they drive their wagons so quickly through the town, investigators cannot prove which wagon went through. In still other cases, they hide the evidence with their other dirty laundry and it gets missed during the compliance washes. It is irrefutable Wells Fargo violated their settlement agreements in their handling of our loan. It is irrefutable chasing away justice and defrauding little guys to increase their fat portfolios are common habits of goblin kings like JPMorgan Chase. HSBC Bank runs the risk of losing the REMIC status of what we understand is one of the largest jumbo trusts in existence. PHH Mortgage would probably find themselves with severe operational deficiencies if all the employees, and their attorneys, who should go to jail for allowing what has happened to us, are suddenly removed and incarcerated. Montana might have to solely depend on the resourcefulness of its citizens without guaranteed bank funding. Idaho might have to settle for not being the fastest growing state in the United States without special interest funds pouring investments in. Sure, taking a stand can be difficult and have serious repercussions. We know. However, there is no price tag on honor, integrity, and freedom. Regulatory agencies and governing entities must be willing to take down the big banks or kick them out of their jurisdictions. They cannot look the other way out of fear of reprisal or hurting the stability of the economy. Doing so is a foolish strategy for a free country and a business plan that only serves to enslave the American people under evil, greedy usurers. This is America. We are fighters. We are resilient. We are overcomers. Take down the big bank corruption and let America be ruled and financed by the people. Give us a chance to be free, and you will find how good it is for all of us to be free indeed.

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