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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 82

Winds of Justice

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Today is Day 82. Today we are praying for the winds of justice to blow across America. It is time for wrongs to be righted and rights to be protected from wrongs. No matter who you are, where you are, where you go, where you live, what your social status is, how much education you have, what kind of work you do, what kind of music you like, what kind of world you have created around you, you can always find some good in every situation. What you look for in the world and what you offer to the world have a lot to do with how good or bad of a world you will find around you. Our travels have taught us there is far more good and clean, than bad and dirty, in America. The problem is it only takes one piece of dirt to make a clean glass of water dirty. Similarly, a little bad can ruin a lot of good. Dirty agendas have soiled and faded the crisp pages of our foundational freedoms. It is time for some white washing of monumental principles, wire brushing of compromised paint sticks, and remodeling of cracked up artifacts. Those in power have promised to drain the swamp and help restore Constitutional law. It is time for the rumors of what is about to happen to become the truths of what is happening. Judges are being appointed who are promising to adhere to Constitutional law. We the people need to watch their rulings and make sure they uphold and enforce the laws. Campaign trails are knee deep with ideals and changes that claim all of us will be happier, freer, richer, and healthier if we choose them. When you cast a ballot for or against a candidate, take on the responsibility of being a watchful eye to make sure these elected officials are promise keepers, not just promise makers and breakers. Solidarity, unity, and integrity can rebuild our country and allow our country to rebuild its trust in us. Join with us in praying for the Master of the wind to remove from power those will not do what is right and set in power those who will. One month of 2020 is already gone. How has America become more free, unified, or greater in the last month? That is a pretty good gauge of how much more free, unified and greater she will become in the coming months. As the Northwest experiences super high winds today (up to 60 mph gusts), we hope it will blow in good and blow out evil. If you are a prayer warrior, pray. If not, please join us in doing what you can to make a lasting difference in your sphere of influence. Good men doing something, can make something that might not be that good, into something great.

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