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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 86

Are we victims?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Today is Day 86. Are we victims? It sure feels like it to those of our family who are sitting in the snowy, cold conditions on the side of a hillside overlooking our Idaho Ranch today.

Naysayers and social media gossip trolls are claiming we are not victims, we are deadbeats who failed to make our payments and we need to move on with our life. The problem is they are wrong and are just regurgitating unsubstantiated false claims made by nationally convicted mortgage robbers and foreclosure terrorists. We made our payments and heroically fulfilled all financial obligations toward our properties. The banks told us we were being attacked for our Christian faith and opposing worldviews. Well, since we are still believers, stronger than ever before ones now, who still believe freedom and justice are for all, there is nowhere in America to move on to without being targeted again. Our only option has been to fight right where we are to force America to decide if it is illegal and a punishable offense to be a Christian freedom lover in America or not.

Vocal supporters have reminded us Christians cannot be victims and have exhorted us for not breathing more life into the telling of our story. What? Yes, God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, and promises to walk with us and never leave us or forsake us no matter what we are going through. However, He also talks about us picking up a cross and following Him and points out that all who would live godly will suffer persecution. American law defines those suffering persecution as victims. By definition, we are victims. We are victims of cruel, hateful, malicious crimes against us and humanity. We are victims of unjust, grave miscarriages of justice. We are victims of our country turning on us and our homeland not standing with us to stop these horrible atrocities. We are not silent or defeated victims though. We are exposing our abusers. Our faith is sustaining us, helping us to grow stronger, and allowing us to walk in victory despite the formidable attacks against us. We are breathing all the life we have toward the dying bedside of our once beloved nation.

To all, we are keeping the faith and proclaiming the truth. We, like the widow who continued to pound on justice's door until it was finally opened, are loudly and persistently knocking on the doors of all who can, should, and are duty bound to help us. Time and the truth will appropriately tarnish the credibility of the naysayers; encourage supporters that doing right continues to be right, no matter the cost; and expose how money, votes, polls, and fear of reprisal are degrading the solidarity and preventing the preservation of our freedoms. Our update today is our faith is strong and we are still in the fight. Our family knows God has a purpose and plan in all of this. Our trust is in Him that He will work everything together for good in His due time. Justice will be served. There is no other option if a free country is to remain free.

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