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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 87

The Swamp Of Bank Despotism

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Today is Day 87. Our update is grave miscarriages of justice are continuing to occur.

A trash receptacle was hauled from our Idaho Ranch Tuesday night. Empty promises to return calls from Altisource yesterday morning were broken like all the others we have received from Altisource for the last 87 days. We have no updates on what has happened to our possessions hauled away by Simmons Sanitation of Kamiah, Idaho on Tuesday. Clearwater County has refused to take any responsibility for incompetently involving the county in a civil matter outside of lawful and moral authority. If Sheriff Chris Goetz had not feared reprisal more than duty, and had he refused to empower big banks to abuse us, when he knew disputes existed that we were trying to lawfully address, PHH and Chase could not have physically dispossessed us and destroyed many of our personal belongings. He, like all the other Idaho public officials, are now hiding behind evil cloaks of injustice claiming they are jurisdictionally barred from stopping terrorism on our homeland. None…Governor Brad Little, his office, Idaho Senators Risch and Crapo, Idaho Representatives Fulcher and Simpson, the Department of Finance, Clearwater County Commissioners, and the list goes on… are doing anything to reinstate the status quo or offer appropriate restitution or any restitution whatsoever. They are standing by as armed bank guards pillage, destroy, and burn our personal treasures and property rather than let us have it back. We wonder how they would all feel if what is happening to us happened to them. The greater question for you is, if these public officials are willing to just follow orders and do this to us, will they just follow orders and do it to you next? As the saying goes, history repeats itself. All this abuse continues to happen to us because Clearwater County wrongfully ignored and refused to consider evidence that prove PHH and JPMorgan Chase have committed fraud on the court and colluded to wrongfully foreclose on our ranch. Incompetent bench officiating rendered what should have been a full and fair contest of the facts a shutout against freedom and justice. One must ask, why? We are hoping the Feds will be here soon to do just that. Time and the truth…

Our family has sent President Trump more letters asking for his help. If you, or anyone you know, has direct access to President Trump or Vice-President Pence, please tell them we need their help. Because of the harsh deadlines we are facing with the pending sale of our Montana home, we are posting our letters to President Trump on this site to help bypass time loss necessarily created with any security screenings. Wells Fargo and HSBC are stealing our Montana home and auctioning off our rights to property ownership on February 12, 2020. This wrongful foreclosure sale consummates and firmly establishes the police powers of America can be used to persecute Christians for their faith. It also codifies in the Lewis & Clark county records that rogue judicial tyrants can corruptly issue illegal orders that do not uphold the Constitution. Further, it tragically and irrefutably confirms public officials will just follow orders and ignore their sworn duties and inherited obligations as public servants and citizens of the United States of America if big banks demand it. Will February 12, 2020, be the day freedom dies in America? It may prove to be the day our family quits believing it lives.

Help Stop The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family Wrongful Foreclosure Sale Day from occurring on February 12, 2020, in Helena, Montana. Demand internationally funded foreclosure terrorists return our personal property and stop their attack on our family in Idaho. Pray, make calls, send letters, and spread awareness. We need a colonial tea party in Montana and Idaho. If we the people do not want to get permanently stuck and hopelessly quagmired in the ever-growing swamp of bank despotism, we must demand these corruption bags walk the truth planks and throw their authority overboard to protect our homeland. It happened to us. It happened to others. It can happen to you.

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