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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 88

The Tyrants Are Coming

Friday, February 7, 2020

Today is Day 88. Have you watched our calls for help videos? Have you our reviewed Idaho ranch invasion pages or seen the theft, vandalism, and acts of terrorism committed against us? Are you one of the public officials we have asked for help, a prayer warrior standing with us on your knees, or a patriot unsure how you can help? Share our story and help us spread awareness of what is happening. We need America to tell the big bank terrorists enough is enough.

What is happening to us?
With no warning, no notice, and no lawful right or justifiable cause, excessive police forces invaded our lives; revoked our Constitutional rights; forcibly dispossessed us from our Idaho Ministry Ranch; and willfully, intentionally, and maliciously destroyed our family treasures. Now they have scheduled the public auction of our Montana home on February 12, 2020. Regulatory authorities and law enforcement refused to help when the big banks first started refusing our payments. They ignored felonious and forged documents filed in county records, and allowed judicial tyranny and rogue judges to render unconstitutional judgments in vindictive, vengeful litigation. Black robers have acted as triers of fact to deny us a trial by jury or any resemblance of full, fair, or equal due process and access to justice. All have refused to enforce and prosecute violations, laws and regulations. All have criminally concealed our evidence of no default, fraud, racketeering, forgery, criminal collusion, systemic corruption, contradictory claims, and enslaving crony capitalism. Despite our pleas, they have, and are, consummating unlawful sales of property that belongs only to us. Foreclosure terrorists have changed the lawful status quo by hiring police forces to just follow their orders and seize our personal and private property, even though the validity and authenticity of their ownership has not been lawfully or firmly established.

We are being persecuted for our faith. This is a well-funded assault against an innocent Christian family and an aggressive, greedy land grab by some very dangerous international operatives. The big banks and public officials have colluded to conceal grave miscarriages of justice, and sway and control public opinion, to escape severe, significant, and substantial liability. Our only alleged crime remains we love and give to others, are spreading worldviews and principled lifestyles that afford freedom and justice for all, and are lawfully and rightfully fighting back against judicial tyranny and bank despotism.

Unwarranted assaults and targeted character assassinations have been led and facilitated by those who should know better. Anti-government political activists, self-branded as American patriots with thousands who will mobilize at their beckon call, have publicly slandered and defamed our innocent, hard-working, pro-USA family. We made our payments. We meticulously abided by all laws and have honorably worked within the American judicial system to save our property ownership. Our claims have been comprehensively substantiated by truth, facts, and evidence. We were rightfully on our lawfully owned property on November 12th.  We are the only lawful and rightful owners of our property.

Congressman, government watchdogs, and regulatory agencies have refused to help our made in America family out of criminal complacency, fear of reprisal from the big banks, and most recently, due to widely publicized false propaganda that we solicited help from one particularly disfavored and controversial anti-government political activist. This same self-proclaimed political activist ignored Constitutional rights to due process and trial by jury to publicly justify foreclosure fraud and claim mortgage terrorism against us was warranted. This was after he had prodded and unsuccessfully tried to tempt and shame our freshly traumatized family into violating our consciences and convictions and follow him into a Nevada or Oregon style conflict, when our battle is not with America or the federal government, only corrupt national banking terrorists.

Are social media publicity campaigns, at the expense of innocent victims, the new trial by jury in America?

Are reckless mobs of self-proclaimed mortgage experts and self-summoned jurors helping empower judicial tyranny by cyber assaults out of ignorance, incompetence or maliciousness?

Is this what freedom, liberty and justice for all are all about?

Is this what innocent until proven guilty now looks like?

Is this what happens when a good family chooses to walk the highest roads of honesty and integrity to seek relief in our system?

Is this how easy it was in Nazi Germany to convince blind followers to just follow orders and turn on their own fellow citizens?

Is this what America and the land of fair play has been reduced to?

Sorry, we know many of you are very excited about all that is happening in America currently, and we would like to be too. But…it is not feeling that GREAT or like a land of opportunity to our family right now. Would it to you?

Idaho Ranch Invasion
Idaho Theft, Vandalism, Acts of Mortgage Terrorism

We have travelled from coast to coast proclaiming, The tyrants are coming. The tyrants are coming. They are at our Idaho ministry ranch destroying and burning our personal property with Idaho granted impunity right now. Montana is planning to auction off any value, personal worth, and significance left of our American citizenships on February 12, 2020. We have called for help. What more can we do?

It happened to us. It has happened to others. It may very soon happen to you.

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