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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 91

We never know what a day may bring forth.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Today is Day 91.

We have a praise report. Simmons Sanitation allowed our family access to the trash receptacle they picked up last Tuesday around 9 a.m. this morning. We were able to salvage a few of our personal belongings – a few bookshelves, wardrobe, ladder, a few other items. A lot was not salvageable, but we are thankful for what was. We are grateful the Simmons Team gave us the chance to go through the container before they destroyed the rest of it. We very much appreciate this act of kindness. We are also thankful for our precious friends and neighbors who are standing with us. It takes a special kind of person to stand with you in the hard times, even to go dumpster diving when needed. We hope you know we love you and you are precious treasures to us. Thank you for being here.

The Executive Offices of JPMorgan Chase have reached out to us. We have not been able to connect with them yet, but we are optimistically praying they are calling to apologize, accept responsibility for their actions, and offer a good faith attempt at restitution to right their wrongs. We will let you know what happens when we hear from them…

Okay, Prayer Warriors, pray!!!! We are filing several motions and moving for a stay of execution to stop the Wednesday sale. New and compelling evidence prove Wells Fargo and HSBC have committed deceit and fraud on the court. If these motions are granted, the sale on Wednesday can be stopped and we may finally get equal access to justice. If any legal experts out there are willing to review these documents and provide some input, we welcome the help. We are extremely hopeful, cautiously optimistic, and desperately clinging to the glimmering possibility that our judicial system may yet work in the end. It could happen…

To all the government officials, firms, and agencies we have reached out to for help. Two days from now, more grave miscarriages of justice are scheduled to happen on the courthouse steps in Helena, Montana. To do nothing is to do something. Claiming no jurisdiction, citing separation of powers, trying to pass the hot potato on to keep from being caught holding, and just following orders are acts that have allowed other great countries to fall. Daily we hear reports about America being the greatest she has ever been. Is she greater? Or, is she just growing bigger and richer so she can fall harder and more painfully? How can any free man or woman consider allowing an innocent family to be lost in corruption cracks, crushed under regulatory failure, and hurt by criminal complacency, to be great, good or the honorable acts of a free America?

We prayed today, as we do every day, for God to bless America and for leaders to be willing to stand in the gap to preserve freedom and justice in America. We pray He will begin this work in you.

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