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It Happened To Us
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We Are Fighting Back - Day 98

How Would You Celebrate President's Day As A "Homeless" American?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Today is Day 98. Today our family wishes President Trump a Happy President's Day. We realize he is not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan, or one of his other 44 predecessors. Rather, by fate, providential circumstance, or a God-granted miracle, he is President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. This day that is set aside to remember George Washington and his accomplishments and gifts to our country is a day that should inspire all presidents and leaders across the world to reach for greatness and monumental leadership success. We are thankful for all President Trump has accomplished for America and pray daily he will put America first as he uses the power vested in him by the people to do good, love mercy, and walk humbly. May God bless America through the Trump Administration and bless he and his family for their sacrifices, efforts, and service to our country.

Not a Trump fan? That is okay. Actually, in America, it is more than okay. Freedom grants Americans the right to agree, disagree, and agree to disagree. Nonetheless, whether you are a Trump supporter or not, we encourage you to pause today to be thankful, and grateful, for the good things President Trump has done for our country. As the Arizona migrant Cesar Chavez once pointed out, Kindness and compassion toward all living things is the mark of a civilized society. An outsider, or insider, observing daily politics in America, or reading social media posts about daily life in America, would be forced on many days to intellectually and factually question whether America has redefined the word civilized. Can you imagine how much more could be accomplished if all sides would learn to be thankful for the little things and remember that one of the proofs of a civilized society is that all who live there are treated fairly? Yes, this includes political adversaries. We challenge you to be thankful today for the good things President Trump has accomplished. We exhort you to be mature enough to express your gratitude for the positive promises he has fulfilled that are working for our country…whether they align with your personal preferences and agendas or not. Can we on this one day pause as a country to say thank you to our current President for making a difference? Then, demonstrate your patriotism by finding solutions for the things you do not think are working so America can do even greater things tomorrow.

According to all the statistics, America is doing incredible under our current administration. Growth (GDP) is up by a few percentage points and sustaining its increases. The trade deficit is down a few billion dollars and decreasing. The economy has categorically grown a few percent and is on an uphill swing. More Americans are working and helping build a greater America than ever before. Stronger trade relationships are being forged. Promises of more are coming. America is even reaching to outer space to strengthen our position, resolve, and influence. All of these statistics represent incredible improvements in quality of life, standard of living, and portals of opportunity for the American citizen, consumer, and investor. It translates to an A+ in finances for the American economy. Even career cynics are facing insurmountable struggles in falsely purporting negative findings about the USA's accomplishments under President Trump. We are thankful for what President Trump has done for the economy. Much good. Much improvement. Much relief. Thank you, Sir.

Sadly, our current situation demands we ask a reality question. What good is all the money and economic success if the banks can come and take it away from us at will? From sea to shining sea, we have been told by government officials and citizens alike, If the banks want it, they get it. Worse yet, this is what we are experiencing. So, if public officials will not stand up to the banks to enforce laws and regulations in place to protect and preserve our families from banking tyranny and our homeland from foreclosure terrorism, are we any better off with a more thriving economy? If citizens are silently compliant out of fear of reprisal, is there anyone who can help us stop their unwarranted attacks? Scary thoughts? Our lifetimes of hard work, good investments, property value development, and financial portfolio are being unjustly and unfairly stolen. Our Idaho ministry ranch has been violently seized along with our personal belongings and treasured possessions. Our Montana home has been sold without cause or any lawful right. The judiciary is granting big banks an amazing windfall while the other branches are standing idly by doing nothing to stop it. Public officials with authority, who have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution, and act on the will of the people, are failing to stand up and do the right thing. This effectually renders all protection and preservation powers procedurally powerless. America, the unilateral success of a democratic republic is determined by how those elected to handle government affairs act on the will of the people. Acute regulatory failure, procedural manipulation, systemic corruption, and crony capitalism defy the role of government and surrender democracy to a bought and paid for system not unlike socialism, communism, or any other political system that seeks to overthrow the benefits of free enterprise. What has happened to us should not happen in a civilized society and could not happen in a free country.

We need help and need it now. Will you reach out to President Trump on our behalf and ask him to help? Will you help spread our story of what is happening to us across America? We are still waiting on a hillside in Idaho for justice to give back what lawfully and rightfully belongs to us and trying to stop judicial tyranny and religious persecution in Montana from stealing our home. Will you help? Get involved.

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