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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 99

Foreclosure Crimes Put Us On A Hillside

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Today is Day 99. Foreclosure does not go away. Wrongful foreclosure impacts past, present, and future generations. Foreclosure crimes void, annul, and revoke the value, significance, and worth of property ownership guaranteed to American citizens. Someone must stand up against this attack on our homeland. Our family is trying. To this end, members of our family have maintained a 24x7 prayer and watchman vigil on the hillside above our Idaho Ranch for the last 99 days at great personal cost and sacrifice. Our faith and personal resolves are strong and helping us endure extreme miscarriages of justice and unwarranted persecution. We are ready for some help from our fellow Americans, but are unwavering in our stand for religious freedom, property rights, and Constitutional due process. Hopefully, our persistence firmly establishes to all that we did not abandon our Idaho Ranch or our personal belongings in the unlawful, unAmerican, and unConstitutional raid and seizure of our Idaho Ministry Ranch on November 12, 2019. Pets, agricultural interests, personal belongings, treasured heirlooms, and our rights to safety and security in our homeland continue to suffer harm, damage, and injury daily. We are simultaneously continuing the fight to reverse the horrifically unlawful sale of our Montana home and ranch.

Who will help us stop these hate crimes against our family and financial portfolio? The truths of these matters are, and have always been, clear. We committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify this attack. Our ranches are being judicially, maliciously, and unlawfully seized in a racketeered scheme to dispossess us of our entire financial portfolio. We are being persecuted for our faith and punished for disfavored worldviews. Our personal and private property is being stolen, burned, and destroyed in violation of law, regulatory guidelines, rules of civil procedure, statutory codes, Constitutional guarantees, and all alleged contractual agreements. Legitimate compliance audits, regulatory oversight, and judicial review could have stopped all of this. We fought back according to the law and within our system of government, but we have been viciously abused and procedurally denied all protections and advocacy afforded under the law. Local, state, and federal officials know grave miscarriages of justice and criminal wrongdoing have been silenced and ignored. Those who are supposed to answer our calls for help are failing to act out of fear of reprisal and pressures arising from financially-manipulated crony capitalism. Please pray for all who have caused, allowed, or helped concealed what has happened to us to be exposed for their involvement. What has happened in wrong and all involved need to be held accountable for participating in and not stopping this attack. Public officials refusing to publicly decry what has happened to us is complicitous in nature, fact, and reality.

What can you do to help? Please remember the Nickersons when you choose who the guards of liberty and justice for all should be in your communities and state. We have been attacked and sacrificed much for our country so that freedom and justice could remain for all. Please do not let our sacrifices and losses be in vain. Today, it happened to us. Tomorrow, it could happen to you. What will you do when you find ourself on a hillside above you homeland?

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