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The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.

Mortgage Robbers, all eyes are on you. NO MORE EXCUSES...DO THE RIGHT THING.

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Dear Friends, Family and Fearless Americans,

We have fought a long battle to save our Idaho Ranch and are now fighting to save our Montana home and everything we own. The spiral of destruction has touched virtually every area of our life. Banksters are maliciously, relentlessly and intentionally stealing our properties and the equity we have built up in them. Our family has fought valiantly, but this battle is too big to fight alone. We believe our best earthly defense is to put so many eyes on the mortgage robbers that they have to do the right thing, for us, for you and for all other American homeowners. Thus, the creation of It Happened To Us.

Please sign our guest book and let us know you are supporting us as we fight all the way for our home and ministry ranch. We read every comment personally and appreciate all the words of support we have received. You can read posted comments by clicking here. If you would like to share a message with us, but do not want your comments posted online, feel free to click the privacy box below and we will keep your comments private.

Thank you for your show of support during this fight. We are grateful.
Because it could happen to you,
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family