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Thank you for being here and standing with us in our fight to save our homeland.
Thank you for visiting our site. If you have not done so already, please sign our guest book and let us know you are watching, praying, and sharing our story. Feel free to make a comment and help us share our story.

Our family has been so touched by the outpouring of prayers, support, and encouragement we have received from around the world. Thank you. It helps to know others are standing with us in this battle. Every message is being read and heard by our family. Though we may not be able to personally respond to every email at this time due to our large volume of contacts, we want to thank you for caring and for your help in spreading the word. Together, we can stop mortgage terrorism and fight back against corruption. If you are a person of faith, please pray God will be glorified in all this. We believe this battle can be won through faith and prayer. The world is watching...pray and stand!

*Some comments are private and are not being shared publicly. We appreciate all your comments and thank each of you for taking the time to write us.

**Many of you are sharing incredible strategies to help us fight and win this battle. Since the battle is not over yet, we are trying not to disclose all our defense strategies online, but are reading and using your counsel in this battle. We greatly appreciate your help in this fight. Please keep sending us your ideas, cases, and articles. Thanks.

***To those of you who are sharing your stories of what has happened to you. We are sorry for your pain and loss. Thank you for standing with us. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are fighting this battle for you too!

John from Montana
Same Story, different players except Erica Peterman. HSBC, HFC II, HFC III, LSF8 US Bank NA, First American. Home paid off in Bankruptcy 2012,. Free and Clear, Closed Caliber and LSF8 allege they own note. Note has been forged four times. Sued them. got defaults for 4.6 mill. continued 3 foreclosure. filed BK for third time to stop, conducted secret sale 8-2016. violated bk stay. state ignores, supreme court banned me from every appearing in court again, now in US Supreme Court with Writ and on appeal at 9th circuit en banc. Sheriff just delivered 30 day notice to vacate. Preparing RICO suit.
Response: Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story John. We are proud of you for fighting back. Stay in the fight!

Robb from Montana
Comments: - - Private
Response: Glad you saw our van at Pizza Ranch and reached out. You are very right. Back in the 90s, lending practices and foreclosures were a much more regulated process. We are not sure exactly what changed, or why, but wrongful foreclosures are being pushed through by acute regulatory failure, judicial tyranny, and fear whoremongering. If the bank wants the property, it is just handed over or seized. The laws and regulations in place to provide oversight and save our homeland are being ignored and not enforced. Our Montana Ranch is being foreclosed without the bank ever signing the complaint, providing any affidavit or sworn testimony, or verifying any evidence to show ownership or failure to make payments.

Candi from Montana
Comments: - - Private
Response: Hang in there, Candi. We are praying for you and fighting alongside you.

Larry from Montana
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Larry. We are seeking answers to the questions you raised as well. We will try to answer them as best we can on a FAQ page soon.

Donna from Montana
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for the prayers, we need them.

Dennis and Constance from Montana
We have little monetarily to give....
Response: Dear Freedom Fighters, we are grateful for your desire to get involved. This is not, and has never been, a money issue. Right now, our greatest needs are for prayer and for help spreading awareness of what is happening to us. Please keep standing with us in faith and prayer and sharing our story. We are thankful to have you standing with us.

Keith from Montana
I excited to join the fight to expose and take down the corruption that plagues Montana!!  Its everywhere!  I know there are many more waking up to the corruption that threatens our lives, our families, our homes, and our way of life! Alone, we cannot win, but together, we can!! Please contact me by my email soon!  Happy Thanksgiving to your poor family.
Response: Thank you Keith! We are praying for your battle as well.

Jeanette from Montana
What a terrible nightmare! Thanks for sharing your story - it is courageous and needs to be told. BTW - I believe that "turning the other cheek" means you don't back down from a bully. You stand your ground committed to truth and kindness and refuse to be intimidated by evil. You all will be in my prayers!
Response: Jeanette, thank you for standing with us in prayer. Turning the other cheek has found new meaning for us as we have walked through the injustice system. We understand where you are coming from. Keep us in your prayers. We will not bow or bend. We are committed to fighting all the way. Please help us fight and win by sharing our story with other prayer warriors. Thanks.

Jim & Pat from Montana
The Nickerson Family is genuine. The Bible is the ultimate Law Book they stand on, while they navigate the law of our land. Laws designed to protect have been altered by evil politicians, lawyers, and bankers, to enrich their coffers, defraud their clients, and to coverup the very greed that drives them. Pray! There is power in prayer because there is Power in the One who hears! Don't be silent!
Response: Jim and Pat, thank you for your precious and faithful prayers. We covet every one of them. God will render the final verdict. Never doubt the power of prayer!!

MaryAnna from Montana
Praying for you guys! Loved meeting you!
Response: Thank you for the prayers! We look forward to singing with you again sometime. We are praying for safety and God's blessings for you while you are on tour.

Donita from Idaho
Good for you, keep up the fight, stand your ground. It is time we stop these banks and mortgage companies. I know some people will not believe that this story you are telling is true. I know it is true, I have had it happen to me, several times. Oh, the stories I could tell you, but too much to type. If you run into Elizabeth Warren in Washington DC, tell her it is happening all over again. Ms. Warren helped us with the housing crisis back a few years ago and if any of those Congress people will help. I know Ms. Warren will. Sorry you are going through this nightmare and for so many years. It drains your brain and makes you crazy, I know. Do you have a good lawyer now? I hope you have,I need one. I haven't found one either. Thank-you
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Donita. Elizabeth Warren has our story, and she has been a champion against wrongful foreclosures. Our family stopped by her office when we visited the offices of all 535 United States Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C. She has not jumped in to help us yet, but please feel free to reach out to her to see if you can encourage her to get involved. We need all the help we can get. We have not found a lawyer who is willing and capable of standing up to the big banks. We are fighting for our freedoms in faith and prayer, and trusting others will join the fight when the time is right.

Patricia from Idaho
I went from loving my home to becoming homicidal. Much the same story. I could not conceive that I could lose my property when I did nothing but be responsible in applying for a loan modification as directed by Mortgage co. And idaho dept of finance. My home state would not protect me against SPS, a known predatory servicer but still allowed to service government loans. My home state made me indigent and Un able to hire an attorney. Even though I was the victim and idahow legal aid would not help in forclosure cases. My home town judicial system continually ruled against me by allowing me me to be sued and illegally forclosed on by a mortgage company that stated they did not own my mortgage the last 3years and I was current when secretly sold off. My home county sheriff dept came to escort me and my livestock off my property. My home state had no program or shelter for me and my livestock forcing me to give away and abandon everything I owned and worked for in the 47 years as a tax paying resident of Idaho. My county and state told me I needed to leave the area to get any help for shelter. I was forced to live in my car, homeless,in the state of Washington. There I was deemed a dire needs case and finally after idaho refusing my disability case for 8 years. I was awarded disability without even testifing, just on my medical records alone. I started my battle with belief in God, the law and government protecting their citizens from such victimization. My home was homicidal - it killed me!
Response: Thank you for sharing your story, Patricia. Part of standing up and fighting back is letting others know it has happened to you. We are sorry for everything you went through. No one should ever lose their home to wrongful foreclosure, especially one they love. It sounds like things might be working out better for you in Washington. We pray you will find some peace, our laws and government will once again be all of our protectors and defenders, and that fighting this battle will give you a greater faith and belief in God than you have ever known before. He is faithful. Hang in there and keep standing against injustice and fighting for freedom. It is always darkest just before the dawn...

Teri from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: We are so sorry to hear about what has happened to you and your family. Thank you for sharing. We do not have a lot of advice other than hang in there and keep fighting. A lot is happening in our world right now, but we will reach out as soon as we can to see if there is any way we can help encourage you. Hopefully our story of how we are fighting back can give you some ideas. There are lots of articles of what has happened to others and how they are fighting back on our In The News pages. Just click on In The News on the menu bar at the top of each page to access them. Your local law library or the law section of your library should have some good self-representation materials available. Hopefully some freedom loving attorneys will decide to take on foreclosure terrorism at some point. The most important thing is keep telling the truth, fight back for the right reasons, and know you are not alone. It happened to us and is happening to others. Helping spread awareness so we can get relief is arguably one of the best things any of us can do.

Joe from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you so much Joe. It is people like you that keep us going! Feel free to reach out any time with questions.

Jerry from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for the lead, Jerry. We will reach out with any questions.

Casey from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your interest Casey. We are posting daily updates on our website in lieu of interviews at this time. We appreciate any help you can provide in spreading awareness of what is happening to us.

Jae from Idaho
My heart goes out to you & yours ... we've been thru similar experience - it took seven years of attorney & court battles going back & forth but finally won at long last. Thankfully we did not go thru banking system but a private buyer who did basically the same thing. Came close to loosing it all thankfully God had mercy upon a 70+ year old geezer (that's MRS. geezette thank you very much). anyway we did win our court battle. our continued prayers for your family - hang in there Psalms 23.
Response: It is always encouraging to hear about a win! Great job fighting back, Mrs. Geezette. Please keep sharing your story and ours. Exposing their corruption, collusion, and terrorism is the best way to stop them. We are grateful God spared your home. Please keep us in your prayers.

Marjorie from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Marjorie. We will forward our story on to them.

Darlene from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for standing with us in prayer. We appreciate it more than you know.

Judith from Idaho
Please post all my comments to the Nickerson family...I am victim of many wrongful police actions and have been robbed and degraded for reporting crimes against the community and me and my family. HELP! The title Company is a monopoly run by Sheriff's wife, our PA works there and the Sheriff holds his sales on the front steps. They are lawbreakers who operate arbitrarily as they please if you have no voice. half million in fines already for the crimes against us, and they are facing worse if I am allowed to have Constitutional rights! They have to silence me but I will try [to] get them voted out and in the spotlight at last....especially Judges like Griffin and Robinson, both retired after causing such loss and injustice.....both got away without prosecution for their part in the FRAUD UPON THE COURT! These bad Judges and the rouge MONOPOLY Clearwater County Land title company need investigation but that won't happen in Idaho. They all oversee themselves! Free to take what they or their friends want. They cover up crime instead of being crime fighters! VOTE THE BUMS OUT! They allow citizens to be poisoned in secret cover ups of pollution laws and saving their buddy the federal fines....well the citizens will pay for the cleanup in health and money and fines. Thank you Sheriff and Prosecutor for that. They make the county insurance [foot] the bills!
Response: Thank you for sharing your story, Judith. We are fighting for freedom and justice for all. This includes you and anyone else who has been denied equal access to justice. Keep the faith and keep fighting.

The Smiths from Idaho
Praying and hoping to help.
Response: Thank you for reaching out and being willing to get involved.

William from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for being a God fearing man, William. We need all the prayers we can get.

Pamala from Idaho
Praying for us all...I sure hope it is okay to share your story.
Response: Thank you for the prayers, Pamala! Absolutely!! Share it with the world. We need to expose what is happening.

Daniel from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for the ideas on who to reach out to, Daniel. We will reach out and see what happens. Please keep sharing our story and reaching out to anyone you think can help..

Chad from Idaho - - Please contact the forgoing.
Response: Thank you for the link. We are forwarding our story on to them.

Ron from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Yes, Ron. We made our payments. We were on time and current with Chase in January. PHH took over the servicing of our loan in February. They immediately claimed a fabricated default, refused to accept any further payments from us, and started foreclosure. Not only did we try to force them to take our payments, but we even tried to pay them through third parties, government agencies, and by satisfying the loan. They refused all payments and would not work with us in any way to find a resolution that allowed us to keep our home. Just so you know, our payment attempts from February on are not in question as PHH has admitted they took over the servicing of our loan and never allowed us to make payments. Legally, this is called prevention of performance and money refused excuses the debtor. This is not a money issue and is not a normal foreclosure. We made a video that shows how we made every payment we were allowed to make and proves we did not default. It is called, We Did Not Default. You can access it from the IHTU Videos link at the top of this page. Hopefully this answers your questions and clarifies some of the details for you.

Dwight from Idaho
The Fatherless by any other name gather to themselves only to lose all. God bless the poor Banksters with a chastening love, by allowing them to reap from their counterfeit monetary systems only enough counterfeit security to apprehend the misery of a loveless, selfish, exploitative, ultimately eternal separation from the genuinely happy circle of beneficence that flows from God and back again through the selfless citizens of the kingdom of God. Perhaps then, when hated by the world they will turn back before their characters become fixed in wretchedness and even their nothing is taken away.
Response: Amen! Thank you for sharing, Dwight.

Cyril from Idaho
Our experience with Wells Fargo has not been encouraging.  I came as an experienced physician, (18 years), to Ceres, California in 1979, joining the only and well known doctor-group in the town. I could not get Wells Fargo to give me a banking account!  Go figure!  (Obviously, they couldn't evaluate.)
Response: Cyril, we have heard so many stories like yours. We are sorry for how you were treated. By the way, thank you for encouraging us to tell more of our story. We appreciate your input. Please watch our blog and website in the coming days and weeks and let us know how we do.

Miles from Idaho
The term "Eternal Vigilance" is not gone, but has been well hidden and described as unnecessary by our captors....
Response: Good point, Miles! Thank you for the wakeup call. Eternal has no beginning or end. Vigilance requires us to intentionally and diligently keep watch. Men who have lived, fought, served and died have said eternal vigilance is the price of peace, freedom, and liberty. May God grant Americans today the grace to protect our peace, freedom and liberties with eternal vigilance. Thank you for your support.

Jeannie from Idaho
I am standing with you on my knees.
Response: We have fought and won many battles down on our knees. We rest in knowing the Judge upstairs is the the One Who will render the final verdict. Thank you for being here and standing with us.

Carol from Idaho
Thank you all for your commitment and brave stand in the face of the battle being waged against you. It seems to me the Lord has chosen you to become part of this fight because He knows you can be entrusted and that you have all the qualifications necessary not only to wage a valiant fight to win your case, but going far beyond that, to become a source of inspiration and help to thousands of fellow victims of the mortgage scam suffering right along with you across America. Congratulations on your excellent, very attractive music video. It surely speaks well of your family and for your cause. Immediately upon reading your story and watching the video, I forwarded your message to my entire e-list. I believe that you have heard back from a number of these good people. We all appreciate your efforts and pray you good success.
Response: Thank you for your words of encouragement, your confidence we can win this fight, and for the inspiration to make a difference for others in the midst of this battle. We are glad you enjoyed the video. The whole family got involved and helped create it. You have to watch it more than once to catch all the points everyone wanted to make, but it felt really good to tell our story. We appreciate all you have done and are doing. Thanks.

Don and Kim from Idaho
I truly cannot believe that this could happen in our great country. It is a sad day when so called legal law abiding institutions like our banks can get away with what is just an old fashioned land grab!!! This is theft and in this country it is illegal!! Those involved should do time in prison. It is about time that the people wake up and take back America. I have read that the only way that bad people will prosper is if GOOD PEOPLE do nothing. It is about time that we get our heads out of the sand and DO something! This won't end with just a few families. The more that the banks get away with, the more they will try to take. Where did they get their money and power from in the first place? From you and me, the working people that made this country what it is!! Well I for one think that it is time to take it back. We will be praying for your family and your ministry and we will pass your story on to as many as we can!!  Hang in their and keep your heads up. That way your eye's will be on the Lord above and he will deal with those below!
Response: Don and Kim, we did not believe it could happen in America either, until it happened to us. Fighting the battles in Idaho has forced us to see that injustice not only can but is happening all across this country. You are right. It is time for all of us to do something. We pray good people will say no more and stand to fight all the way for our homes and for justice. Thank you for your prayers and for being here for us. Thank you also for the reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus. It reminds us of the hymn, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace." We are resting in knowing He is still on His Throne.


Nathan from Idaho
Corporations should strive to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity; it seems that in this case both principles were violated. Because of this failure on the part of the mortgage companies, decisive judicial action should be taken. We need corporations guided by integrity and honesty, otherwise we'll have power hungry monsters looking to make easy money.
Response: Good thoughts, Nathan. We pray God will raise up men and women with integrity and honesty to lead our country out of this crisis. We each need to do our part. For how will the power hungry monsters be caught and caged unless we all stand up and hold them accountable? May God be with us all.


Byron from Idaho
Yes, my experience with Wells Fargo has been disappointing as well. The more I think about your story the more indignant I become. The banksters are certainly not 'for us' are they?  It's hard to believe this could happen in America. America is not what it use to be. I am praying for you that God will bring you through this trial of injustice. The more people know about what the banks and mortgage companies are doing, the better for all of us.
Response: Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us, Byron. Long ago Thomas Jefferson warned us this day might come. He said, If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. Look at the statistics. In 2011, 1 in 9 homes were in foreclosure in Las Vegas, Nevada. 1 in 21 homes were in foreclosure in Boise, Idaho. How many are homeless on the continent our fathers conquered today? Jefferson also warned of such a day as this. He said, I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Is this domestic terrorism? Think about it.

A side note from the music video...
They said, Today we will steal all that you own...Today we will steal all you own...They said, Today we will steal all you own...We will fight all the way for our home, for our home...Help us fight all the way for our home. May God be with you, America. May you stand and fight for your homes. Thank you for your prayers. You are and will remain in ours.

Lorene from Idaho
We're praying for you guys. You are in our hearts as you go through this gigantic battle for the right, not only for yourselves, but for all the other people that have been affected by foreclosures and injustices.
Response: Thank you for the prayers and for getting involved. This nationwide land grab is wrong and it needs to stop. In a free society, injustice for one is injustice for all. Theodore Roosevelt said, "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing." Thank you for deciding to the join the fight and do something.


Steve and Julie from Idaho
Wow, your story sounds unbelievable! But having been through situations where companies conspired against us for the sake of short-term profit, we can totally believe and understand some of what you've been through. We continue to hear more and more accounts of people who were run over by the big banks. Hard working folks who don't deserve to be treated like this. The most troublesome thing is that these same banks are to blame for the housing and mortgage crisis because of their loose credit policies, but once they got into a bind they expected the American public to bail them out and in the process they also unjustly targeted hard-working people like yourselves to try to make a few extra bucks. All the while these same bank execs were continuing to get their big fat salaries and bonuses. It's a sad era for America.
Response: Steve and Julie, thank you for signing our guest book and showing your support. We agree. This is a sad era for America. The pervasive question that torments homeowners - is it almost over, or is this only the beginning? If America does not stop the abuse, the latter will prove true. "America, America, God shed His Grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea."


Jess from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thanks for signing our Guest Book. Keep watching, praying and sharing our story.


John from Idaho
Comments: - - Private
Response: John, we are praying for you.


Cutter from Idaho
Don't give up, keep fighting.
Response: Thank you for the encouragement, Cutter. We will keep fighting...

Robert from Arizona
Hello, I hope you and your family are doing well. I stumbled upon your site searching for information on Carla M Naughton, I'm dealing with Wells Fargo trying to foreclose right now and have a lawsuit pending here in Arizona. I also have Carla M. Naughton's signature robosigned or forged all over my mortgage paperwork as well and was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions since you've gone through the same thing. I realize you probably have a lot of people reaching out since Wells Fargo seems to have done this to so many families so if you aren't able to reply I completely understand but we are hoping if possible you may have some advice or insight that could help us. Thank you kindly,,,
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Robert. Carla Naughton signed our paperwork as Vice President Loan Documentation. Our research on postings she made indicated she worked in Client Relations at Wells Fargo. All evidence we found implicates her as a robosigner. Keep doing all the research you can and do not give up the fight. Together, we can all make a difference.

Larry and Eileen from Arizona
Banks have rules and regulations they have to follow and when they don’t there should be consequences. God is still on the throne. To God be ALL Glory.
Response: Their consequences will His Time. Keep praying. Through our God we shall do valiantly. It is He Who will tread down our enemy. We'll sing and shout the victory. Christ is King.

Paul from Arizona
Hope this helps your situation!
Response: Paul, we need people watching and we need the mortgage companies to know they are watching. Every eye helps. Thanks for signing the guest book. Please pass our story along.

Dean from Arkansas
I love your approach Brother, but don't hesitate to take off the gloves and fight like a wildcat...You have a lovely family, you serve the King of Kings; don't bow down to your King's number one Enemy. Your Father in Heaven is counting on you, don't disappoint him. Be a Daniel in the truest sense of his name. Thousands are praying for you.
Response: Dean, thank you for all your counsel, words of warning, encouragement and the legal information. We have requested our attorney do as you suggested. We grabbed a few excerpts from your letter to share here. Hope we got your heart in what we grabbed. It sounds like you have fought battles with injustice and really understand the pain and frustration of victims. You are a good messenger. Please continue to pray for us to be Daniel's and to be counted faithful. It is our heart to fight this right. Thanks for being here. Hope to meet you One Day.

Lana from California
We The People are praying for you - even out here in California!
Response: Thank you, Lana!

George and Janice from California
Hi....I support all you are doing as my husband and I had our 80 acre ranch of 14 years stolen from us, on Dec. 21, 2017. We believed that this was so wrong and everything would work out. We went through this all! I called it to the attention of the SEC, AG, Treasury , the Provost Marshals , the sheriffs, The Whitehouse, No one listened, they all said they were sorry, but it wasn't their department!

Our prayers are with you! There is no update on your site and I can too well understand why. Just know that we are here with you. We stand! I am so sorry for what you are having to endure now!!!! June 13, 2018 was the date they took over our ranch, guns loaded. It has been a nightmare I can't seem to wake up from.... Stay strong we are going to take our country back we stand with you!!!!

We stand behind happened to us as well as many , we don't even know about!

Response: You are in our prayers, Champions. Thank you for sharing your story and for standing with us and for freedom. The battle continues...

Nicholas from California
Thank you so much for your wonderful video and message. We will continue to pray for your family situation. We hope that others here in America are waking up to what is happening to "We The People" before it becomes to late!!! God Bless.
Response: Thanks for your encouragement, Nicholas. We are praying with you.

Betty from California
Comments: - - Private
Response: Betty, thank you for signing our guest book. It is good to hear from you and means a lot to have you praying.

Ron from California
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for signing our guest book and showing your support. We pray God gives us the opportunity to meet and get to know you and your family better. Keep praying and please share our story with everyone you know. Thanks.

Elizabeth from Connecticut
Wells fargo and appendix cancer has shattered my family i have a few please feel free to google me , several interviews and " live videos "...after 30 years of marriage to my husband Bob, our 4 beautiful kids we lost him in 2012 [to] appendix cancer at 53 years old... Wells Fargo create the default predatory... my dying husband and I and our children that we were going to get... modification that would have split our mortgage in half...about 750 a month or two to 3% interest...this is all I have been fighting for since the Foreclosure papers were found by my youngest child on the front porch in 2013 April...I've been fighting ever since...motion for motion October 15th 2018...all parties were given notice of removal I was now officially removing my case away from Litchfield County Courts to the Supreme Court and I was accepted in to the Supreme Court for review or appeal , , page one of the notice of appeal clearly stated that all parties were to proceed no further...however on October 18th 2018 Wells Fargo cloaked as US Bank trustee and Berkshire Hathaway...only three days after notice was given...decided to illegally dumped my deed 2 co-conspirators in friends of Berkshire Hathaway Realtors...the birmingham's living in a palace in Alta Vista California...October 30th 2018 Wells Fargo AKA US Bank withdrew the entire complaint in motion and claim against my's destroyed my family for 6 years because now they had birmingham's to pick up the relay stick and now they are trying to have us EVICTED from OUR OWN home,
Thank you for sharing your story with us, Elizabeth. We are so sorry to hear what has happened to you and your family. It sounds like you have been through a lot. Please know we are fighting this battle to stop the banks from doing this not only to our family, but to families like yours. You and your children will be in our prayers tonight. Keep us posted on what happens so we know how to pray. We are asking DC to get involved in stopping this assault on our homeland. Too many have sacrificed and died securing property rights, religious freedoms, and due process for any of us to sit idly by and watch them be unlawfully seized.

President Ronald Reagan once said,
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it, and then hand it to them with the well fought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. And if you and I don't do this, then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in America when men were free.

Sobering thoughts and warning. We pray all who come behind us will find us faithful.

Dave from Delaware
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thanks for your help. We appreciate you listening, taking the time to share information with us and getting involved. Keep being a voice.

Daniel from Florida
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your prayers and for being willing to share our story and get involved, Pastor Dan. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kerrie from Florida
God bless. Forgiveness is key.
Response: Thank you, Kerrie. God bless you too.

Gary from Florida
The level of depravity and lack of morality that this country has sunk to continues to amaze me. I just spent an hour reading your story and I am sick to my stomach. I have good friends throughout Montana. It is one of my favorite places in the world and the most beautiful state in our nation. I cannot imagine the level of stress and anguish that your family has indured during this time. Makes me want to start shooting. Good luck to you and your family. This is truly sickening. What happened to my country? God bless you.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to read our story, Gary. We are sickened daily by the corruption and injustice too. We also find ourselves wondering what happened to the religious freedom, due process, and property rights penned into the Constitution and envisioned by the founders of this once great nation? We are fighting this battle because it is the right thing to do. Thank you for caring and standing with us. Together, we can make a difference. God bless you and keep you.

Tracey from Florida
I stand with you in faith and prayer. This shouldn't happen to anyone but it does and we need to stop it.
Response: You are right, Tracey. What has happened to us should not happen to anyone in a free country and we do need to stop it. Exposing the corruption and holding those responsible accountable is all we know to do. Keep praying and sharing our story. We need every person that still believes in America to get involved. Every person watching, calling, writing letters, and standing up to the corruption makes a difference. Thank you for standing with us in faith and prayer.

Melvin and Barbara from Florida
loved the story and ( yes ) it can happen to you !!
Response: Thank you. Yes, it can. It is happening everywhere.

Marvin and Carol from Florida
We know what a struggle it has been for you all. You are in our prayers. We love you ALL!
Response: Thank you for your prayers. We love you too.

Frankie from Florida
Very clever & well done!!!  We keep watching it over & over. When will the full version of this "movie" come out?  We are praying with you that this long saga will come to an end also!!!  I guess that is when the full story will be complete and we can all shout our HALLELUJAHS!!! Psalm 37:6  "He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun."
Response: Thank you. Great verse. We are all very ready for the Hallelujah chorus at this point. Keep praying!

Pat & Lamar from Florida
Comment: - - Private
Response: Keep praying. No matter what happens, the battle is the Lord's.

Barbara from Florida
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Read your story and watched the beautiful video. So very sorry for the pain and suffering you all went through. But no pain ever goes for nought. You all are only stronger for it.  All things work for the good for those who honor and serve Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If it had not been for your plight, the Lord would have never led me to your site, from my facebook. The Lord has a big, big, house for His people...
Response: Barbara, we are glad you found our site. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We look forward to being in that "big, big house" with the Lord and meeting all of you some day. We have lots of love and hugs to pass out to all our new friends. By the way, thank you for the book and blog links on the last days. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Ephesians 6:13

Jeff and Jo from Florida
...You are in our prayers and trusting the Lord with you for His Good and Perfect will to be accomplished giving Honor and Glory to His Name. I sent the link of your story to a Christian business friend who may have some helpful suggestions...We continue to uplift your family before the Lord. He is in control and His good and perfect will are being accomplished.
Response: Thank you, Jeff and Jo. Please keep sharing our story and spreading awareness of what is happening.

David from Georgia
I just heard about your story on Republic Broadcasting from mid-November. Despicable behavior from the banks that I THOUGHT only cared about the money$$. I will never do business with Wells Fargo nor with Chase, and will tell them so.
Response: More people need to take a stand and not put up with injustice and corruption. Thank you for caring and for reaching out, David!

Tammy from Illinois
I'll pray for you and your family! Stay strong, we are behind you.
Response: Thank you for praying and standing with us, Tammy! It means a lot.

John from Indiana
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out to us and others on our behalf, John. We are very thankful and appreciate your efforts. Feel free to share our story with anyone you think might be able to help. Even if we have already reached out to someone, perhaps the extra contact can help encourage them to get involved. Keep praying. We know God is still on His Throne and our trust is in Him.

Heather from Iowa
Good luck!
Response: You too, Heather! Thank you for being a superhero. We respect your integrity. Our prayers are with you and your family. We pray the wounds heal quickly.

Chris from Kentucky
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for sharing the knowledge, Chris. We will take a look at this. Appreciate you caring enough to reach out.

Jack and Margy from Maine
Comments: - - Private
Response: Wow. Thank you for reaching out and for all the helpful information! We will review and reach out with questions. Would love to keep in touch. God bless you for sharing your knowledge. It means a lot.

Samuel from Maryland
Yes the system is corrupt as the day is long. Used to be non-resistant but as most who take things out of context I believe the Lord would have us stand and fight for what is right. Keep spreading the word you're in our thoughts and prayers.
Response: Samuel, we understand where you are coming from. Figuring out how and where to stand and fight for what is right is not an easy thing to do. The key is balance. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and help spread our story. Keep standing and fighting for what is right. Courage!

- - from Massachusetts
Greetings Nickerson family, You are not alone ! Your story is almost identical to mine except it started with *** then to ***. I've been fighting off foreclosure for 11 years now ! I also just lost my attorney and things are very grim. I've had ups and downs financially but all were caused by inability to work due to stress anxiety and depression brought on by these criminals who are above the law. Remember... To big to fail? Nothing has changed, we are invalid to the court system! I am a carpenter by trade and I designed and built my entire home, every nail screw and drop of paint was done by me.*** ...the laws are written to protect the elite not you and I. I have little to no help to start websites or a social media campaign. I do have a couple friends *** but they can only do so much. I'd be happy to work with you and bring the mortgage fraud issues back into the spotlight. Maybe we could get enough attention to gain the support of other patriot groups ? *** I will stand next to anyone willing to fight these monsters ! Please contact me ! My story is far from over. (Edited)
Response: Thank you for your resolve and commitment to stand against judicial tyranny and mortgage terrorism. We are so sad when we hear others are going through what we are. We know the hurt and pain and do not want this for any American, for any family. Hang in there and keep doing the right thing. We are all in this together. We are fighting this battle for all of us, and just so you know, this website is for you as much as it is for us. Spreading awareness will eventually make a difference. Thank you for being willing to stand with us. We are here for you too in any way we can be. You will be in our prayers. Keep us posted so we know how to pray...

Cindy from Michigan
I'm supporting you and praying for you and your family. I'm wondering why they want your land so much - could there possibly be a natural resource under your property that they are aware of, so they are using your faith to try and get you off your land? I'm just wondering. Banks and corporations are greedy. I pray someone steps in to help you.
Response: Cindy, thank you for your prayers and support. We do have natural resources in our area so that could be a driving force in this. We have no real way of knowing for sure, but we are wondering too...

Jed from Minnesota
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your support, prayers and ideas, Jed. We will take a look at that site and see what we can learn. Keep praying!

Matt from Missouri
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Matt.

Jacki from Missouri
Praying with you for the Lord to show Himself mighty on your behalf and for all Satan means for evil will be thwarted and used for God's glory.
Response: Thank you for your prayers. We need and appreciate them.

Eva Jean from Missouri
Have you gotten in touch with Jay Sekulow? Sounds like something they could help you with.  Also, how about going national with FOX News sources.  This definitely should be made public and pressure put on those Mortgage companies.  Am praying!  Love you guys!
Response: We have been forwarding our information to various news sources. However, due to the high volume of foreclosures and mortgage fraud across the nation, the action media is flooded with cases so we are not sure yet what type of coverage we can expect. What matters is our story is being told, everyone who hears it has the opportunity to get involved, and more and more eyes are being put on the mortgage companies daily. Thank you for the prayers. Love you too!

Jared from Missouri
Wow. The battle you are in is definitely not easy. I am praying God's Wisdom for every decision and His Peace for every moment. You are not alone.
Response:  Thanks for the prayers for wisdom and peace. Keep praying. The battle belongs to the Lord.

Paul from Missouri
We are continuing to pray with you.
Response: Thanks for the prayers. Keep praying and sharing our story.

Ryan from Nevada
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your comments, Ryan. It is always good to know where people stand. Our family is standing on the truth in a battle to save what is legally, morally, and rightfully ours. We are continuing this fight for the same reason we began it almost a decade ago, because it is the right thing to do. We own our property by Warranty Deed, made our payments, did not default, and are the only rightful and lawful owners of our private ranch. Our property rights are being revoked by acute regulatory failure, judicial tyranny, and crony capitalism. Why? Because of our faith. We have all, individually and as a family unit, walked the highest roads of integrity every step of this journey and intend to continue. Moving forward, our trust is in God, not man, or the system. We are trying to save our ranch, clear our good name, and hold those who have attacked us accountable. Time and the truth will prove we have committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify our property being taken from us. It will then be up to America to decide if what has happened to us is okay. We are going to just keep doing what we have been and see how God works it all out.

Chris and Dee from Nevada
Comments: - - Private
Response:  Thank you for signing the Guest Book and for your offers of help. Keep fighting and beating the bad guys. We hear your passion for what is right and appreciate you standing with us. It helps to know you are here. Please share our story and video with all your networks and keep fighting for what is right.

Gerry from New Mexico
Comments: - - Private
Response:  It is so good to know our special prayer warrior is in the battle. Thank you for being here. We are still praying and hoping to see you soon. We think of and pray for you and the rest of the "family" often.

Judy from New Mexico
Unreal! We will keep you in prayer. So sorry to hear about your battle, but God is good and will see you through.
Response: Hi Judy, what a blessing to hear from you. You are right. God is good...all the time...and we are trusting and believing He is going to bring some good from all of this. Resting in Him...

Anthony from New York
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out and for being a superhero, Anthony. We will be in touch.

Nathan from New York
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Nathan. We appreciate your prayers and best wishes. We are sharing some stories of what is happening to others here and on the In The News link at the top of the page. We will keep posting as time allows.

Dave from North Carolina
Assuming you have everything documented, have you tried getting the media involved?  It seems like exposing something like this to the media and or getting the US Justice Dept involved may be a start.
Response:  Dave, we are working on getting the media involved and have started the process of getting the justice department involved. Thanks for your suggestions.

Lisa from North Dakota
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your prayers, Lisa!

Troy and Christi from North Dakota
Your family is, and always will be in our thoughts and prayers. We would like to thank each and everyone of your family members for all the great help you have given ...
Response: We always enjoy working and serving with you, Troy. Keep praying and sharing our story.

Amy from North Dakota
I think this is wrong and I am praying for you all!! There needs to be justice with this family! They are a hard working Christian family that has done no wrong! Our system should be ashamed!
Response: Thank you for your support, Amy. It means a lot to have you standing with us.

Robyn from Ohio
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your contact ideas, Robyn. We have contacted Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), but they have not gotten involved so far. We will reach back again to see what they say. Please keep praying and sharing our story.

Dick from Ohio
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for showing your support, Dick.

David from Ohio
Comments: - - Private
Response: David, we appreciate you reaching out. Most of your questions are answered on our Our Story pages and our We Did Not Default - Idaho video. Please review those and let us know if you do not find your answers. The short version is we made our payments and were on time and current with our loans. No, we did not default. Any existing default is solely caused by malicious prevention of performance, not our failure to make payments. In fact and reality, we went to extreme lengths to fulfill all obligations to our property. We are fighting back against the unlawful and unwarranted seizure of our property to expose how serious the widespread the attack on our property ownership in America is. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

Bobby from Oklahoma
Hello Nickersons, It was wonderful to get to know each of you last week...We are looking forward to seeing all of you again soon and are praying for you constantly now.
Response: We treasured the time getting to know you, Sandra, Spencer “Steve”, and Debbie. What a gift getting to serve alongside all of you. God did some neat things in Radersburg, and it was our honor and privilege to be a part of it. We look forward to the time we can all be together again.

The Idaho Supreme Court argument went well on Monday. Our entire family feels good with the points we were able to make. Time will tell whether or not the justices are willing to do anything to uphold the law, but we are comfortable with our efforts. We know the outcome of all of this is in God's Hands and we are resting in knowing He will be the One to render the final verdict on saving the ranches and our financial portfolio. We have had an outpouring of love, prayers and contact connections from and with the D.C. religious liberty crowd this week. We are sending requested information out to them today and will be updating the website with additional litigation details over the coming days. Pray justice will step forward not only to help our family and ministry end this assault, but to secure property rights for all American homeowners and end religious persecution for all Americans, specifically targeted Christians.

God is at work. Please keep us in your and yours remain in ours at 4:05 daily...

Debbie from Oklahoma
Awesome Christian Family who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ!
Response: What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31  We have all pledged our allegiance to the Lamb and are trusting in Him with all our hearts. Thank you for standing with us, Debbie. You are an awesome gift from God.

Paul from Oregon
Greetings Nickerson Family: There is one theory that connects these corrupt practices. It has to do with the fraudulent ratification of the so-called Fourteenth amendment [sic]. Because of Section 4 of that failed "amendment", the Federal Reserve banks enjoy a "secret lien" on real estate throughout the USA. People who challenge the validity of the Federal debts to the FED are regarded as violating that Section 4. See also this short letter to the State Lands Commission in California (never refuted): Nevertheless, all FED banks are IN CONTEMPT of the AUTOMATIC STAY authorized by Federal bankruptcy laws: there is no Act of Congress creating a specific liability for Federal income taxes; that "liability" was fabricated by the implementing Regulation at 26 CFR 1.1-1(b): And, the former Secretary of the Treasury fell silent and IN CONTEMPT of a proper SUBPOENA for that missing Act of Congress:
Response: Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Paul. We are posting this info in hopes it can help. Keep fighting corruption!

Richard from Oregon
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for sharing your story and for your service to our country. The sacrifices you, your Dad, and your Grandfather made and you are still making are appreciated more than words can express. Men like you built America and are the reasons why America is still holding on today. Our family is standing because it is the right thing to do and we are unwilling to allow the sacrifices you made to be in vain. Pray for us. We have really tried to get this attack stopped in every way we know how. Our family has reached out to all three branches of our government in Idaho, Montana, and even Washington DC. We have knocked on all the watchdogs’ doors and personally went to the offices of all 535 of our United States Senators and Representatives to tell them what is happening to us and solicit their help in stopping this attack and preventing it from happening to others. The battle rages on. We are still reaching out and hoping for the best, but are also trying to be wise and prepare for the worst. Pray! We know God is in control and He is able to work this all out. We are just trying to do our part to make a difference. Thank you for praying and letting us know you are standing with us. I have a whole household of Nickersons who would love to hear all your stories if you make it over to Idaho or Montana. We would be honored to meet you, shake your hand, and thank you for all you have done and are doing to save our country. May God bless you and God bless America through you.

Charlotte from Oregon
This should never happen in our country now or ever, and yet it seems to happen more and more, please help stop this.
Response: We are trying! We need American patriots all over the country to stand against corruption and injustice.

Judy from Oregon
I have the saying on my wall in my office "Only way for evil to triumph is to have enough good people DO NOTHING 18th Century Philosopher Edmond Burke
Response: It is definitely time for good people to stand up and get involved. It happened to us, it could happen to you.

Jeffery from Oregon
I don't have money but I can (and will) pray for you.
Response: We believe this battle will be won in faith and prayer. What we need MOST is your faithful prayers and help spreading our story. Thank you for praying. We pray God will bless you for your faithfulness to pray and your willingness to stand with us.

Melissa from Pennsylvania
Happy Birthday, Nick! I love you big bro! I am praying for you, Donna and family... God is in control. Hebrews 13:5
Response: Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nick is blessed you remembered, and the prompting to take a few trips down memory lane of watching you grow up and blossom was, and is, always special.  We cherish the memories. :) He is in control, and we are resting in Him. Thank you for the prayers.

Bob & Ginny from South Carolina
We are so sorry to hear about your being a victim of these horrible companies.  What is the very best way that we can help? We will definitely be praying. Hang in there, He is still in control.
Response: It is so good to hear from you. Thank you. It means a lot to know you are standing with us. How can you help? Pray, share our story, save us some hugs, and "be strong in the Lord" so you can make a difference. Keep praying...

Wade & Libby from Tennessee
Thank you for the update.  Prayers are already going up for you.  Love you guys!!!
Response: We love you too and thank you for the prayers!

Rod from Tennessee
In the opening verses of Joshua, the Lord told Joshua "be strong and very courageous; be careful  to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go."  On the verge of the battle of Jericho, Joshua saw a man standing opposite him with sword drawn.  When Joshua questioned, he was given this answer, "I come now as captain of the host of the Lord...remove your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy."  So, Nickersons, be strong and very courageous, for the battle belongs to the Lord.  You are not in this alone!
Response: We echo the commitment of Joshua at the end of the Book of Joshua, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Rod, thank you for the call to stand and the reminder that the battle is the Lord's. We are fully armored and prepared to fight all the way in these evil days. And having done all, we will stand.  Ephesians 6:13  Keep praying and thank you for being in the battle with us.

Rudy from Texas
Psalm 48:14 For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death. Christians are not victims. You are overcomers and victorious in the name of Jesus Christ.
Response: Thank you for all you do to encourage Christians to walk in victory and be overcomers, Rudy! You are in our prayers.

Doug from Texas
Comments: - - Private
Response: Please keep checking the website for more information on the legal aspects of the case, Doug. We are adding additional information all the time. We will contact you directly with specific answers to your questions.

Angie from Texas
Comments: - - Private
Response: Please keep spreading the story, Angie. Time and the truth can save our homeland.

Mark from Texas
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for your support, Mark! We appreciate all your efforts toward stopping banking fraud and the foreclosure racket. Keep spreading awareness and standing for freedom. America needs help if we are to save our homeland.

Linda & Sam from Texas
Donna, Nick and kids... Our hearts are breaking over this injustice! The enemy is in full financial attack mode, taking no prisoners even here in our Texas home. As fellow Warriors of The King, we choose to stand with you in this battle. You are not alone... We will get the word out! Hugs and Blessings...
Response: Linda & Sam, thank you for standing with us. Tell Texas to "Remember the Alamo." Our hugs and blessings to you too, dear friends.

Laura from Texas
First thanks for sharing your plight with America.  There is safety in numbers and We all need to stand up against their wicked evil ways. I'll gladly forward this information to my email group and ask that they pray for your family.
No more silence
No more pain
God bless your family
Response: Laura, thank you for your prayers and for helping spread our story. We are very grateful you are willing to stand with us. No more silence. No more pain. God bless all our families.

E.W. from Texas
Praying in Texas for this injustice to stop.
Response: Thank you for the prayers, E.W. We need and appreciate those Texas prayers.

Carl from Utah
Sad story, too often the banks victimize the people. I know what would solve this problem in a heartbeat...Maybe someday, eh? In the meantime, go do a "Go Fund Me" account. That can help. ...

Response: Thank you for sharing your story and for all the legal strategies and ideas, Carl. We are sorry for all that has happened to you. It breaks our hearts to hear what others are going through. We are trying to help...even if not very effectively. Keep the faith and keep on keeping on. Freedom is a fight worth fighting for. You are in our prayers.

Marilyn from Vermont
Your family has fought a long hard battle, with the end in sight. God has been beside you, behind you and in front of you every step of the way. He is already in tomorrow and all the days ahead. You're prepared and ready. These companies need to be held accountable! Hold fast  to  Philippians 4:6,7. Praying for you all, special friends!!
Response: Thank you for your prayers and friendship. Both are special treasures from God. The road has been long, but His Faithfulness has been new every morning. We are walking, praying, living, fighting and resting in that peace. Keep praying. He is able...

Paul from Virginia
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your story. There are a lot of us out there that have had the EXACT same thing happen. Praise the Lord everything worked out for you and your family. There have been many families in recent years who have not been so fortunate. It has amazed us how many innocent Americans have been robbed without judicial resistance and with complete impunity. Thank you so much for fighting the injustice against your family and for standing for what is right. The freedoms we have today are ours because those that went before us were willing to stand. We are very thankful you and your family were willing and able to stand…and to win.

Our family has committed no action or inaction to warrant this attack. We have been relentlessly victimized for years now as the banks have broken laws and attacked our entire financial portfolio without cause or right. We did nothing wrong and laws are in place to save our land and protect us, but we can find no judicial authority who is willing to stand up against the banks. We have travelled to Washington DC to tell our story and stop the abuse. We are fighting in faith and prayer and hope our willingness to stand will save our land and set precedents to help others save theirs. Thank you again for reaching out. We pray you and your family have a very happy new year. We covet your continued prayers.

Publis from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: We did everything within our power to FORCE the banks to receive our money. They decided they wanted to foreclose on our property and refused to work with us or anyone working on our behalf in any way to resolve this issue. They refused our offers to make payments, pay off the loan, or to sell the property to preserve our equity. It would have been a lot easier and cheaper for us to walk away and abandon our ranch. We are fighting this battle because it is the right thing to do. Though certain situations exist where a homeowner fails to make payments and their failure to perform may warrant a foreclosure occurring, ours did not. We did not fail to perform. We were prevented from performance. This is judicial tyranny, systemic corruption, procedural manipulation, mortgage terrorism, and police brutality. It is NOT a result of our failure to pay or fulfill any of our obligations to our property. Right now, Clearwater County needs to render unto the Nickersons their personal belongings and rightful ownership. If we did nothing wrong and they can do this to us, Publius, you might be next. Think about it and read more of our story at Will be praying for you.

Richard from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: Richard, please review our website for updates. Grave miscarriages of justice are occurring. Please share our story and spread awareness of what has and is happening to our family and other American families. Help us fight for freedom and to save our homeland.

Michelle from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out and for your willingness to help others save their homes, Michelle. We would love to visit with you and find out more about your battle to save our homeland and preserve our freedoms. We agree we need to unite if we are going to stop this.

Larry from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: Larry, thank you for being willing to get involved. You are an encouragement and we appreciate your stand for freedom. God bless you!

CE from Washington
Do NOT Hire council, Do it U'r self in a Civil Action for Discrimination. Drag this out 'while staying in possession' like they string U along!
Response: Thank you for caring enough to reach out, CE. We appreciate your advice and suggestions. We are all too familiar with bank attorneys and bank courts. We are in the fight and plan to continue. Keep us in your prayers. We know God can take these big giants down.

Justin from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for sharing your vision, Justin. It sounds like a place that is almost too perfect to be real as long as we humans are there. If each of us will do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God, maybe we can make a difference in our little spheres of influence though. Praying for you and your family to find the peace and "good life" you are looking for. Keep our family in your prayers. We would love to see our community grow into a place where people of faith are willing to stand for justice and truth and just do the right thing...

Dave from Washington
Comments: - - Private
Response: It was great meeting you, Dave. Thank you for spreading our story. Every voice counts and makes a difference.

Scott from Washington
Good luck. I will be praying for the Nickerson family.
Response: Scott, thank you so much for your gift, prayers, support and friendship. It means a lot to our family. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jerry and JoAnn from West Virginia
Comments: . . Private
Response: Thank you for your support, Friends. Keep praying. God is able.

Greg from Alberta, Canada
Right is right and wrong is wrong. Keep the faith and stay the course. God speed.
Response: Amen and thank you!

Sue from British Columbia, Canada
Comments: - - Private
Response: Thank you for reaching out, Sue. We tried to call, but were unable to reach you. Please reach back out when you get a chance.