It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us - The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family
It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Could Happen To You
it happened to us

What are the odds of it happening to me?

It is happening to you. If it is happening to us, it is happening to you. Homeownership is becoming an endangered right in America. Liberty and justice for all is being threatened. Martin Luther King Jr. said it well, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whether you or I like it or not, we are all in this thing called one nation together. Red, yellow, black and white. Male and female. Adults and children. Christians and non-Christians. Natural born citizens and naturalized citizens. Republicans and Democrats. Conservatives and Liberals. Rich and poor. Our society, culture, financial stability, and national security rests on the fact that our freedoms and rights are interconnected. Remember one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Because it happened to us, it has happened to you.

What are the actual statistics of it happening to me?
We are not statisticians, but here is what our research turned up. According to the Arizona Sentinel in June 2011, 1 in 46 homes were in foreclosure nationwide. According to RealtyTrac, the number of homes nationwide actually foreclosed in December 2012 was 1 in 810 homes. These are astounding figures. Keep in mind these statistics are based on all homeownership. This includes rural communities, farms, and paid off homes. To get a little better perspective of what this means, here is a report from the Arizona Sentinel posted on June 9, 2011. It shows statistics of homes in foreclosure on a city level.

Boise, Idaho 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure
Sarasota, Florida 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure
Lakeland, Florida 1 in 21 homes in foreclosure
Tampa, Florida 1 in 20 homes in foreclosure
Port St. Lucie, Florida 1 in 19 homes in foreclosure
Sacramento, California 1 in 19 homes in foreclosure
Naples, Florida 1 in 18 homes in foreclosure
Deltona, Florida 1 in 17 homes in foreclosure
Bakersfield, California 1 in 17 homes in foreclosure
Reno, Nevada 1 in 16 homes in foreclosure
Vallejo, California 1 in 16 homes in foreclosure
Orlando, Florida 1 in 15 homes in foreclosure
Merced, California 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Stockton, California 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Riverside, California 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Miami, Florida 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Phoenix, Arizona 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Modesto, California 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Cape Coral, Florida 1 in 14 homes in foreclosure
Las Vegas, Nevada 1 in   9 homes in foreclosure

One in nine homes in foreclosure
One in nine homes in foreclosure. These are staggering statistics. For a visual reality check, click Show Me The Map below. Please take a minute to review the maps. Scroll through and look at the maps of the cities above. If you are an American, these visuals should terrify you, and it is not even a comprehensive, updated reflection of all the homes that have been foreclosed. Millions of families have had their wealth, security, and normalcy disrupted and destroyed. We were told in Washington D.C. in 2017 that over 7 million wrongful foreclosures have occurred. Our understanding is 40 million homes foreclosed with 20 million of those homeowners not in default. These numbers represent pasts, presents, and futures that have forever been altered, changed, and rewritten. These maps are not illustrative of the true magnitude of the foreclosure impact because all the foreclosures that happened after 2011 are not represented on these maps. To make matters worse, foreclosure does not end when a homeowner is forced from their home. A foreclosure perpetually impacts a homeowner's entire world. Their children, children's children, parents, friends, neighbors, employers, community, local merchants, and even the mailman, among others, are all affected. It is time for this to stop.

What are the actual statistics of it happening to you? Pretty good. Rather high actually. Enough that you should be concerned. And, the possibility of it happening to you only gets worse every day you and I do nothing. More and more of our foundational, financially stable citizens are being stripped of any and all power they might have had to fight and resist the corruption and abuse that is taking place. Act now. Get involved.

What are the lies the banksters and userers want me to believe?
Below are some of the most dangerous lies the villains known on the streets as banksters and userers want you to believe. More will be added as time allows. Most of these are excerpts of real comments found on online blogs. This means there are those among us who may have been duped into believing them. Are you one of them? Do you know why you believe what you believe? Have you thought through the real reasons behind this holocaust or are you letting the villains tell you how to think? Read the lies they want you to believe below, and then think about it.

Lie Number One

LIE #1    It is the homeowners fault.

Not the truth because...
I learned as a young child to always follow thought processes through to their natural and logical conclusion. So let us follow this lie through to its natural and logical conclusion:

It is the homeowner’s fault…
That the mortgage company wanted to steal their hard earned equity?
That the new mortgage company would not accept their payments?
That mortgage companies refuse payments and then foreclose because the homeowner is in default?
That documents needed for a foreclosure were fraudulently created and/or robo-signed?
That robo-signers get paid to fraudulently sign thousands of documents as pretend executives for multiple companies in order to create factual evidence that does not exist?
That payment and escrow history is lost or messed up and moneys are lost, stolen, or applied to hidden "suspense" accounts?
That customer service representatives are threatening, rude, and disorganized on the phone?
That mortgage companies represent they are willing/trying to help homeowners keep their homes while, behind the scenes, they are actively foreclosing and “losing” important information and records?
That federal regulations are maliciously ignored and broken?
That paid off homes are being foreclosed on?

Really? Do you really believe this? Or, have you bought, paid for and eaten the lie they have fed you?

Reason this lie is dangerous…
If hardship is due to their bad mistakes and poor choices, then it is the homeowners of America’s own fault they are losing their homes. If you believe it is their fault, you will not get involved. You will not investigate the injustice. You will look the other way at their pain and suffering. You may even help process or finalize their foreclosures. The result is this leaves the crime bosses free to continue to rob, kill, and destroy all we have worked for until there is nothing left in America to steal. Think about it.

Lie Number Two

LIE #2    The homeowner borrowed more than they could afford to repay.

Not the truth because...
Have you ever applied for a loan? Who decides whether or not you qualify for a loan? You? Or, the bank? The bank does. Federal lending laws govern lending practices for a reason. The average homeowner does not have a degree in finance. The sad reality is the average adult has poor money management skills and even worse financial responsibility habits, from the top to the bottom of the income bracket scale. Borrowers trust their local banker or credit lender to decide if they can afford that new house, car, or boat. If the bank says they can, then they sign the note, work hard, and pay it back. If the bank says no, they work hard, try to make more money, pay off a few debts, then apply again. Does this sound like your experience? You are not alone. It is the way our system is set up and the way it has always worked.

What made it work? Financial responsibility. The governing responsibilities of ensuring the money being lent could and would be repaid reasonably and securely by the borrower lay with the lender. This was purposefully set up this way. If not, borrowers could be easily conned, exploited, and defrauded into borrowing more than they could repay. This free for all lending practice, without judicial accountability and consequence, would naturally challenge and contaminate the integrity and professionalism of the banking industry, thus reducing it to nothing more than an organized crime mob. Simply stated, they would become a bunch of loan sharks setting people up for money feeding frenzies and illegal land grabs. If you stop and think about it, because of the lack of accountability in recent years, is that not what has and is happening?

That being said, if a homeowner borrowed more than they could repay, the systemic fault lies with the lender and not the homeowner.

If the homeowner borrowed more than they could afford to repay…
Then lending guidelines should and must be changed and enforced.
Then EVERY loan officer guilty of falsifying information to secure loans needs to be criminally prosecuted.
Then all bailout money given to fix this crisis needs to be applied to modifications. Homeowners need the homes, not the banks.
Then banks should monetarily feel the burden of approving bad loans and practicing poor forecasting techniques. Bad business decision equals big business loss.
Then separation of mortgage and investment moneys needs to be re-established and solidly and strictly enforced so appropriate risks and securities will govern lending practices.
Then banks should ONLY be allowed to lend their own money, so they maintain a risk and loss factor if they solicit and approve risky loans.

Change is needed. Education is needed. Better money management skills are needed for all Americans. However, to say it is solely the homeowners fault they are in foreclosure because they borrowed more than they could afford to repay is a lie. The lending institutions need and must acknowledge and assume their rightful responsibility.

Reason this lie is dangerous...
It creates an unjust and unfair prejudice against homeowners who met and exceeded all lending criteria legally and honestly when applying for their loans. Some fell into unexpected hardship. Others have been fraudulently foreclosed upon. Either way, the danger in blaming a homeowner for borrowing too much is it negates the need to review loan documentation to make sure the banks and creditors protected the homeowner and followed fair lending laws. This leaves the door wide open for abusive debt collection, predatory lending, mortgage fraud, credit abuse, and industry-wide corruption. Think about it.

More lies they want you to believe and the truths that refute them coming soon.

What should you believe?
You have read the lies, now read one simple truth.


TRUTH        It happened to us. It could happen to you.

This is the truth because...
It is happening everywhere. No one appears to be exempt. Based on our personal situation, the more financially secure and stable you are, the more of a target you can become. Read the articles and legal pages included in this site. Read the stories of others who did nothing wrong, but who are battling to save everything they have. It happened to us. It could, can, and just might happen to you. Get involved now before it is too late. Spread the word. Show the mortgage companies all eyes are on them. Please help before there is no one left to help. This is so much bigger than any of us realize. It is wrong and it needs to stop. Join the battle. Help America fight for her homes.

Reason this truth brings safety...
If you and I acknowledge that what happens or applies to you also happens and applies to me, we inherit personal interest and responsibility to ensure the freedom and safety of those around us is protected. My freedom ends where yours begins is a foundational principle of a free society. It is about relationship within ourselves and the world around us. This truth of interconnectivity brings safety because it calls each of us to remember our heritage and protect our freedoms in this land of liberty. God bless America, our home, sweet home.

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