It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us - The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family
It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are you?
We are the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. Our family sings, speaks, writes, farms, ranches, provides a variety of professional business services, and creates handcrafted treasures. We enjoy people, life, serving, loving others, working hard, doing the right thing, and making a difference in the world around us. We are a conservative Christian family who encourages others to love God, love others, remember God is still on His Throne, and to never doubt the power of prayer.

We are a family on a mission to sing, speak, write and share the Love of God wherever we are. When we are not loving and serving leaders at the ranches, we travel the country as the Nickerson Family Singers singing about the Love of God, praying for revival, teaching seekers how to find and live life, and exploring new ways to encourage the saints to know and experience God. We are the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family, a family who is fervently loving God and loving others. Visit our family website to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how we can love or pray for you. Read more about us.

Read about - In God We Trust.

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Where are your properties located?
Our home is in Montana. Nestled along the Continental Divide, the Mount N Ranch is an organic farm, working ranch, and one of our family’s favorite places on earth. We share the ranch with sheep, horses, goats, cows, llamas, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, Great Pyrenees, ministry guests, and all our wildlife friends. The Mount N Ranch is where our family works, plays, serves, worships, rests and tries to make our mark on eternity. We still deeply treasure our southern heritage, but have followed the call to the majestic Northwest.

We have a ministry ranch in Idaho we call the Peace of Heaven Ranch. It is a place ministry leaders and their families go to be still and find fresh vision. Ministry leaders from around the world have found rest, refreshment and renewal at the ranch. The end of road privacy, abundant wildlife, inspirational gardens, and breathtaking views create endless opportunities for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and those just wanting to Be still and know He is God. The ranch might not be Heaven, but we are sure it must be on the way.

Currently, our family is looking for a place to be still, write, and complete some family documentaries, films, music CDs, and other projects. Because greedy evil conspirators and persecutors of our Christian faith and Biblical worldview have seized and are currently in control of our over 274 acres of property and around 20,000 square feet of building improvements in Montana and Idaho, we are in need of a place to work and regroup. Despite our persistent efforts, the national housing shortage has made finding such a place quite a task. If you own or know of a rental property or housing situation that might be a good fit for a Nick and Donna Nickerson family workation/recharging sabbatical, please let us know.

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What happened to you?
This is our story of truth being quashed; persecution being maliciously pursued; and perseverance being sustained through family, faith and God's Grace. Our home, freedom, security, and dreams are being stolen in an attack that began at our Idaho ranch, then expanded to include our Montana home and our entire financial portfolio. Both ranches are being wrongfully foreclosed though we did nothing wrong to warrant or justify this attack. This is not a money, lost wages, upside down equity, default, bankruptcy, or failure to pay issue. This is not an eminent domain or tax situation. This is not the result of an unapproved loan modification. This is mortgage theft, life savings extortion, persecution of Christians, and a targeted attack on American citizens and their Constitutional and legal rights of property ownership. This is mortgage terrorism.

A long standing attack on our family for our religious beliefs and differing worldviews that freedom and justice are for all began over a decade ago. We are a conservative, hard working, American born family who were apparently too real in our walks of faith in God and outspoken in our support of conservative values, religious freedom, property rights, and due process.

Our ranches in Idaho and Montana have been wrongfully foreclosed and the banks are receiving disproportionate restitution (windfalls). Those with the authority at the state or federal levels to stop this attack have failed to do so. What has happened to us has nothing whatsoever to do with a legitimate foreclosure of real property.

Our family trusted the system and naively believed our American government still guaranteed freedom and justice for all, including us. We have fought a long, costly, and painful battle to expose what has happened to us because we believe it is the right thing to do. We feel we have been faithful to do all we know to do to protect the fate of our home, life savings, years of work, birthrights, and the future value of our American citizenship. We know our efforts have not been in vain, but whether they have been successful in accomplishing their intent will now be determined in the coming days. Words cannot express how sad it is to be attacked, persecuted, and oppressed in our own homeland, a land our family believed was free.

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Did you miss any payments?
The short answer is no. But here is a little more of what happened to us in Idaho and Montana.

Our note was on time and in good standing. In 2008, Chase took over the Note and went after our equity. Chase employees were abusive. Their record keeping was a nightmare. Overnight our perfect credit, financial security and inalienable rights were destroyed. We worked with Chase to correct their records. In January 2010, we were on time and in good standing. In February, PHH took over our loan, claimed default, and refused our payments or to work with us in any way. We disputed their claims, but PHH and Chase refused to provide records or access to those familiar with our loan. We had a line of credit on the ranch with Wells Fargo. We continued to pay it and asked for Wells Fargo’s help. None was forthcoming. PHH filed a non-judicial foreclosure. We stopped it. PHH filed a judicial foreclosure.

In 2008, Chase took over our loan. For two years we had nothing but accounting errors and mortgage inconsistencies on our note. JP Morgan Chase refused to send statements or provide payment receipts so we could review our account or document errors and corrections to our account. They relentlessly victimized us with threatening phone calls; dual billing, “triple” tracking (account in good standing, foreclosure threats, modification help available – sometimes all three claims in the same day); force-placed homeowner insurance policies; inaccurate default letters; libel and slander of credit; inaccurate payment records and reporting created by refusing payments and placing payments tendered into suspense accounts; hiding and embezzling escrow moneys; and other such abusive debt collection practices.

Communicating with JP Morgan Chase was a nightmare until we met a JP Morgan Chase representative named Kim who worked with us and the research department to get all the records straightened out. Kim confirmed the errors had been corrected and our note was showing current and in good standing as of January 2010. Wells Fargo employee Heather Hummel confirmed JP Morgan Chase reported our account on time.

PHH Mortgage Services then took over servicing the beginning of February and everything kind of went crazy from there, as if it could get any crazier. Kim contacted us and warned us something illegal was going on with our account and a lot of other Chase accounts. She was actually watching account records change on her screen while we were talking. Kim then disappeared. PHH Mortgage Services claimed we were in default and refused to accept any further payments, research their false claims of default, or let us cure any alleged default while the discrepancy was sorted out. PHH Mortgage Services immediately began wrongful and unlawful foreclosure proceedings. This destroyed our credit, reduced our long standing income and pursued the theft of years of equity from our family. Read more on the Idaho Story...

Wells Fargo expanded the battle to include our Montana Ranch. They quit accepting payments on the Montana ranch in 2012, and put a block on our account so no Wells Fargo employee could accept a payment or access our loan. We did not default. We had the money and begged Wells Fargo to work with us and take our payments. We pled for a single point of contact, for our records, for answers. Wells Fargo ignored our pleas...

We paid our March 2012 payment on March 1, 2012. Then, beginning in April 2012, Wells Fargo began refusing our payments. We talked to everyone from the tellers up to the executive offices of Wells Fargo to compel Wells Fargo to take our payments, but Wells Fargo refused. Comprehensive phone logs and notations on our accounts document these conversations took place. Wells Fargo employees Teresa Koepke and Jody Lauzon, among others, tried to help us make our payments. Both have firsthand knowledge of the fact Wells Fargo rejected our payments at their local branch and Wells Fargo prevented our performance. We continued to request, plead, and demand Wells Fargo accept our payments.

In June 2012, an employee of Wells Fargo told Donna Nickerson that Wells Fargo would fix the account and allow payment to be processed at the local branch. Wells Fargo never fixed the account and would not allow us to speak with this employee again. Wells Fargo then denied her existence. Witnesses can testify to the contents of this communication that was initiated by Teresa Koepke and Jody Lauzon’s attempts to resolve this situation.

We initiated numerous communications with Wells Fargo during this time to make payments, but all payment attempts were refused. We continually requested a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), but Wells Fargo refused. Wells Fargo’s phone logs and notations confirm these conversations took place and taped conversations validate the true occurrences of these conversations. Witness testimony from those present during these conversations confirms the content of these communications.

Beginning in January 2013, Wells Fargo contacted us relentlessly, sometimes twice or more daily, to communicate the status of our account. These lengthy conversations involved callers asking us a battery of personal questions and then informing us our home was in foreclosure at the end of the conversation. The callers refused to answer any questions, provide us with any written documentation, or work with us in any way. During all of these conversations we confirmed the conversation was being taped and that the representative was making notations to the account. We then told Wells Fargo this is our home, we want to keep it and we have the wherewithal to keep it.

We asked each representative if they were willing or able to accept payment or could help us make our payments. They said no. The callers refused all offers of money, in part and in full, and informed us the purpose of their call was not to collect money, but to communicate the status of our account. We questioned how the status had changed since they called hours earlier. No changes. These calls were received seven days a week, during and after legal call hours, even on holidays. At times, 45 minutes a call was spent dealing with these representatives. These calls continued after we were served with the complaint and continued until we provided Wells Fargo with a harassment cease and desist demand.

All of these calls, along with other attacks on our financial portfolio, are evidence of predatory lending and abusive debt collection, and serve to prove Wells Fargo prevented our performance. Extensive proof of predatory lending and abusive debt collection practices based on prevention of performance experienced by us at the evil hands of Wells Fargo and those acting on their behalf are detailed in the records we subpoenaed. Read more of the Montana Story...

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Should the Idaho foreclosure have led to the Montana foreclosure?
Our Montana and Idaho ranches were not connected or attached financially in any way. Both are high equity and prime real estate holdings. We have never granted title or ownership to any bank on either of our properties. We did not default or fail to fulfill our financial obligations for either property. Our ranches are being stolen to punish us for our Christian faith and Biblical worldviews by evil, greedy conspirators.

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What is prevention of performance?
When our payments were refused by the bank, they prevented our performance.

Prevention of performance is a contractual breach and violation that occurs when one party to a contract hinders, stops, or prevents the other party from fulfilling their contractual obligations. Long-standing common and codified laws, as well as common sense business practices, render prevention of performance illegal and a breach of contract subject to consequence. It is axiomatic that one party cannot prevent the other party from fulfilling their obligations and then complain of that party's non-performance in order to get full benefit. Thus, per the law, prevention of performance entitles the party whose performance has been prevented to the full benefits of the entire contract as if they had been allowed to fulfill all their obligations. Prevention of performance laws codify fair play for all parties.

MCA § 28-1-1302. Effect when performance prevented by creditor. If the performance of an obligation is prevented by the creditor, the debtor is entitled to all benefits that the debtor would have have obtained if the obligation had been performed by both parties.

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Did your Idaho Ranch get invaded and raided?
Yes! Acting Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz of Orofino, Idaho, ordered an armed invasion and raid without warrant or notice on our Idaho Ministry Ranch on November 12, 2019. CCS Goetz, the police powers of the State of Idaho, and hired guns from JPMorgan Chase ambushed our private property in a SWAT style raid without cause, right, or lawful authority. These armed invaders seized, concealed, and moved five moving trucks worth of personal belongings from our property. Our belongings were transported multiple times in inclement winter weather, pillaged in post-move "inventories" that have never been produced, and illegally transported across state lines out of Idaho into Washington state. Much was damaged, broken, and destroyed. All was violated. No judgment against our personal property exists. See documentation on the Idaho theft, vandalism, and acts of mortgage terrorism.

We still have personal property and agricultural interests on the ranch. We are still paying all bills associated with the ranch. The bank still acknowledges us as the occupants of the property. However, the State of Idaho and Chase's armed guards and the State of Idaho forcibly seized control of our ranch and are continuing to hold it hostage with their threats of violence and arrest if we return.

Law enforcement officers, acting as armed invaders on behalf of a private corporation, broke and violated common, county, state, federal, and international laws and regulations in entering and seizing our property without a warrant and outside the authority of any existing court order. Those sworn to uphold the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land committed violent and terroristic crimes against our family, Idaho property rights, due process, religious freedoms, and humanity. This was yet another grave miscarriage of justice in a years long malicious targeted assault and persecution of our family, not a foreclosure, eviction or ejectment action. On the morning of the raid, an appeal was in place, and our judicial rights of relief, redress, and restitution were not exhausted. We had not been noticed or served that we should or needed to leave the property. All previous orders had been retracted. Legally, morally, and ethically, we were in rightful possession. Sheriff Chris Goetz had provided his word and personal assurances, no ejectment or eviction actions were in effect. No writ, order, or instructions authorized Idaho law enforcement to seize our property and forcefully remove us from our property without causing us opportunity to remove our persons and personal belongings first. Someone got to Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz. Something very corrupt and illegal is going on in Orofino, Idaho. This entire situation and all parties involved and those who participated need to be federally and internationally investigated and charged for fraud, corruption, civil conspiracy, racketeering, bribery, threats, crimes against humanity, and other such criminal acts. We are standing our ground as lights on a hill above our ranch. Even though we were held hostage in a restricted viewing area, pictures, videos, and audio capture some of the excessive police force used. More details on the raid will be provided as we are able. Eyewitness accounts detail and corroborate what happened to us during this armed invasion. What is happening is unlawful, unConstitutional and unAmerican. Yet, no one with the authority to stop this assault has stepped forward. What happened to us demands every American and international watchdog agency pause and ask themselves, Is this okay with you? If it can happen to us in America, when we did no wrong, when no warrant has been issued, and when no trial, by jury or otherwise, has occurred, it could happen to you whoever and wherever you are. Our fellow country men rose up against us and acted as triers of fact and terrorists of the peace. They just followed orders when they revoked our Constitutional rights with assault rifles and slanderous accusations. They attacked us without right and outside the authority of the law. These are all irrefutable and provable facts. From the beginning, we have told the truth of what has happened and is happening to us. Can the truth still set us free in America? All our fate, safety, security, freedom, and future depends on how this question is answered.
Read the story...

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Did your Montana ranch get invaded and raided?
Our Montana home and 224-acre ranch was invaded and raided on May 5, 2022. No letter, demand, notice, or other communication requesting us to leave occurred prior to the raid.

Read our email update - Pray For The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family - Ranch Updates June 19, 2022 - Montana Highway Robbery

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Has this ever happened to anyone else?
Could this ever happen to me?
Read some facts and stats about it happening to you.
Read articles and stories in the news about is happing to people across the nation and world.
Read visitor comments where people have told us it happened to them too.

Do an internet search on JPMorgan Chase with key words like fraud, fines for fraud, wrongful foreclosure. You can do the same with Wells Fargo, HSBC, PHH, and Coldwell Banker. The results should shock you into action. This is not a Nickerson only issue. This is widespread mortgage terrorism. We are praying Americans eyes will be opened and we the people will act before they the banks own the homeland our fathers conquered. Justice for all includes our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. We are fighting against injustice, tyranny, oppression, and persecution. What will you do when it is your turn?

Laws are in place to prevent this from happening, but the guards of freedom are missing in action.

Big banks and their evil accomplices are annulling and judicially voiding the value, personal worth, and significance of birthrights and citizenships across this great land. Freedoms, Constitutional protections, family homes, the wealth of our financial portfolios, and the flags that once flew above the land of the free and the homes of the brave are being stolen. It happened to us. What will you do when it happens to you and your family?

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What is going on with the Judiciary?
Activist judges are being appointed instead of elected by the people, law students are writing legal orders, and the only people holding the judges accountable are the judges...

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Why isn't this being stopped?
We are Christians, and Christians are being persecuted in America.

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How can I help?
Pray for us. Pray for America. Pray for our enemies. Share our story. Share your story. Get involved. One can make a difference.

Do you have a question we have not answered yet?
Please feel free contact us. We are fighting the injustice perpetrated against us because it is the right thing to do. We are fighting for our family, our heritage, our country, and for you. We have nothing to hide. We know God is in control, and believe the Truth will prevail in the end.

For further documentation, review our entire site.
For Legal Documentation, review our Legal Pages.