It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us - The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family
It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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Our Story
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
 Thomas Jefferson

Persecuted for our faith. Denied due process. Property rights revoked.
In God We Trust

A long standing attack on our family for our religious beliefs and differing worldviews that freedom and justice are for all began over a decade ago. We are a conservative, hard working, American born family who were apparently too real in our walks of faith in God and outspoken in our support of conservative values, religious freedom, property rights, and due process.

Our ranches have been wrongfully foreclosed and the banks are receiving disproportionate restitution (windfalls). Those with the authority at the state or federal levels to stop this attack have failed to do so. What has happened to us has nothing whatsoever to do with a legitimate foreclosure of real property. Our Montana and Idaho ranches were not connected or attached financially in any way. Both are high equity and prime real estate holdings. We have never granted title or ownership to any bank on either of our properties and we have not defaulted or failed to fulfill our financial obligations for either property. Our cases represent acute regulatory failure, systemic corruption, judicial tyranny and religious persecution. All truth, facts, and evidence fully support our claims and demonstrate high level, networked, heavily funded corruption and racketeering. We firmly believe this attack on our family, ranches, and financial resources is being maliciously pursued to punish us for our religious beliefs, moral values, and disfavored worldviews. Religious freedoms, property rights, and due process have been denied and revoked. Acute regulatory failure and judicial tyranny have allowed and caused all checks and balances in place to prevent this from happening to fail.

Our family trusted the system and naively believed our American government still guaranteed freedom and justice for all, including us. We have fought a long, costly, and painful battle to expose what has happened to us because we believe it is the right thing to do. We feel we have been faithful to do all we know to do to protect the fate of our home, life savings, years of work, birthrights, and the future value of our American citizenship. We know our efforts have not been in vain, but whether they have been successful in accomplishing their intent will now be determined in the coming days. Words cannot express how sad it is to be attacked, persecuted, and oppressed in our own homeland, a land our family believed was free.

Freedom is worth fighting for. Truth is worth standing for. Justice is worth reaching for. One can make a difference.

Our Idaho Ministry Ranch Is Being Stolen.
It happened to us in Idaho at our Idaho Ministry Ranch. JP Morgan Chase Bank and their accomplices targeted us for our faith and disfavored worldviews. We did not default. This was not a failure to perform, money, equity deficiency, or imminent domain issue. JPMorgan Chase and their accomplices were granted judicial impunity and regulatory oversight immunity for launching a banking terrorist attack against our family. Our ranch was judicially foreclosed by summary judgment without a trial by jury. The courts broke their own rules of civil procedure, prejudicially circumvented meaningful discovery, denied us equal access to justice, and procedurally revoked our rights to due process. Material facts in dispute required a trial by jury, but biased judges acted as triers of fact to deny our equal access to justice. Fraud, admitted attorney negligence, felonious assignments, broken chains of title, unverified and wrongly notarized documents, no evidence of ownership by the bank, and no evidence of default to justify foreclosure were all ignored to grant summary judgment against our high equity Idaho Ranch. This is still America, even in Idaho, or is it? Read about our journey through the Idaho injustice system and how the battle to save our ministry ranch has expanded to be an assault against our Montana home and entire financial portfolio.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ministry Ranch
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ministry Ranch
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ministry Ranch

It Happened To Us In Idaho Highlights
Our Idaho Ranch was judicially foreclosed by summary judgment without our knowledge and without a jury trial. All subsequent summary judgments, appeals, requests for reconsideration, fraud, evidence of prevention of performance, proof of lack of standing, and even the admission of attorney negligence were ignored and denied based on the fraudulently established law of the case. Post our investigation requests, District Court Judge Michael Griffin abruptly resigned. Appointed (not elected by the people) Judge Gregory FitzMaurice granted summary judgment to PHH in a new ejectment action by denying our motion to compel discovery and revoking contractual and Constitutional requests for a jury trial. PHH has no lawful ownership in our ranch, has never owned a debt on our 50 acre ranch, and we have never encumbered more than 30 acres. Broken laws were thoroughly documented and proof no lawful foreclosure or sale that could transfer ownership has ever occurred were provided to the court, as well as state, federal, and private oversight agencies and officials. While this action was under appeal, and we were being told by the Sheriff the eviction process had not been initiated and that we were lawfully on our property, Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz and a heavily armed force invaded and raided our ranch, seized our personal possessions, and transported five moving trucks of our personal property across county and state lines to Washington State without us ever being served or noticed any eviction had been initiated. No judgment against our possessions exists, but our privacy and many of our personal possessions were maliciously damaged and destroyed in the raid on November 12, 2019. Many have not been returned to us. We are still paying all utilities and other expenses associated with the Idaho Ranch to refute any false claims of abandonment and have maintained a perpetual 24x7 prayer vigil and watch overlooking our Idaho Ranch ever since.

 Day Count
 The bank still acknowledges us as the occupants of the ranch and their representatives have denied involvement in the raid. However, law enforcement has threatened to arrest us and self-proclaimed gunmen hired by JPMorgan Chase Bank have threatened to shoot us if we return. The Idaho judiciary has made a criminal mockery of common, state and federal laws in place to prevent this type of tyranny, legal plunder, and religious persecution from happening. All checks and balances have failed. We need help (1) securing our ranch, (2) retrieving our possessions, (3) exposing the acute regulatory failure and judicial tyranny allowing this to happen, and (4) holding those who are violating their oaths of office and committing and perpetrating these injustices, illegalities, and atrocities liable and criminally accountable for their actions and inactions.

False arrest and malicious prosecution of Jeannie Smith
An extended relative Jeannie Smith was on our Idaho ranch as our guest at the time of the raid. She has no prior criminal record and is very much a law abiding citizen. Jeannie is facing up to two years jail time for being on our property with our permission when the November 12, 2019 raid occurred. She did nothing wrong, but is being maliciously prosecuted to expand the ongoing attack on us. Jeannie was arrested for trespass and obstruction of justice and released on $300 bond. She was never read her Miranda rights and the arresting affidavit is of an officer who was not even on the ranch when the alleged crimes occurred. Jeannie did not resist arrest or intervene in any way in the abuse of our livestock or willful destruction of our personal property by the Clearwater County and State of Idaho raiders. She silently prayed. No alleged or real owner of the Idaho private property ever requested Jeannie be charged, arrested or prosecuted in this civil matter. The bank had not served or noticed us we needed to leave prior to the raid. As stated previously, the bank acknowledges we still have a lawful right to be on the property today so the true origin and authority of the entire raid and arrest are under question. Jeannie needs help stopping this malicious prosecution by Clearwater County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler and compelling an investigation into the unlawful actions of Sheriff Chris Goetz, his armed invaders, Clearwater County, the State of Idaho, and the events surrounding her arrest.

Our family has suffered severe, significant, and substantial losses due to the foreclosure, raid, and unlawful seizure of our Idaho Ministry Ranch. The invasion and raid on November 12, 2019, was a grandstand of unchecked power to intimidate and scare us into not exposing the networked corruption and racketeering that led to this unlawful execution of authority, unwarranted foreclosure, and unjustified eviction.

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Our Montana Home and Ranch Is Being Stolen.
It happened to us in Montana at our safe place we called home. Banking institutions have attacked and are trying to unlawfully seize our home, ranch, property rights, religious freedoms, and rights to due process in a targeted attack of our home, property, and faith. This judicially authorized theft has been granted impunity when all laws, truth, facts, and evidence demand it be stopped. If the laws and authorities in Montana will not or cannot stop Wells Fargo and HSBC from stealing our home, there is nothing secure in Montana in what anyone may think he has, or will inherit from his father, or yet may leave to his children. Read more...

It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch
It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch
It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch
It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch
It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch
It Happened To Us - Montana Ranch

It Happened To Us In Montana Highlights
Wells Fargo wrongfully foreclosed our family ranch under the name of Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation "HSBC Bank" in a judicial foreclosure. Material facts were in dispute regarding HSBC's right to foreclose, the existence of any lawful debt or default, prevention of performance, condition precedents for HSBC lawfully owning property in Montana, whether any right could arise from fraudulent documents, and other issues of standing. First Judicial District Court Judge Mike Menahan granted summary judgment to HSBC Bank. We appealed and the Montana Supreme Court remanded it to the District Court so we could expand the factual record of the case. Wells Fargo denied us access to account records and bank employees and regulatory oversight failed to help us compel them to. We filed a subpoena and the District Court Judge quashed our subpoena so he could affirm his summary judgment. The Montana Supreme Court refused to take a second look and our day in court was prejudicially denied and procedurally revoked.

Neither bank ever signed the foreclosure complaint, provided any statements or evidence of default (none exists), or demonstrated how our Constitutional rights to a jury trial and contractual opportunity to challenge their false claims could be lawfully denied. Rather, both banks denied involvement in the wrongful foreclosure, we were never allowed to stand before our accuser(s), and all truth and facts prove their claims of ownership are fraudulent and void. Our requests for discovery, testimony, proof of authority by the attorneys, rights to defend against false accusations, and rights to be heard were ignored.

On February 12, 2020, Wells Fargo masquerading as Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation - HSBC Bank - purchased our Montana home and ranch with a credit bid less than their judgment amount in violation of the foreclosure judgment. The illegal February 12th sale began a redemption timeline scheduled to end June 12, 2021. Despite repeated requests, we have never been provided an accurate redemption amount. This has blocked and prejudiced our ability to redeem our property and prevented us from access to evidence that further corroborates racketeering. We have petitioned the bank to voluntarily extend the redemption timeline until they comply with Montana law and the orders of the Court in allowing us opportunity to redeem our property. We are still in possession of our ranch and are irrefutably the only lawful owners. We own our ranch by Warranty Deed and our rights are prior in time, superior in right, and paramount title. Should we be unsuccessful in redeeming the property or causing Montana to reverse all judgments prior to the lawful ending of the redemption period, we intend to vacate our ranch and leave Montana per the instructions of the Court. However, we retain all lawful ownership rights to our ranch and intend to legally challenge against any slanderous or libelous claims of abandonment of our property or rights.

All facts, truth, and evidence corroborate our ranch is being judicially seized as part of this persecutorial attack to punish us for our Christian faith and disfavored worldviews. Someone with money, power, and authority wants the ranch and does not want us to have it. The egregious windfall the bank is securing by ignoring and violating Montana and federal laws corroborates something far beyond a bank foreclosure is occurring. We need help staying the ending of the redemption period, saving our home and ranch, exposing what has happened to us in Montana, and prosecuting those who complicity allowed and maliciously acted in this attack.

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Our rights to be safe and secure in our home and to worship God without persecution are being stolen.
What will you and your family do when it happens to you?