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Will You Make A Difference?
A man and his wife were walking along a beach one morning. Countless starfish had been washed ashore during the night in a vicious thunderstorm. Every where you looked starfish were frantically fighting and struggling to survive. Down the beach, the man noticed a young boy frantically picking up starfish and tossing them back into the water. The man marvelled at the compassion and the fervency with which the young boy worked. As he approached the young boy, he told him how touched he was that the boy wanted to help. Then he pointed at all the starfish lining the sandy shores and explained how futile his attempts were. He told him that as hard as he was working, he was not making any difference. There were just too many. The young boy picked up another starfish. He examined it for a minute, then he gently placed it into the water. “Sir, it made a difference for that one.”

The numbers of homeowners massacred in the Great Mortgage Holocaust of the 21st Century is staggering. Many are like this man who believes there are just too many victims to make a difference. Will you be like the boy who does what he can? Will you help make a difference with this one? Please. Do what you can. Remember, it could happen to you. Read our story at or watch our music and documentary videos at

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