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Pray For The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family - Update February 19, 2020 - It Is Sad To Be An American

Dear Friends and Family,

What would you do if you woke up homeless on the Continent your fathers conquered? What if you knew you had done nothing wrong and had committed no act or inaction to deserve, warrant or justify your home and wealth being stolen from you and your family? What if false and forged claims were spewed out to persecute you and your family in a targeted character assassination effort? Would you not hope that some common-sense thinkers out there would wonder why this family was being attacked so vehemently? Would you not expect others to at least listen to your side before jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions? What if you were denied all opportunity to stand against fraudulent accusations? What if all truth, facts, and evidence proved you have only done what is right and walked the highest roads of honesty and integrity even when inconceivable wrongs were committed against you? What if publicity seekers who barely know you or may never have even met you jumped on these character assassination bandwagons to boost their social media ratings? What if your life, character, and good name were being impeached without any lawful, moral, or ethical cause or right? What if all attacks to slander and defame you were meritless and lacked any factual basis whatsoever? What would you say when your urgent calls for help did not mobilize even one man with power or authority and you have already spent years sounding an alarm? What more can you say when the sights and sounds of tyranny no longer well up unquenchable fires of resistance in souls yearning to be free around you? How do you light fires for justice when the pursuit of happiness, truth, and liberty have been replaced with apathy, complacency, and fear? What emotions would well up in you if fighting for your freedoms in faith, prayer, publicity, resolve, and justice did not cause America to stand up and do what is right? What more can any American do when pleading, talking, singing, writing, calling and standing for what is right does not compel Americans to join the fight to save justice from dying in our streets? Our forefathers got on a boat and travelled to a new land to escape what we have suffered for over a decade. Is that the only hope left for those who are being persecuted in America? We are not alone. There are millions like us. Some of you are counted in these numbers. Friends and Family, it happened to us, it has happened to others, and it may very well happen to you next. What will you do when 100 days after your life has changed forever, the rest of the country goes on with theirs and leaves you day after day and night after night on a heartbreaking hillside as if nothing ever happened?  If injustice still reigns on our hillside, justice no longer reigns on yours.

It is sad to be an American in a land that once was free. Our family once believed freedom and justice was for all in America. We believed it, taught it, sang about it, and rested in it. We prayed it would never change. Many of you have prayed with us in our daily 2:02 prayer time for America. We thought freedom and justice for all included our family. Sadly, we have been told and learned we are wrong. For over a decade, we have suffered as big banks have targeted and persecuted our family with complete impunity. All three branches of our government have failed to stop our abusers at the local, state and federal levels. Why are we being attacked? All we have been told is we are being attacked for our faith and punished for our opposing worldviews. We understood religious freedom means the freedom to believe or not believe, and have supported these freedoms for all. We understood promoting freedom and justice for all was an American thing to do, so we have prayed and tried to stir others to do the same. However, many in power today no longer agree. They have determined justice is for most, not all. They no longer believe freedom lost by one is freedom lost by all. They have forgotten or never learned that injustice suffered by one revokes the possibility of finding true justice for any. The attack waged on us and the wealth of our financial portfolio has forced us to realize we were born in a land that is no longer free, at least not for our family. America, the land we love, is no longer your land and my land. What has happened to us has proven America is now ruled by banking terrorists who have no regard for life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness in our homeland. Their greed for power, money, and unjust gain have caused them to attack millions of Americans and to destabilize the safety and security of our homeland. How did or could this happen in America? Acute regulatory failure. Judicial tyranny. Systemic corruption. Procedural manipulation. Crony capitalism. We are fighting back, but we are fighting very big giants in the land and it often feels like we are fighting alone. Our rights have been violated and revoked one by one without public outcry. We have called for help to millions, but our calls for help have not resulted in millions calling to help us. Are we fighting in vain for a country who no longer values freedom, liberty, and justice for all? Have we suffered for naught trying to help save our homeland? Have we become a family without a country that cares? Today, we are sad to be an American living in a land that once was free. Read our story of what has made us sad at our It Happened To Us website. What other words can we pen other than, God save the USA?

Daily updates are being posted on our It Happened To Us website. Our new music video, It Is Sad To Be An American can be accessed on the front page or by clicking IHTU videos on the menu bar at the top of each page of our website. It is only five to six minutes in length. If you have been moved by our story or wondered what you can do to help, please watch this video, hear our heart, and pass our story on. Please help us spread awareness about what is happening. Call, write, email, text, post our story and videos. Those with the authority to help are doing nothing because it is costing them nothing. Those who have committed crimes against us are and will continue to commit them against others because they are getting away with what they have done to us. Americans need your help.

How are we holding up in the midst of it all? Sometimes standing means just doing it. Our faith is stronger than ever before and our resolve to clear our name and make a difference through this battle is unwavering. We are trusting that with well doing, we will put to silence the ignorance of foolish men and that God will render the final verdict in this matter. We are praying for a miracle and we will never doubt the power of prayer!

Fighting for freedom in faith and prayer,
The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family

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