It Happened To Us. It Could Happen To You. The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.
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It Happened To Us
The Attack Expands To Montana Music Video

It Happened To Us Music Video 2 - The Attack Expands To Montana.

It Happened To Us Part 2 is the continuing story of what has happened to our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. This music video is based on a true story of our ongoing fight to save our home, ranch, financial portfolio, and way of life from unlawful seizure. We did nothing wrong to deserve, warrant, or justify this malicious attack. We did not default and committed no action or inaction to give cause or right for our home or property to be threatened or taken from us. JPMorgan Chase, PHH, Wells Fargo, HSBC, and their accomplices have colluded to break state, federal, and common laws and target our family. The laws are in place to protect our family from this assault, but no authority or official sworn to protect the law has been willing to stand up to these big banks and their accomplices. Fellow Americans, if our home and ranch can be stolen from us, no home, business, or ministry in America is safe. We need your help. Please pray, share our story, and get involved. It happened to us. It could happen to you.

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Our Idaho Ministry Ranch was unlawfully raided and seized on November 12, 2019. We were forcibly dispossessed of our ranch and personal possessions by violent means without lawful order, warrant, or notice. You can read more about the Idaho invasion and raid at our website. What has happened to us is unlawful, unAmerican, unconstitutional, and unethical in any free country. Our family worked hard and did what was right, but the State of Idaho attacked us and gave what belongs to us to those who have done much wrong against us and our homeland. This is persecution, oppression, and tyranny.

Our Montana home was unlawfully sold at public auction on February 12, 2020. Contractual, regulatory, statutory, Constitutional, and common laws, regulations, guidelines, codes, and agreements protect and preserve our property ownership and require the sale to be reversed. No one with authority has been willing to uphold or enforce these protections.

In a free country, none of this should ever have happened. It happened to us. It has happened to others. It can happen to you.

Yeah, we'll fight all the way for our home.

We'll fight all the way for our home, for our home,

Yeah, we can fight all the way for our homes...

Let's fight all the way for our homes, for our homes,

Come on, let's fight all the way for our homes.

America, it is time to fight for our homes.

It happened to us. It could happen to you.

Cancel the gag orders. Their abuse is through.

No more silence. Justice is in sight.

We call on America to stand up and fight

Cause the law and the truth are going to you ensnare

You and your accomplices had better beware

The eyes of the world, banksters, are now on you

Wells Fargo, we are coming for you

Yeah, we'll fight all the way for our home.

We'll fight all the way for our home, for our home.

Make these banks pay for their flagrant sin

America great again

If you want to make

Let them steal our equity without saying thanks

D.C. ignored the fraud and bailed out the banks

We should have been protected by right and by law

We worked real hard and gave our all

Someone could steal my home with impunity

I never thought it could happen to me

Yeah, we'll fight all they way for our home.

We'll fight all the way for our home, for our home.

Notice is served to the world today: Banks and Mortgage Robbers, it is time for you to pay.

This is our life. We are here to stay.

So help us God, we will not walk away

We are a strong family just working like a team.

We did no wrong, we were just living the dream

The Nickerson Family is taking our lives back

The time has come to stop your attack

Yeah, today we will help you steal their home

Today, we will help you steal their home, steal their home

Cause we may need the bank's help one of these days

The Court said we will look the other way

New York said you cannot do this because we say so

They had a robot sign it thinking no one would know.

Even though IRS said compliance was a must.

They took our Montana ranch and hid it in a trust

and said we're coming for you

So they grabbed HSBC

Wells Fargo said they wanted money too

Today, we will fight for our home, for our home

Today, we will fight for our home, for our home

Just crooked greedy banksters with evil black hearts.

They planned this scheme from the very start

than we originally thought

Their fraud ran much deeper

We did no wrong. We did not default.

We hold our deeds within our sight.

America promised we had property rights

How do we fight such legal remiss?

Where, oh where, is the justice in this?

Yes, today we will fight for our home.

Today, we will fight all the way, all the way

Until our name is cleared and their claims they drop

We did nothing wrong, and we will not stop

We did not choose this battle, but fight it we must

Liberty and justice for all includes us

And silence our voice that could prove they are bad.

They worked together to steal all we had

and broke all the laws.

They ignored the lending rules

They went after us without right or cause

steal all you own.

They said, today we will

Today, we will steal all you own, all you own.

We tried to stop them but each day they got worse

They attacked our ministry ranch in Idaho first

We asked the courts to help but they unjustly said NOT.

The years have passed and their abuse has not stopped

We said, today we will fight for our home.

Today, we will fight all they way, all the way.

Justice and truth demand that you lose.

No more silence. No more abuse.

but we stayed in the fight

They tried to bankrupt us,

and kept doing right.

We paid our bills

We thought we were safe. We would never fall.

I worked hard and I gave my all.

In this great land known for liberty

I never thought it could happen to me.

I never thought it could happen to me.

My name is Nick Nickerson. My wife Donna and I are natural born Americans. Our children, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are and were natural born Americans. We are freedom loving patriots who love and serve the Lord, our family, and our that order. We believe America found its greatness and established itself as a land of fair play by granting its citizens liberty and justice for all. We believed we were living in a free country until we were attacked for our faith in our own homeland and found no advocate in the law or those sworn to enforce it. We just never thought this could happen in America until it happened to us.

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We never thought what has happened to us could happen in America, but it has.