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Are YOU A Mortgage Robber?

Have you looked the other way when loan documents, communication records, recorded conversations, or other account activity was altered, deleted or intentionally misplaced?

Have you harassed, annoyed, berated, intimidated, or been rude to a customer instead of genuinely listening and helping them turn things around?

Have you silently watched coworkers, bosses or your legal department abuse innocent homeowners, customers who are your friends, family, neighbors, fellow citizens, the ones who pay your salary?

If no, thank you. You will be remembered as one of the heroes of the Great Mortgage Holocaust of the 21st Century.

If your answer is yes, then you ARE a mortgage robber, and we are victims of your silence and abuse. We did our part. We worked hard, increased our equity, and developed our property. We had perfect credit history and solid financial security. You, and those like you, stood by and watched or helped it all be stolen. We have a word of warning for you. BEWARE! It could happen to you!

Watch our story at Get involved. Make a difference. Help us, and those like us, fight back.

*Print this article as a PDF flyer to circulate in your community and with your networks. Click here to view and download. Thank you for helping us fight back.
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