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Mortgage Robbers Strike Again

We bought a property to have a place to share with pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders. Our family worked hard, developed the property, increased our equity, and built a ranch we could be proud of. Our note was on time and in good standing until Chase and PHH took over the note. What followed is a horror story of epic proportions. It is a story of a normal American family who was just living the dream when we were attacked, abused and robbed in a state called Idaho. Overnight our perfect credit, financial security and inalienable rights were stolen. Overnight our life became a nightmare that no one should have to live through. Beware! It happened to us. It could happen to you.

Our family has produced some music videos to tell our story of what has happened. You can watch them at and follow our story on Friends, family, fearless Americans, we need your help. Help us fight all the way for our home.

*Print this article as a PDF flyer to circulate in your community and with your networks. Click here to view and download. This should never have happened. Thank you for helping us stop it.

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