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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 41

When Those Who Know Better Do The Wrong Thing

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Today is Day 41. Yesterday marked the 40th day of our hillside vigil. We have finished inventorying the seized boxes and are preparing documentation to submit for the theft, vandalism, and terrorism facilitated and executed by Clearwater County, the State of Idaho, JPMorgan Chase, PHH, and their accomplices. Clearwater County and their acting supporters have presented to the public they acted on November 12, 2019, based on a lawful writ. This is false and is not the truth. Even if the writ presented were a lawful document, which it is not, Clearwater County fatally failed to follow the instructions in the writ presented and therefore acted outside of any alleged authority. (Click to read The Bad Boy's Writ.) Personal belongings remain on the ranch in violation of the alleged writ and the public statements released by Sheriff Chris Goetz. Further, our livestock and personal pets were left on the ranch by Sheriff Chris Goetz and we have not been allowed access to retrieve those still remaining on the ranch. Clearwater County, JAS Properties, and Jim Myers, one of the hired guns working for JPMorgan Chase, have failed to return the stolen items and prevented us from retrieving our personal belongings still at the ranch in violation of the alleged writ. Their refusal, coupled with irreparable agricultural losses being incurred, are causing daily additional damages to be added to the severe, significant, and substantial damages and injuries we have already suffered. Time and the truth will prove their statements, claims, and actions to be desperate attempts to cover systemic corruption, judicial overreach and substantive and tyrannical abuse of power. They do not want you to know the grave miscarriages of justice that have occurred in our case and other cases like ours. Clearwater County, the State of Idaho, and the crooks they are allegedly working for, have extreme liability and exposure in this matter. They have bitterly failed to mitigate damages caused by their reckless and unlawful attack on our property. To be clear, we committed no act or inaction to warrant, justify, or lawfully allow the dispossession of our ranch. Any contradictory claims are slanderous, fraudulent, demonstrate the inerrant nature of summary judgments, and support the purpose of our Constitutional guarantees to a trial by jury. Clearwater County's unauthorized intervention on behalf of a corporation with the excessive use of police force violates laws, regulations, and our Constitutional rights. It is our resolute intention to hold all parties fully and comprehensively liable for the unlawful and malicious acts committed.

It is hard to believe it is only 3 more days until Christmas. We pray those of you who know and understand the true meaning of Christmas will be bright lights of His love in your communities this holiday season. Pray for us as we are standing for truth as lights on a hill above our ranch. As we celebrate the birth and life of Jesus this Christmas, we are more thankful than ever before for His message, love, grace, and faithfulness. Merry Christmas to all!

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