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It Happened To Us
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We Are Fighting Back - Day 43

Christmas Eve Without A Room

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Today is Day 43. One day until Christmas. When Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus, was one day from giving birth, she and her husband Joseph found themselves without a place to sleep the night before the first Christmas. A kind innkeeper offered them his barn as a place to stay warm and get out of the cold. No, Bethlehem was not in a foreclosure crisis and their home had not been stolen from them. This innocent family had travelled to Bethlehem because they were law abiding citizens and they needed to be counted so they could pay their taxes. Jesus was born on the first Christmas morning in a manger. For those of you who are Christians, you know He was called, Emmanuel, God with us. We believe He came to earth because He loved us and wanted to provide every man, woman, and child a way to be saved from the penalty of sin. What is sin? Stealing someone's ranch and maliciously destroying their stuff...actually doing anything that is not right. The Bible teaches the payment of sin is death or everlasting separation from God (aka, hell). The system is simple. You sin. You pay. But...God loved us so much He sent Jesus to pay the debt for our sin. He wanted us to be forgiven and to live forever with Him in Heaven (Incidentally, there are no foreclosures in Heaven so it is the best neighborhood to live in.) The Christ Child grew up, paid the penalty, and told us all we have to do is believe in Him and we can be saved. It is a believe, ask, and receive arrangement. We believe and have asked, and we hope you do and will too. Knowing what we know now about Jesus and why He was born that silent night so long ago makes celebrating the life and birth of Jesus something we do every day, not just on December 25th.

What we wish for you this Christmas season is that you will find, believe, and know the Christ Child that was born on that first Christmas morning. He is the reason for the season and it is knowing Him and experiencing His love and amazing grace that is helping this season be merry for us in spite of everything that has happened. May God bless you and your family with Christmas joy, love, laughter and peace wherever you find yourself tomorrow. We pray God will be with America this Christmas season. Our prayer and Christmas wish is He will supernaturally remove from power those who are unwilling to do the right thing; hold every official fully and comprehensively responsible and accountable for his deeds, whether they be good or evil; and send a mighty common sense thinking revival across this once great land. We pray He will save and spare America from foolishly and unnecessarily losing the God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights that have made us great in the past and can lead us into greatness in the future. Our forefathers first travelled to America to find religious freedom, property rights, and due process. We pray our prayers and efforts will preserve and secure these for ourselves, our posterity, and all Americans for many generations to come.

Merry Christmas from the Nickersons!!!!!!!!!!

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