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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 63

Friends Are Friends Forever

Monday, January 13, 2020

Today is Day 63. We were laughing together about how it seems like much of our daily journals include fire and food. The reason is simple. It is because these are two of our biggest hillside challenges we face each day and are the practical ways others have been able to bless us during this crisis. For those of you who intimately know our family, our commitments to preparedness and healthy living, and our history of sharing with others in abundance, you can imagine how frustrated the theft of our storehouse and our current lack of resources has been. Trusted friends stepping in to help relieve some of the pressure suffered caused by the malicious acts of others means so much to us. We really should probably say more, especially about food, as we are convinced we have eaten some of the best camp food in the Continental United States over the last 63 days. WHEN we get the ranch back, maybe we can host a camp meeting up at the ranch and bring in all our gourmet campfire cooks to prepare buffets so you can be as blessed as we have been.

Today, like many other days, we want to thank our friends for blessing us yet again with fire and food. Members of our family had fun cutting and chopping firewood at our neighbor’s ranch for most of the day. What a gift! When you are used to doing ranch work like we are, and love it as much as we do, physical labor is a welcome addition to any day. One of our friends from over the hill came and helped watch the camp while our woodcutters were out playing with logs. He brought us up to speed with how the off the hill world is doing and left us with more prayer requests and ideas on how our battle might be able to help others. When everyone returned to camp after a long day of chopping wood, one neighbor had surprised our camp with a delicious pot roast and another with veggie soup and hot drinks. Thank you, dear friends. Friends are friends forever when the Lord is the Lord of them. And a friend will not say never because the welcome will not end. Though its hard to let you go, in the Father’s Hands we know, that a lifetime is not too long to live as friends. What a good day!

Since the November 12th raid, updates have been our primary way of sending thank you notes and reports to our family, friends and supporters. We have been receiving your emails and thank all of you who have reached out. You have become lifelines of encouragement to us. We are very behind in responding to emails due to our severe time and access limitations. We have been able to keep up with some, but many emails have gone unanswered. For this, we are sorry. Please keep reaching to this site for updates, know we are thankful you are here, we love hearing from you, and that we will reach back out personally when time allows. Above all, please keep praying and standing.

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