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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 71

Nickerson Family Belongings Dumped Like Trash

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Today is Day 71. Nick and a few patriot friends watched in disbelief and horror as a trash receptacle full of our personal belongings was dumped and destroyed today. Only a few items were able to be salvaged. Another receptacle is at the ranch waiting to be filled and dumped. Even if the evil intentions driving the actions of the bank had any lawful right or merit whatsoever, which they do not, intentionally and willfully vandalizing, destroying, and discarding property (working electronics and appliances, produce cartons and packaging, shop supplies) rather than giving it to others who could use it blatantly displays and corroborates this entire attack is about targeting and hurting us, not foreclosing on a property. Chase, Wells Fargo, whoever you are, nothing has changed. We are still, if not more, resolved to stand against you and for what is right. We did nothing wrong. We committed no act or inaction to allow you to do this to us, and we will not bend or bow to your unwarranted attacks on our family. This is our home and these are our personal belongings. We want to keep them. We have and have always had the wherewithal to keep them. We have and will continue to fight to keep them. You may break our treasures. You may destroy our personal belongings. You may revoke our property rights and religious freedoms and take away our due process. You may cause some to believe your slanderous lies and accusations and turn against us. You may even be successful in taking all we own and throwing us and our family out on the street like you threatened so many years ago. But, you know what? We are a family that has done no wrong and you cannot change that. We are a family that has walked in truth, integrity and honor, and you cannot deny that. We are a family that has a lifetime of treasured memories and you cannot break or take them away. We are a family that loves, respects and gives and you cannot change that. We are a family that can be happy and content wherever we are, and in whatever state we are in, and you have no power to take that away from us. We are a family who loves and wants peace, and you cannot stop us from being and inspiring others to be peacemakers. We are a family that has placed our hope, trust, and belief in God, and you, and all the wiles of the devil, cannot separate us from His love or violate His sovereignty. Thus, having said and done all else, we are and will continue to stand. More documentation on the events of this day will be posted soon. Pray!

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