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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 83

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Today is Day 83. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Our Montana team would love to surprise our Idaho campsite team by taking our Nickerson Family 2020 Super Bowl Party to the campsite today. Super Bowl Sunday is a favored holiday for our family. We have a unique family tradition that does not include watching the big game. Instead, we have a Super Bowl kind of message about giving our all in the game of life, then split into two teams, and give our all in competing in our own Super Bowl competitions. We play a host of football games, tackle football related challenges, and puzzle and riddle through football-themed queries to score points for our team. The winning team earns the title of Super Bowl Champions for the year. We make lots of good food and snackies, watch some of our favorite football movies (Facing The Giants, Rudy, Woodlawn, etc.), and have a fun day making our own special Super Bowl memory. We have been enjoying this tradition for decades. Though we are having to adjust our traditions with members of our family being on the side of the road, we are planning to have a fun day and make some special memories. Even from afar, we plan to pause and celebrate life together. Tomorrow, we will get back on the field to battle the big giants trying to take our land. One stone brought the giant David was fighting down. One touchdown, or even a field goal, can win a Super Bowl game. One spark can put a Space Force spaceship into orbit to bring down space giants and protect the freedoms of the world. One vote can alter a ruling, bring down the giant banks, and save our homeland. We have hundreds of documented lies, broken laws, forged claims, and violated regulations to take our big giants down with. Keep praying. No giant is too big to fall. We are in the game and fighting to win today. Happy Super Bowl to all of you. Have a fun day and enjoy the game. We pray each of you will be winners in the game of life.

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