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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 85

Who Do We File Charges With?

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Today is Day 85. Simmons Sanitation returned to the Idaho Ranch to pick up one of the receptacles today. We reached out to Altisource (property management group) and they again confirmed all efforts to remove our personal property was supposed to have ceased and desisted. Because Altisource is headquartered in Luxembourg and their property preservation group is in the Philippines, we were told those with the authority to act were unavailable. Yes, this means our American property has been taken over and is being held hostilely hostage by international operatives. We spoke with Lola at Simmons Sanitation out of Kamiah, Idaho, to make them aware the hired guns working for Chase were unlawfully removing our property. Lola at Simmons refused to confirm who hired their company to remove our personal belongings. Simmons Sanitation has previously confirmed Jim Meyers of Clearwater Log Home Restoration is the one who hired them. We tried to communicate to Lola the personal property thrown into the receptacles was stolen property and explain removing it and destroying it would make Simmons Sanitation accomplices to what is by legal definition, armed robbery and grand larceny.

No judgments against our personal property exists. No property has been abandoned. We have been asking and waiting on the hillside above our ranch for 85 days to have our property returned. The bank is throwing it away and burning it instead of letting us have it back? We were violently dispossessed of our property in a militaristic SWAT style fashion raid outside any lawful court order or authority. We are being blocked from retaining and preserving our possessions by armed guards committing unauthorized acts. ALL claims we were unlawfully on the property are lies. We had not been served notice to leave or that any eviction or ejection actions had been initiated. ALL previous actions had been retracted when we cut out a football-field sized In God We Trust in our hayfield and made an over 40 foot river-rock USA to communicate with flyovers that we were pro-USA and our trust is in God. ALL claims we failed to make our payments constitute tyrannical propaganda. ALL claims PHH has a right to foreclose on our property are false, fraudulent, forged, and constitute racketeering and crony capitalism. ALL summary judgments, which means no trial by jury or trial of any sort occurred, were prejudicially rendered by ignoring and not considering constitutional, state and federal laws and regulations that prevented them. PHH does not lawfully own our property. No debt to PHH exists, nor was it lawfully or firmly established in the courts that it did. No verified or authenticated evidence of default has ever been presented to the court, or to us. The irrefutable truth is Clearwater County District Court acted as a bank court and made rulings outside its authority in violation of law and Constitutional rights. Dispossessing us of our property ownership, especially by violent means and then intentionally and maliciously seizing, destroying, and turning our personal property over to foreclosure fraud tyrants escalates the crimes committed against us to an international war crime level. Idaho has refused to facilitate any restitution of our property or rightful status quo. Grave miscarriages of justice are occurring. Lola at Simmon's Sanitation's response was to tell us to press charges and file a police report. Who do we file it with, Lola? Who will you file it with when it happens to you?

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