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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 89

Terrorists? Or...Just banks?

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Today is Day 89.

What would you call a person or entity who stole what belongs to you? A thief, robber, criminal

What would you call a person who made false claims against you? A slanderer, liar, talebearer, gossip

What would you call a person who chopped down your front door with an axe? An invader, attacker, enemy, fool

What would you call a person who travelled from another location, even another country, to come into your homeland, forge a fake identity, fraudulently fabricate false claims against you, masquerade and impersonate himself as your banking business partner, militaristically seize your private property, and maliciously destroy your personal possessions? A terrorist

What would you call luring victims away from their home; descending on a private property with excessive police force; hiding snipers in trees and bushes; holding a family at gunpoint with assault rifles; double handcuffing an unarmed "old" lady; requiring a captive hostage to sit outside in freezing cold, rainy weather to watch while armed invaders rummaged, pillaged, and destroyed their personal property? Add Chuck Norris and you can call it a new box office hit. In a free country, it is called treachery, terrorism, tyranny, and despotism.

What would you call breaking a Taylor guitar, pouring toilet water on spices, throwing the Bill of Rights into a trash can? Too stupid to label, but a good reason for background checks and mental health screenings for law enforcement to be enforced.

Who would you call to help you if this happened to you?

Call 911? 911 told us these terrorist acts do not constitute an emergency and hung up on us.

Call the sheriff? Our local Idaho Sheriff Chris Goetz admitted to being on the "terrorists" payroll, for $40, then allegedly "hid in a closet" to keep himself safe from any fallout from the terrorist event.

Call the County Commissioners? Other local officials? No comments from them except to encourage others to slander and defame our credibility and try to discourage us in hopes they can keep themselves and the county from being implicated in aiding and abetting terrorism under their watch.

Call the Department of Finance? Banking Commissioners? Attorney General? Congress? Other public officials and government agencies? Silent. Doing nothing. Just monitoring, most likely thanking God the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family prevented Heartbreak Ridge from ending up another Ruby Ridge and praying the terrorists and Idaho law enforcement will not cause it to become one before it is over. Attending numerous potential ethics violation meetings. Wondering if our family or any other freedom watchers will monitor their 2020 campaign funds to see if any of the money (proceeds) they are stealing from our family ends up being donated to their political campaigns. Hopelessly wishing our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family, will finally give up, go away, and America will never know about all the grave miscarriages of justice that have happened to us.

Call President Trump? No answer yet. Still waiting to see what he will do about what has happened. If you have direct access to him, tell him he has letters waiting for his review. We have included a copy on this site for his convenience.

Mortgage terrorism must be stopped. Big does not mean above the law. Well-funded cannot buy impunity. Fear of reprisal cannot deter true Americans from standing up to terrorists and telling them to get out of our state and country. This is not a controversial issue, and we are not a controversial family. We are Americans by birth and we own our property by right and lawful purchase. We made our payments and the banks have no right to take our property. We have been falsely accused and we are due a trial by jury. We worked hard and built our equity, and we did not do it so bank despots and their terrorist accomplices could secure an unjust windfall. We are asking you for help because you are the only ones left to ask. If our ranches and our personal property can be taken from us, there is NOT a home or financial portfolio in America that is safe. No, not even yours. No, not even Donald Trumps. This is an American issue, and it is an issue that cannot be ignored. An unlawful public auction of our Montana home is scheduled for February 12, that is four days away. All value, personal worth, and significance of our American birthrights and citizenship are being auctioned away in Montana at 10 a.m. Wednesday on the Lewis and Clark County courthouse steps. Today, a trash receptacle full of our personal belongings is sitting at Simmons Sanitation in Kamiah, Idaho, waiting to be destroyed. These are our personal property, possessions, and treasures. No judgments against our personal property and possessions exist. They are only in the possession of those acting as terrorists because Idaho police forces and those obeying the orders of Sheriff Chris Goetz dispossessed us of them. We have been waiting on a hillside above our ranch for 89 days for our personal possessions to be returned. This is not an ordinary foreclosure or bank restitution eviction. This is persecution and oppression trying to harm, hurt, injure, and beat an American family into submission to tyranny and despotism. Is this okay with you? It is not okay with our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. If it is okay with you, what has happened to us will eventually happen to you. You can bank on it. If it is not okay with you, will you please pray, make phone calls, and spread the word? Our homeland has been invaded, and those who are supposed to protect us need to stand up and do something to stop it.

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