For families across America, home ownership has become an endangered right. No one is immune. You could be next. What will you do if your family is next on The List? Read more about judicially authorized theft and how it can, has, and will affect you.
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It Could Happen To You
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Montana Wildfire - Never underestimate the power of prayer!
The Montana ranch survived the Alice Creek Fire. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, protection, and mercy! He heard our prayers and sent rain and snow to put the fires out. Thank you for fighting the fires with us in prayer.
2017 Alice Creek Fire
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The Nick and Donna Nickerson Family Is Fighting All The Way
For Religious Freedom, Property Rights, Due Process, And For
The American Dream.
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This is a story of truth being quashed; persecution being maliciously pursued; and perseverance being sustained through family, faith and God's Grace. Our home and entire financial portfolio has been under attack for years by mortgage robbers without cause or right. Their attack began at our Idaho ranch, then expanded to include our Montana home and our entire financial portfolio. We have done nothing wrong. We did not default. We pled with the banks to stop their abuse and work with us. We told them this is our home; we want to keep it; we have, and have always had, the wherewithal to keep it, and we will fight to keep it. The laws are in place to stop their attack, but the laws have been silenced by those entrusted to protect, enforce and preserve them. Justice promised for all, which includes our family, has been held hostage by foreign and domestic enemies. Our freedoms, granted to us as natural born citizens, have been imprisoned by the crippling fear of those afraid to stand against organized crime and take on the Big Banks.

This happened to us because all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Justice demands we all act quickly to restore and preserve law, order and fair play. Stand and be counted in the war for justice raging across our land.

What happened to us can happen to you.
It Happened To Us