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It Happened To Us
At the Idaho Ranch Hilltop Campsite

We Are Fighting Back - Day 79

Is Anything Impossible With God?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Today is Day 79. We have been advocates for freedom and liberty our entire lives. Will ours be stripped away by big banks today because no one is willing to stand up to Wells Fargo in Montana and grave miscarriages of justice are being allowed to continue in Idaho?

Our answer, Is anything impossible with God? Once again, our emphatic and experiential answer is, No. Nothing is impossible with God. The Montana foreclosure sale of our Montana home and ranch has been postponed. We still have time to save the ranch and we are already scrambling to do so. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, direction, and favor as we try to stop the sale or secure the funds to satisfy the fraudulent and excessive judgment while we move our pursuit of justice to the federal courts. We are unbelievably relieved and are very thankful that today, the system worked. Today is proof the system can and does work when it is upheld and enforced. There is yet hope for America if good men will do something. We are grateful! Keep praying.

The pre-trial conference on the trespass and obstruction of justice charges for our family member arrested in the Idaho raid has been continued to March 11th. This too was a legal win for our family today. Because our family has been camping on the hillside above our ranch to watch over and wait for our personal belongings to be returned for the last 79 days, and fighting to stop the public auction of our Montana home since we found out about it just a couple weeks ago, we are facing obvious challenges in defending against and defeating these trumped up criminal charges. We are thankful for the extra time to prepare our defense, dismiss these claims, and file our federal responses to this false arrest. Thank you for all who showed up at the courthouse to stand with our family against these phony criminal charges today. We appreciate your faithfulness to stand with us against this injustice. Thank you.

We are all doing well. Thanking God for the victories while we eagerly anticipate even greater victories tomorrow.

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