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It Happened To Us
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We Are Fighting Back - Day 97

Where Have All The Legislators Gone?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Today is Day 97. Is asking a bank to follow contractual agreements, regulatory guidelines, statutory codes, and Constitutional laws too much for a homeowner to ask in Idaho or Montana? What if you, like us, were an innocent homeowner being targeted and victimized by big banks? What would you do if your local court and law enforcement violated your Constitutional rights to due process and physically dispossessed you of your property and personal belongings in a violent and illegal armed raid?

PHH, JPMorgan Chase, and their accomplices have broken over 45 laws, committed fraud and deceit, openly lied to Idaho Courts, and harassed, attacked, and terrorized our family for years. Wells Fargo and HSBC broke dozens of rules when they joined this collusive and racketeered effort to punish us for what these corporations consider to be disfavored worldviews. No facts, evidence, or truth in the record support any judgments rendered against us. All laws, codes, and rules are on our side and should protect us from this attack. Thus, only summary judgments have been able to be rendered. A trial by jury has been denied and due process has been quashed because the false claims and accusations of the banks cannot withstand scrutiny from either. Craftily worded and forged documents, renderings, and rulings have concealed and disguised collusion, racketeering, and tyranny so this attack can continue.

We reached out to Montana and Idaho legislators in hopes they would use the powers vested in them and the laws enacted by them to stop this assault. We have prepared legislator packets that detail some of the broken laws, regulatory requirements, statutory codes, and Constitutional laws that allowed the attacks against our family to continue. No one with authority and the power to act has been willing to get involved, uphold and enforce the laws, or help us protect and preserve our homeland. These laws should not be able to be prejudicially avoided or ignored with jurisdictional escape clauses or procedural and discretionary exemptions. These are enacted, codified, laws of the land that must be supported and upheld. Where are the law abiding and freedom watching legislators and enforcement officials in America?

We have done what is right. We have told the truth. We have worked within our system to find relief and redress. We have remained true to our homeland, the laws governing it, and our agreements regarding it. Where is freedom and justice for all? Read what has happened to us. Money, power, and votes appear to be the only catalysts that compel legislators to act. Oh how we long for the statesmen of the past who were willing to risk life, wealth, and limb to preserve freedom and justice for all.

Montana Packet
Idaho Packet

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