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Because it happened to us

Share our story
Help us fight all the way for our home.

Will you help us save our home and ministry ranch? Share our story with your friends, family, social media, business networks, public officials, and media contacts. Help us spread awareness of what has happened to us. Help us, and America, fight all the way for our homes.

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Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us

Help us get articles in print. Print works when it is printed.

It is time for newspapers to quit being afraid to print real news, and you can help make this happen. Send opinion letters to editors of local and national papers and let them know you do not like what is happening to our family in Montana and Idaho. Let them know American citizens do not appreciate their silence on such a newsworthy issue or their unwillingness to provide media coverage for innocent homeowners like our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. Whether papers are being sustained by subscriptions, subsidized by big businesses, or censored by powerful bullies is very indicative of whether or not they can be trusted. Who is writing the news you are reading? A lot has been said about fake media lately, but more should be said about the silenced and censored media. Over and over we have been told by the media across the country that they are not allowed to touch our story. Why? Because Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are involved, and they are not allowed to write about them. Really? Do Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase have complete impunity for terrorizing American citizens? Is this okay with you?

The local paper near our Idaho ranch is scared to publicize our story for fear of reprisal by the banks. The papers in Montana have the story, but have refused to touch it. Why is it okay for big banks to come into a local community, publish a homeowner is in default, and tell the world at large that their home is being foreclosed on because they failed to make payments; but it is not okay for the homeowner to defend themself against the false accusations of the big banks? Why is it okay for a bank to claim they own a property based on forged documents, false affidavits, and fraudulent assignments, but the homeowner is not allowed to publish a rebuttal to the false claims and provide evidence to expose the truth? This renders the homeowner guilty until proven innocent and the bank free to slander American citizens at will. Is this okay with you? Not with us. If a criminal is going around neighborhoods stealing yard decorations, conning elderly people out of money, or burning down houses, the local paper warns the community. If a felon breaks out of jail and is on the loose, the paper publishes a warning to be on the lookout. They even include a picture, description, and provide specific details about what the criminal may be wearing, driving, etc. Court records, settlement agreements, fines, criminal charges all prove some of the big banks have lied, killed, and destroyed American lives and financial portfolios. The big banks have committed felonies and they are on the loose in our county and state creating (forging) assignments for the next home they want to steal. Why are the newspapers that we subscribe to refusing to warn us? Something needs to be done. Someone needs to speak out. Will you?

Contact public officials and share our story with them. Ask them to act.
We have been told elected officials listen to three things: money, votes, polls. The statesman of the past is rapidly becoming extinct in America today. There are a few left, but one must seriously search and dig through massive amounts of political dung to find even the slightest remains of passion, integrity, and purpose in our national and state capitols or local county seats. Oh, the promises, friendly handshakes, compassionate ears, issue-packed advertisements, and passionate rhetoric still exist; but devoted, freedom loving patriots are missing in action. Many, even the purported good guys, seem more concerned with what the powerful elite thinks and whether doing something or doing nothing will make the greater impact on their next campaign trail, than they are about protecting and preserving our freedoms and liberties. They are failing to use their time in office to make a difference. They are missing their moment in time to touch history. From all appearances, morality, ethics, and genuine passion have been dug up; hidden in museums and mausoleums; silenced by ethics and finance committees; and replaced with money, votes and poll reports. The sad state of affairs is we are in grave need of true American patriots who will rise up as statesmen and serve their country. What can we the people do? We can provide the needed accountability to our leaders that the founding fathers intended. We can pray for a common sense thinking revival to sweep across America and for every public official to either bend a knee to justice or be removed from office as treasonous imposters. We can reach out and use our voices to encourage public officials to stop giving excuses and start doing the right thing. No more money for votes, money for the campaign trail, money for looking the other way, money for veiling evil, money for selling out America one poor choice at a time. Rather, it is time for America to follow the money and find out if we have any statesmen left at all. Share our story with public officials and compel them to get involved. Send letters, make phone calls, stop by their offices, attend town meetings, respectfully speak the truth, and tell them now is the time to act. It is time to mentor public officials in the fine art of keeping their promises and working for America and on behalf of the American people.

A Montana family near Great Falls has placed billboards on their property: In God we trust. In our country we trust. In our government we do not trust. We do not know this family. We do not know how or why they have been made to feel this way, but no matter what they have gone through or what has happened to them, no American family should have to feel like they cannot trust our government. America was founded by families who were trying to escape tyranny, persecution, abuse, and governments they did not trust. Has America now become the very place our founding fathers fled? Some of us who have fought against persecution, injustice, and tyranny these last decades have been haunted by this question. How do you feel when you are being attacked, and the local, state, and federal officials commissioned to enforce laws and provide protection, refuse to act? What do you do? You fight or you flee. America was once the sweet land of liberty where freedom rings. Is she today? Will she be tomorrow if we do not stand up for her today?

Click here for address and contact information of elected and appointed officials who can help.

President Trump, where are you?
Send a letter, email or post to President Donald Trump asking why he is not getting involved or directing his administration to get involved and help our family. The White House has our story, but they have not stepped forward to stop the attack. Please help our story make it to the top of the priority list before it is too late. Write President Trump, call the White House, send emails, make posts to social media. Help us share our story and be a part of making America truly great for all of us, even the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family.

Share our story in your sphere of influence and help us fight all the way for our home.

Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us Share It Happened To Us