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It Happened To Us In Idaho
And all the evidence tells the truth of what happened

Unconscionable. Unlawful. Targeted. Malicious. UnConstitutional. UnAmerican. This is what has happened to our family and it is what can happen to you. All truth, facts, laws, codes, statutes, and evidence refute lies, dispel myths, and expose the fraud being suffered by us. We have created a series of documentary videos entitled Nick Nickerson Dispels Myths and Exposes Fraud to address some of the fraudulent issues surrounding the attack, theft, and invasion of our Idaho Ranch. Supporting documentation and other evidence are being added to this page to help clarify and augment the information in the videos. Other details of our story are found throughout this website. Documentary videos, interviews, and audio recordings are being added to IHTU Videos to help explain and corroborate what has happened to us. You can review our legal documents. Meritorious and a preponderance of evidence proves PHH does not own our property, we do not owe them a debt, and that we did not default.

(1) We purchased our property with a warranty deed and did not agree to or execute a Deed of Trust. A Deed of Trust was not a lawful or enforceable document on our over 40-acre ranch in Idaho in 2002 (Idaho Code 45-1502).

Warranty Deed
Below is a certified copy of our Warranty Deed, recorded in the public records of Clearwater County, Idaho as Instrument number #190567. This document is prior in time, superior in right, and paramount in importance to all other claims. We own our property by Warranty Deed. Find out more about the fraud associated with the Deed of Trust and how it is invalid by reading more on Our Story.

Nickerson Idaho Warranty Deed

(2) We have maintained insurance on our property since it was purchased in 2002. See policy confirmation for the years in question below.

Nickerson Idaho Insurance

(3) Our property is not on tribal land.
Our property is a unique-to-the-region parcel that possesses highly desirable acquisition motivation. In addition to being a breathtakingly beautiful mountain retreat that is strategically located, this property is not on tribal land and has some significant underground resource potential. All rights are owned and preserved by our family. Former Clearwater County Prosecutor Lori Gilmore and Investigators Becky Drewery, and we think Mitch Jared, confirmed the fact our property was not on tribal land in 2005 - 2006. They presented us with a map by the Department of Interior that we understand was provided by the FBI. This map validated our property was not on tribal land. Evidence regarding our land status was stolen in the November 12th raid. However, the Clearwater County Prosecutor's Office cannot morally, ethically, or lawfully deny this historical fact was previously confirmed and acted upon by Clearwater County. Doing so can only add to the proof of racketeering and criminal collusion in Clearwater County...

Watch Not On Tribal Land, Video 5 in the Nick Nickerson Dispels Myths and Exposes Fraud Series

(4) We did not default and PHH does not own our property.
We made every payment we were allowed to make and heroically fulfilled all responsibilities and obligations regarding our property. We were on time and current with JPMorgan Chase one month. Then, as PHH has admitted in multiple court documents, PHH took over the loan in February, claimed default, and started foreclosure the next month. PHH claimed they had no records or knowledge of payments made or not made to JPMorgan Chase and refused to research or resolve any claims of default. JPMorgan Chase claimed all records were transferred to PHH so they had no records they could research. Because we did not default, and did nothing to warrant or justify our property being taken from us, we fought back and have stood our ground against their false claims and accusations for over a decade.

A few who have not yet been victimized are quick to assume a homeowner had to do something wrong or they could not be in foreclosure. Excuse us, but shame on you! Millions, perhaps around 40 million out of around 130 million households have been foreclosed. Some of those foreclosures occurred when there was not even a loan on the property. Our understanding is around 20 percent of homes foreclosed were not in default. Many, if not most, were wrongful and fraudulent foreclosures, and the banks and regulators have admitted it. In our case, all truth, facts, and evidence irrefutably corroborate our claims and implicate the banks are guilty of fraudulent concealment, racketeering, mortgage terrorism, and a malicious assault against our family. Ask yourself, why would the banks refuse to produce authentic and unedited account records, taped phone conversations, unaltered account notations, and employee contact information? Why not produce these records required to be kept in the normal course of business and let the employees read their notations to a jury to validate their claims? The answer is simple. We did not default. If PHH ever owned our Note and Mortgage and had any lawful right to foreclose, why all the games, shennagins, multiplicity of claims, and contradictions regarding ownership? PHH and JPMorgan Chase could have ended this litigation years ago by simply providing the evidence we requested. If there was any truth or legitimacy whatsoever to their claims and accusations, their records should have helped authenticate their claims. Instead, our evidence, discovery requests, and testimonies have been ignored, concealed, and quashed. No trial, evidentiary hearings, or opportunity to expand the factual record of the case have been allowed. All judgments have been rendered by summary judgment in violation of the United States and Idaho Constitutions, as well as common, state, and federal laws and regulations. The irrefutable fact is the banks bear the burden of proof of ownership, a loan obligation, and default. Why has this litigation lasted around a decade? Because PHH and JPMorgan Chase have no valid, legitimate, or legal claims against our ranch or our persons. All claims of a default being caused by us are inaccurate, untrue, invalid, and inadmissible as presented. This is a wrongful and fraudulent foreclosure. PHH, JPMorgan Chase, and their accomplices colluded together to commit fraud, civil conspiracy, racketeering, criminal mischief, and other such crimes. All proceedings have been comprehensively fraudulent and unlawful. We are victims of mortgage terrorism and judicial tyranny, and we refuse to be "good" victims and silently walk away.

Watch the We Did Not Default Video by Chad Nickerson for further evidence of this fact.

(5) No lawful sale of our property has occurred and all subsequent acts and demands are unlawful and unenforceable.
The 2017 alleged sale of our property was held with an expired writ that was not levied prior to expiration and referenced a judgment that was void. What does this mean? The alleged sale was held without lawful authority and is therefore unlawful and unenforceable. (Idaho Code § 11-103. Idaho Sheriff’s Civil Manual, 3.1.10) Prior to the sale, the Sheriff reviewed evidence of fraud we presented to him and then approached Clearwater County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler for instructions on how to stop the fraudulent sale. According to Sheriff Goetz, Tyler told him to go back outside and sell the property or he would be held personally liable. He did. When it came time to sign the Sheriff's Deed, Tyler threatened Sheriff Goetz with losing his job. Despite our pleas for Sheriff Goetz to acknowledge the illegalities surrounding the sale; recognize we could not redeem the property because we were facing triple indemnity as a result of the errors surrounding the unlawful sale he held; uphold the law and support the United States Constitution by refusing to act unless a trial by jury occurred; and our pleas for him to not act against his conscience in just following orders; Sheriff Goetz signed the Sheriff's Deed. The numerous illegalities surrounding the alleged sale, issuance of the Sheriff's Deed, and denial of our one year redemption period can be read in our Illegalities Regarding The Actions of PHH Mortgage Services.

We know this is a huge story with a lot of legal jargon. What does it mean? The alleged sale was not and could not be binding or enforceable. An enormity of fraud surrounds the sale and the simultaneous claims of ownership by PHH and JPMorgan Chase. These claims have damaged and injured us as they have been used to avert discovery, thwart justice, create triple indemnity, deny our right to redemption, and prevent our access to due process. We properly challenged the authenticity and enforceability of the sale before, during, and after the sale. It is beyond the discretion and authority of a judge to act as a trier of fact and deny us a trial by jury. PHH is not the lawful owner of our property. We do not and have never owed them a debt. We did not default. So we have appealed his decision. Why would Idaho courts ignore all the crimes committed by JPMorgan Chase and PHH, and grant them complete impunity? Morally, ethically, and legally they should not and could not. However, through procedural manipulation and judicial tyranny, they have. Read more about the illegalities in the sale in Our Story and the filings and documents with the court.

(6) No trial has ever occurred in this matter.
This is an irrefutable fact. All judgments in the underlying foreclosure action and the current independent ejectment action have been granted solely by summary judgment and without a trial, evidentiary hearing, or us being allowed to expand the factual record of the case. A summary judgment to JPMorgan Chase and a partial summary judgment to PHH were granted without our knowledge or involvement and by the admitted negligence and deception of our former attorney in the underlying foreclosure action. More about this and the fraud surrounding all claims by JPMorgan Chase and PHH can be read on the Our Story Idaho page. Currently, we are fighting a post-foreclosure ejectment action. This independent action requires PHH to firmly prove ownership before an ejection (common law eviction of a true and rightful owner) can occur. We produced meritorious and a preponderance of evidence to dispute and refute PHH's claims of ownership. Nonetheless, Judge Gregory FitzMaurice granted summary judgment by refusing to require PHH to answer discovery, ignoring and failing to consider evidence of fraud and contradictory statements, denying due process, and cancelling our trial by jury he had previously scheduled for December 4, 2019. No trial has ever occurred in this matter, and we have never been allowed to present our case to a jury. All truth, facts, and evidence dismiss PHH's claims of ownership and right to eject us from our property.

More material evidence will be added to this page soon.
You can access and read documents and court filings on our legal page. These documents and filings support our claims, refute all lies, dispel any myths, and expose the fraud and corruption terrorizing us. What happened to us can happen to you. Think about it...

No more excuses.
No more excuses. Do the right thing.

Do the right thing.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
James 4:17

Are you a mortgage robber?
Be sure your sins will find you out. Have you chosen to look the other way and not get involved when innocent homeowners were victimized? Have you helped victimize families like our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family, who you know did no wrong? What are you going to do when they come for you? It is not too late to make a difference. Help us win this fight. Help us help others win their fights. Remember liberty and justice for all? This includes our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family. Injustice for one will lead to injustice for all. Get involved. Step forward and file whatever motions, affidavits, complaints, or other documents that might be appropriate or required to right the wrongs you have caused and the ongoing abuse you have allowed. Tell the truth. Stop the abuse. Blow a truth whistle. Be a superhero instead of a holocaust villain. Share our story and send us cases and mortgage terrorism stories that can help connect the dots.

Are you a misguided bandwagon follower?
Have you misjudged our family, your friends, your neighbors, and your fellow American citizens? Were you too quick to judge and too slow to listen? Did you assume a foreclosure meant we had to do something wrong or the banks could not take our ranch away and attack our entire financial portfolio? Did you buy, swallow and give credence to the deceptive claims that because two of our ranches were being targeted, we had to have done something wrong? Did you fail to pause and consider collusion, racketeering and other such crimes must be involved when homeowners with previously perfect credit suddenly were losing two high equity ranches, especially after you found out they have been fighting for over a decade to save them? Have you blindly rendered judgment in favor of nationally convicted mortgage robbers and against hardworking, natural born, innocent homeowners? Did you forget the burden of proof that a foreclosure is warranted or justified falls on the banks, meaning they are the ones who have to prove we did something wrong, not we have to prove we did everything right? Did you forget the homeowner is the accused in a foreclosure and American law dictates the homeowner is innocent until proven guilty? Have you failed to consider the foundational importance and necessity of God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights to due process and trial by jury? Have you foolishly set yourself up as a mortgage fraud expert when you joined social media gossip groups to determine without truth, facts, or evidence, whether an American citizen should lose their property to an unlawful sale and be dispossessed in an armed raid by the police powers of the State of Idaho? Do you realize the armed raid on our Idaho Ranch sets a precedent that Idaho police powers can act without a warrant and outside of court authority? What are you going to do when they come for you? Have you been guilty of blindly accepting character assassinations of us or other victims when you do not know us personally and have not been given any facts or evidence to support the witch-hunt style characterizations against us? What if known criminals started these slanderous lies and rumors about you, your testimony, your faith, your character, your financial integrity? How would you feel if your fellow citizens just jumped on evil, wicked bandwagons against you? All we are guilty of is being too gracious, trusting, and patriotic. None of those constitute allowing convicted criminals and Gestapo style invasions to dispossess us of our property. Before God and man, we committed no act or inaction to warrant or justify our Idaho Ranch or entire financial portfolio being attacked or taken from us. We are being targeted and punished for not cowering to religious persecution and financial exploitation. Wake up, America. It is time for all of us to disconnect our brains from the fake media common core and join together to start a common sense thinking revival. If you set yourself up as judge, jury, and mortgage fraud expert only to find out you rendered a bad decision, and do not know everything you thought you did, you are not alone. Millions like you have been duped into buying the lies of banksters, mobsters, and their accomplices. How do you think the banksters and mortgage robbers have gotten away with millions of wrongful foreclosures? Fraud, systemic corruption, procedural manipulation, and judicial tyranny are stealing our homeland. We are sounding the alarms, but an alarm is only effective if someone hears it and responds. Banksters and mortgage robbers stealing homes and targeting Christians is not new. They have been doing it since before Roy Rogers. Actually, history teaches they were doing it in the Old World and our forefathers fled here to America to escape from it. Though there may have been a time when foreclosure in America, with few exceptions, meant someone failed to make their payments so they lost their home, times have changed. Today, foreclosure can simply mean your name has come up on a religious, political, or greed target list, an Operation Choke Point kind of executive order, and it is your turn to be threatened, abused, exploited, and terrorized. We know. It happened to us when we did nothing wrong. This is not freedom or liberty. This is theft, oppression, and terrorism. When it is rendered through the Judicial Branch by judges ignoring violations of laws set forth by the Legislative Branch, and with no accountability or forthright deterrent actions by the Executive Branch to stop it, it becomes government sponsored.

Get involved in stopping wrongful foreclosures, persecution of Christians, and targeted attacks on American citizens on our own soil.
Help now or pay later.

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. Benjamin Franklin

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